Catholic Schools Teaching NON-Catholic Beliefs

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Catholic Schools Teaching Sodomy

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript I led you through the nature of what a butcher is.  We can use the same experiment or the same process.  If I say “Catholic school,” you have in your mind an image of what the nature of a Catholic school is, or you should.  This is where we’re going to get into the error.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I asked the question during the opening part of the program: If you sent your son, because he wanted to be a butcher and you concurred you wanted him to be a master butcher, and you sent him to a school to learn the ancient art of butchering, and you discovered sometime late that the school actually was not a butcher school and did not teach butchering but instead taught gardening and veganism, if you still wanted your son to go to school and learn butchering and he wanted to – maybe he doesn’t want to be a butcher any long – would you continue with attending classes and paying tuition at the butcher school?  Or would you actually seek a school that teaches butchering?  If we can agree that the goal of the education, the goal of sending the child to school was to teach him to learn how to carve up meat and they only served up carrots and cucumbers and zucchini and kale and what have you at this school, I think you would say: I think I’m going to find a butcher school somewhere.

Wait a minute.  There’s another part to this.  This gets even more interesting.  I haven’t even told you the story yet.  You can probably figure out where I’m going with this, and some of you may know the story.  What if in 2015 the knowledge of what butchering was had become corrupted?  When we think of butchering, in other words, if I say butcher – you’re not in a butcher shop.  You don’t have any knives in front of you.   You’re just driving along in your car or your 18-wheeler, or you’re sitting at home drinking your morning coffee listening to this broadcast, or you’re listening to it in headphones in an elevator in rebroadcast.  If I say butcher to you, what is the nature of butcher?  What do you think?  What’s the image or the thought that comes into your mind?  Carson, if I say butcher to you, what do you think?

Carson:  I think of someone who chops up meat.

Mike:  What is he dressed like?  What is he or she dressed in?  White, right?  A butcher coat, right?

Carson:  Yeah, I think of a white coat with a big, sharp knife and lots of meat.

Mike:  We can establish then that it’s a person.  The person has tools, knives, correct?

Carson:  Yes, lots of knives.

Mike:  And there is a substance there that he or she is going to butcher, meat, right?

Carson:  That is correct.

Mike:  We’ve established that.  The nature of being a butcher is easily understood.  You know, when you think of it, what a butcher does.

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Carson:  Yes, that’s correct.

Mike:  To continue with the thought experiment here, if I say butcher, you know what butcher is.  What if in our confused and enlightened status today, if I say butcher you think: That’s not somebody with a knife.  That’s not somebody in a white smock.  No, no, that’s somebody that’s got a fork and is using the tines to scrape a little bit of the skin off of a cucumber.  They’re using a peeling implement to get the hard and thick skin off of a carrot.  Then it’s taking little knives and carving them into beautiful little sculptures so that we can dip them in ranch dressing, made, of course, with water and olive oil.  We wouldn’t want to be using eggs in this now because it came from an animal.  The egg had a mommy.  You would say: Mike, that’s just nuts.  That’s crazy.  Of course it’s nuts.  W

We can establish then that we know what a butcher is.  We know what the nature of a butcher is.  We would know one or recognize one if we saw it.  If we sent our kid to a butcher school, we’d expect them to learn butchering.  Now that we’ve established a couple of ground rules here and I have you thinking clearly, let’s proceed with the story.  West Des Moines, Iowa:


Students and alumni staged a walkout Wednesday in protest of a West Des Moines Catholic high school opting to not hire a substitute teacher full-time after learning he was gay.

The walkout by about 150 students happened about 1:20 p.m. despite the rain outside.

Students signed a petition “against Dowling leadership’s hiring policies as discriminatory against individuals based on sexual orientation.”

Students led multiple prayers during the event. A handful of Dowling parents also were in attendance. They told KCCI they are proud their children took a stand against what they call an unjust hiring practice.

“Our community should know that we care and that the choices of our school leaders and our diocese leaders don’t directly reflect what we believe as students and it just makes me so happy that we can show our community that,” said Grace Mumm, a sophomore who helped organize the walkout.

Demoins_CatholicOther students said they support the school’s decision.

[end reading]

Mike:  I led you through the nature of what a butcher is.  We can use the same experiment or the same process.  If I say “Catholic school,” you have in your mind an image of what the nature of a Catholic school is, or you should.  This is where we’re going to get into the error.  You also have in your mind: Why a Catholic school and not a public school?  Why a Catholic school and not a Methodist school?  Why a Catholic school and not the First Academy of Christ Protestant school down the road?  It used to be that one could rely on an accepted truth being acknowledged by the Roman Catholic Church and its bishops being in agreement with it, because they have to run the dioceses throughout the world.  It’s bishops instructing the priests that they must be in agreement with it.  Therefore, we have what could be called then Catholic teaching.  This is officially known in documents that list what is the magisterium, teaching, of the Church.

In other words, the point of this is that you would send children off to Catholic schools to get not only some education about the world, which they would most certainly get, especially if they were going to an old-school Jesuit academy, but also to get an earful of moral teaching that no one was in disagreement about and that was universal.  It contained truths in it, truths that men had died for and had their heads cut off for, had been martyred for, and had been established and honored council after council after council.  This is why you would send them to a Catholic school.  In other words, we should be able to establish what the nature of a Catholic school is.  You can’t even do that anymore.  This mob mentality now has no rational basis for any of this.

Let me sum this up another way.  Every man, woman, and child now, because they are fully emancipated from any responsibility, form any service – you have rights and you have duties.  Your duty comes first, your duty to Almighty God is subservient, and then you have some rights.  Duties and rights, the proper order.  I shouldn’t have to tell anyone this.  Everyone should know this.  Of course, this is 2015 and few people know it.  There are no duties any longer.  The only duty you have is to say whatever the mob says.  That’s your duty.  You don’t have a duty to Almighty God anymore.  No one has a duty.  Every man is now walling around – every man, woman, and child has no attachment to, has been wholly and completely – they haven’t been but they think they are – have been wholly and completely emancipated from a higher authority, answering to a higher authority.  Every man, woman, and child now is his own pope.  Every man, woman, and child now is thus their own religion.  They carry around a Bible and make a religion up on the fly.  [mocking] “That was yesterday’s religion.  You knuckle-dragging, homophobic bigots, you used to believe that.  My grandparents used to believe that.  They were evil.  They were despicable.  I’m enlightened now.”

The point is, using the butcher analogy, you would send your kids to butcher school to learn butchering.  What is the point now, especially this school in Iowa, of sending your kids to a Catholic school, for what purpose?  You can join the mob and become promoters and defenders of heterosexual and homosexual perversions at a public school and save a lot of money.  [mocking] “Yeah, but once a week they go to mass.”  Well, take Junior and Juniorette out of school a little early and bring them to the evening mass down at St. Pete’s.  The fact that these events continue to occur, they occur in larger and larger numbers.  The fact that they occur – and now they seem to be occurring and expanding exponentially – is troubling at best.


Thousands upon thousands upon thousands, millennia of moral teaching, of subjugation to, of humility in the face of knowledge of moral teaching has now given way to a morality that could best be described as coming directly from the Lord of the Flies novel.  How long before we have Lord of the Flies scenarios?  [mocking] “Well, we used to not butcher kids at school and pick one that had to be sacrificed, but that was the old morality.  The new morality says that someone in this crowd is guilty.  And because someone is guilty, and we know that because we’re not, then we can pass judgment on them.”  I read these stories and my mind clicks into high gear.  Then I think of my own personal experiences in talking to my own daughters.  I ask them: Where did you get this idea from?  Where was I when this was being planted in your noggin?


A new Facebook page called Dowling Catholic Alumni, Faculty, and Students Against Discrimination has been set up.

[end reading]

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Mike:  I’m going to say this as sensitively and lovingly and charitably as I can.  It is true, and I do believe, and I do live like this, it is true that discrimination based purely upon one’s difference from another, whether it be racial, sexual, etc., is not a feature of being a Christian.  This is where the confusion has come in.  I know I keep going back to this, so I’m going to circle the wagon and come back again to the first principle here.  There is a problem and it is a huge problem.  There is also a problem with the licentious behavior that heterosexuals engage in.  The teaching or the moral code is against the sexual behavior outside of the confines of sanctified, holy matrimony.  This is the principle.  I’m not making it up.  That’s the principle.  That is the basis of civilization.  Because the heterosexual crowd now can no longer concede that what they’re doing is immoral, sinful, wrong, etc., etc., then they can be led into the error that if they want to do it, who am I to tell them no?  I’m telling you that this will grow.  The next barrier that must then be broken down will be those very children in in those schools becoming prey, while the rights of pedophiles are being argued, and will ultimately give way to: Who are you to say that we can’t dally with children?

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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