The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Catholics Strike Back Filing 43 Lawsuits Against Obama for 1st Amendment Violations

In long overdue rebuff to Federal powers the Catholic Church seems to be saying that Obama influenced health insurance mandates are a usurpation too far, we can only hope they are so animated against all the rest of the governments meddling in religious affairs

Whopper: DeceptiCON Grand Poobah Bill Kristol’s revision of history and what it says about the GOP and Romney’s future

Vicious: This sort of vicious personal attack that passes as a political editorial is what insures there can never be any solution to the 309 million conglomeration known as the US Government when even those who don’t threaten it are treated as though they are Ciceronian dominators

If you have ever wondered how in the WWWOS Piers Morgan got to replace Larry King wonder no more other than just how long the basement dwelling CNN can afford his non0ratings ratings

Order the RARE Road To Independence Director's Edition
The Road to Independence Directors Edition 2 DVD collectors set

It’s the demographics Stupid: The Euro quacks cannot be saved because they do have the numbers (in future population) needed to do so regardless of the good intentions from those who fancy the idea

Justice for the concept of private property over Government claims to same is looking good in WI recall of Governor Walker-if Walker is reelected look for the Occupy goons seen recently protesting NATO to turn to direct violent means to acquire your property

More bad news for the yewts still pursuing degrees in whatever the student loan officers told them they’d make fortunes at: your college dropout peers have as much work and a lot less bills but here’s a clue: WA state is looking for asparagus pickers

If you can stand the subtitles amid the annoying Asian language voiceover (not sure of country) this animation of FaceBooks Bull ride through billions of misplaced investments is pretty funny

VIDEO: SNL skit explains the treachery of how brokers and big traders “work the markets”

AmConMag’s Gottfried: If the choice is between Romney-advised by Kagan, Bolton & Rove and Obama, it might actually be hard to support the FORMER!

Why is Romney pumping up Harold Ford Jr as someone who understands capitalism, Bain and the markets when he’s just another Dem hack who traded his vote in Congress for a few million a year on K-Street

The “Constitution in Exile movement” is no movement at all but just a group of guys waiting for FDR’s grand programs to crash so we can try their version for 80 years, yay, Stalin

“The Tom Woods letter” makes its debut, coming to an email box near you!

There is one silver lining to the FaceBook IPO from HAdes and beyond: Mark Zuckerberg will fork over $200 million of the $19.2 BILLION Governor Moonbeam needs to balance CA’s budget THIS YEAR

Looking for inflation? Well you will find it in the clothes you buy

The Austrian and the Black Swan parable brings the beauty of Austrian school economics back into focus

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