CDOC-I Cannot Love My Country Because It Is Vile

todayOctober 26, 2011 10

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I Cannot Love My Country Because It Is VileAnd I Cannot Fix It Either
2011 Mike Church
Exclusive, Audio & Transcript – Hey folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

The headlines at The Hill newspaper blared out the message: 69% of voters say America is in decline. I would respond by asking those 69%: well, what do you propose that we do to arrest this decline? A follow-up question could be: is the decline, economic, social, moral or D. all of the above? I would also say that if the decline is so visible that 2/3 of the people can see it, the where is the urgency attached to doing something about it? Perhaps that is the lesson in our demise that we can pass on to the next generation: do not get so far upside down in your civic organizations because rigor mortis will set in and prevent any solution.

Reid Buckley the brother of the late William F Buckley, spoke about the decline saying I am obliged to make a public declaration that I cannot love my country We are vile. It is worthy considering Buckleys accusation in a serious manner and asking what exactly is vile? Our economic, social, moral or D. all of the above conditions? If pressed for an answer to both questions I would choose D and here are the reasons. We are economically vile because we have no problem with passing on to future generations, mountains of public debt and thus enslavement to the government to repay it. This makes us morally vile as well because after all, what kind of a moral people run up trillions of dollars in party expenses then skip out on paying the bill?

We are socially vile as well and you can see this displayed on all manner of TV, movie, radio and internet shows where pronouncing guilt and moral superiority drive almost all content. Our social dystopia extends to the cyber world where most if not all relationships are now formed and conducted. Try socializing with strangers in public and witness the chilly if not outraged reaction.

So, how this decline can be arrested is a question that Pat Buchanan says can only be answered by a Saint and if one were to appear you can bet they would be promptly denounced on cable news shows for their public displays of friendship..

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Written by: TheKingDude

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