Chuck Schumer Wants Tsarnaev To Get The Death Penalty

todayApril 23, 2013 4

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Here is Senator Schumer on CNN yesterday talking about how this ought to be a federal case with a federal death penalty.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Here is Senator Schumer on CNN yesterday talking about how this ought to be a federal case with a federal death penalty.

[start audio clip]

Senator Chuck Schumer: The federal law allows the death penalty. I wrote the law in 1994 when I was head of the Crime Subcommittee in the House. This is just the kind of case that it should be applied to. In fact, the only other time it’s been used since ’94 is on Timothy McVeigh. Given the facts that I’ve seen, it would be appropriate to use the death penalty in this case, and I hope they would apply it in federal court.


[end audio clip]

Mike:  Then this, enemy combatant status may not apply.  Schumer is actually making sense?  This will be a shock.

[start audio clip]

Senator Schumer: I think the good news is we don’t need enemy combatant to get all the information we need out of him. Number one, the court, the one court that has ruled, has allowed a lot of flexibility in the public safety exception before you Mirandize somebody. Second, at any time, what’s called a HIG, high-value interrogation group, composed of the FBI, CIA and anyone else, can question him without a lawyer in a secured situation and find out whatever they need. That can’t, as Lindsey said, be used against him in a trial, but there’s plenty of evidence. They don’t need his confession to get him into trial. I think we don’t have to cross the line and say he should be an enemy combatant, which could be challenged in court. One circuit has ruled one way; one circuit has ruled another way.

james-madison-gutzman-ad-sign[end audio clip]

Mike:  So they might not have to use the enemy combatant statute.

AG:  Mike, I was checking a bunch of the different news channels last night.  I guess Fox News has a woman that’s a judge, Jeannie or something like that.  She was doing a show before Huckabee last night.  I guess the concern I have in terms of the whole Miranda situation and whether the public safety exception should exist is something I find very troubling.  She laid it out, I think, as something very clearly.  She said because Mayor Menino and Governor Patrick said that the threat is over right when they captured him, doesn’t that mean there’s no public safety exception and he should have been read his Miranda rights immediately?

Mike:  You would think.  We need to stop thinking about these things in these terms.  It’s obvious here that the people still need to be protected from the kid who, by all indications, was wounded by one of the flash bangs or whatever.

AG:  The latest thing is that the throat wound might have been a self-inflicted potential suicide attempt that didn’t work out.

Mike:  How convenient is that?  He tried to kill himself.  Many people are saying that it was the flash grenades or whatever it was they were using to get him to come out of the boat.  He was under a tarp.  What do you need to get a diminutive 19-year-old out of a boat with a tarp over it?

AG:  The thermal imaging video of when the flash bangs go off is pretty intense.  It’s interesting to watch as well.

Mike:  Someone was writing me earlier about that.  Okay, so you blinded him, made it so he couldn’t see, and made him deaf so he can’t possibly hear.  He can’t see, would be difficult to see, and he can’t hear anything.  You just temporarily disabled him, but you expect him to obey your commands now.  [mocking] “Citizen, obey your federal overlords and exit the boat, citizen.”  Daniel McAdams at writes on Saturday, “Martial Law in Boston Did Not Catch the Suspect.”


Look at these chilling photos of a major American city under total martial law. The local police force and investigative units have switched over to military assault vehicles on the streets, robo-cop science-fiction soldiers plugged in to all manner of spooky devices looking like the Borg and screaming orders like “if you want to live, turn off your cell phones.”

We read the shocking full story in the Washington Post today:

“By order of the state, a public transit system that serves more than 1.3 million riders a day was padlocked. Amtrak trains were suspended between Boston and New York. Businesses, offices and some of the world’s greatest universities were shut. Taxis were ordered off the streets for part of the day. Residents were instructed to stay inside.”

But this is what strikes one the most, pondering all of the above: the police state did not catch the suspect. The borg did not catch the suspect. Martial law did not catch the suspect. People forced to stay in their homes did not catch the suspect. Warrantless searches did not catch the suspect.

Like the government’s initial failure (or worse) to identify and apprehend the suspects before the bombing, the government also failed in its military assault on an entire city.

Let us never forget that Dzhokar Tsarnaev was discovered by a private citizen, who happened to go out and check on his boat(i.e. violating the lockdown order of the cops), see a body inside of it, and call the cops. In other words, the police state achieved nothing but the psychological conditioning of the population: when we, the state, decide any particular event is important enough, you will lose every single right including possibly the right to life if you resist.

This legacy is the real Boston tragedy. The Rubicon has been crossed.

[end reading]

End Mike Church Show Transcript


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