Church Doctrine-A Con Con-Its Time Has Come

todayNovember 3, 2011 6

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A Con-Con – Its Time Has Come
2011 Mike Church
Exclusive, Audio & Transcript – Hey folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

The news reports today are the same as they were one month ago: The Federal Monster racked up another $203 BILLION in deficits in October. That is an additional $650 for every man, woman, child and Chass Bono in the United States added to our current National Debt-a-charge card. This happens while there are 87 members of Congress elected under the banner of The Tea Party which has cut less spending than Kim Kardashian MADE on her staged wedding. Reasonable people should conclude that this indicates a systemic problem with the Federal government itself because regardless of who is sent there, they wind up becoming the latest new deck chairs on the sinking Titanics poop deck. So, what CAN be done about this.

?Funny you should ask that, and the answer comes in 3 words: Article V Convention. Oh no! howl the Birchers, libreals and most Tea Party types! It will run away, the convention will kill the Constitution and well become Saudi Arabia! Maybe these folks have not noticed that we are the only civilized country on Earth BESIDES Saudi Arabia that has a national drinking age law set at 21 years of age! Besides, the Constitution, which was to serve the purpose of organizing a plan of government that could serve the Several States in a few, very well defined areas, is no longer doing that. Instead it lays silent as Congress debates the amount of stimulus to be appropriated for diapers. The kind of light bulbs an American can own and the size and fuel preference of the cars we drive.

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The Constitution was to prevent empire and nation building as well and yet this country has over 900 bases in 134 Countries. We no longer coin only gold and silver coins and the debt clause is used with reckless impunity. I would argue that ONLY an Article V Convention can save this union and the subject has come up again at a conference just held at Harvard University. An Amendment convention, an Article V convention or a Con Con; the sooner you demand your state call one, the better..

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Written by: TheKingDude

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