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Church Doctrine-Congress Can Pass No Unifrom Rule Of Tyranny On AZ

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Mandeville, LA – Church Doctrine Audio & Transcript – Why Congress Cannot Impose A Uniform Rule Of Tyranny On AZ

2011 Mike Church

Yesterday, the SCOTUS accepted an appeal from AZ to examine the 9th Circuit Courts striking down of SB 1070. The Obama administration and almost every pundit alive, including those of conservative Fox News support the striking of the law, citing the Article I, Section 8 power conferred on Congress to establish an uniform rule of Naturalization. Some go further, claiming that ALL matters of immigration are left to the Congress with their infinite wisdom and Constitutionally ordained powers. Alas, this is NOT the case and it is not what the constitution requires.

These people forget that before there was a Federal government there were Free & Independent states and every one of those states had basic open borders policies because at the time immigrants were needed to continue the colonization and buildup of the continent. The states also carried out their own policing with constables and marshals aplenty. In ratifying the Constitution, Federalists never claimed that in so doing States would surrender their police or immigration policy making power. This only makes sense when one considers the undisputed fact of the dual sovereignty that existed between the states and the new Federal government. What the states did grant the Feds the power to do was to make a uniform rule for how best to admit new, naturalized citizens into these united states.

What AZ & AL have done is to RECLAIM those powers which have either been lying dormant or did not require vigorous enforcement until Congress mandated welfare benefits be conferred on illegal aliens which dramatically increased the influx of those aliens into border states.

Never mind that the SCOTUS was never to sit in judgement of the Legislative Acts of the states and never mind the practical benefit that legal citizens derive form these policies, for the sake of keeping alive any hope that this union can return to its federalist roots and original intent of the Constitution, the SCOTUS needs to uphold AZ. Failing to do so will result in a citizenry that has run our of enforcement options if it wants to remain part of the more perfect union.

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