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Church Doctrine – Final Nail-Mordor On The Potomac Out Earns Every City On Earth


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Final Nail – Mordor On The Potomac Out Earns Every City On Earth

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks, its Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

The assimilation of our once vast and wealthy free market into the belly of the parasite known as the Federal Government has now been completed. Bloomberg reports that the wealthiest city on EARTH is now Washington DC, Mordor on The Potomac River. Mordor, dominated by federal workers, has eclipsed San Jose CA with an average government employee earning $126,000 per year while the few remaining private sector hosts in the area are mired at a pedestrian looking $84,000.  This begs the question of why the Occupy Wall Street welfare staters arent picketing the McMansions of Transportation, Energy and other useless Department robber barons whose only claim to having earned their pay is voting for the right Presidential candidate in the last 16 years.

The total number of federal parasites in the ten miles square that makes up most of the DC area is now over 171,000. Last year this Federal monster consumed $2.1 TRILLION outside of Social Security and Medicare payments. That number alone is equal to 15% of the entire output of every living soul in the land but wait, theres more. One out of every 12 of these 171,000 are lawyers earning an average haul of $186,000 per year while inventing new and better ways to steal even more OPM through laws and regulations.

Mordor is also home to the planets largest defense contractors, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics who help consume the Pentagons $700 billion in plowshares beat into swords. Something is very wrong with this picture folks, this is not how a representative republic operates, this is how a monarchy or oligarchy operates and the theft and consumption of Americans wealth is only getting worse.

These are the type of statistics when digested by an anxious public that historically led to riots and mass beheadings and it is naive to believe we will not suffer the same fate if we do not immediately change course. Even if that means PEACEFULLY separating this union into smaller parts, which seems a far more pleasant alternative than separating peoples heads from their bodies. 

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