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Church Doctrine – How The 24/7 News Cycle Creates Fake News For Christmas

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How The 24/7 News Cycle Creates Fake News For Christmas

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks, its Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

Black Friday has given way to cyber-monday which has given way to the consumption hangover of 2011. The rabid infatuation with news, any news, to fill the glaring gaps in a 24 hour news cycle requires that the Industrial News Complex create all manner of fabricated stories and Black Friday is one of the biggest ever. Whether or not a commercial sales event is news is not the point, once the first Black Friday non-news, news event is covered then the opportunity to fabricate all manner of stats and benchmarks to measure its success or failure must be invented and voila: weeks worth of news, generated in house, under the news organizations criteria is now created and the best part: The stars of the news are cheap and easy to hire, just show up at a  mall with an HD camera. Thats the point: news is now made, it is seldom covered.

But wait, the fake news scam gets even better because now the news channel must retain the services of experts on Black Friday issues. These experts contributions to the Black Friday news are then recorded and themselves become the subject of critical review and second guessing in the same forums and networks, thereby generating more fake news that did not exist on Thanksgiving Day. But wait, our fake news factory isnt finished with its deceit. The personalities who rendered their glorious reporting and commentary on Black Friday can now be called upon as All stars and experts to comment on other non-news sales events like Cyber Monday and monthly retail sales figures for the M&M store on Broadway.

Of course all of this serves the larger purpose of conning the average American sheople into believing that his or hers existence as an American citizen is measured solely by their economic impact and if all things are reduced to economics made popular by being falsely presented as news than what are all people reduced to? Quick, turn on CNBC to ask Cramer!

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