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Church Doctrine – I Would Support Sign Language If It Eliminated The Energy Department


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I Would Support Sign Language If It Eliminated The Energy Department

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks, its Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

In wednesday nights GOP debate governor Rick Perry of TX tried to list 3 federal agencies that he would eliminate as President. Perry stumbled badly on the answer and could not recall the 3rd of the 3 agencies, finally giving up and saying oops. The Industrial News Complex sprang into action to denounce and defame Perry as unfit and unqualified to be President. Why, if he cannot remember the names of agencies he wants to so viciously do away withwhy, how could he be our leader they howled?! Now folks, I am no fan of the TX governor but let me take up for Rick Perry here. I too have had brain freezes on the air and could not recall or find a word I was searching for, it happens. But what the INC is focusing on is the stumble and not WHAT he stumbled over: making extinct an unconstitutional federal agency.

Again, this just illustrates the point I keep coming back to recently which is we are not serious about the serious challenges staring us in the face. Our media elites would just as soon recite Paula Deens pumpkin Pie recipe as they would have a serious dialogue about getting rid of the Federal Department of Energy. An agency that in its 33 year existence has yet to create 1 barrel of oil, 1 cubic foot of natural gas or 1 metric ton of coal. Our Energy Departments only attachment to energy is the energy it saps from the productive activities of the citizens working to harvest actual energy.

If CNN and CNBC want to run Perrys gaffe 24/7 and rejoice in his misery they will accomplish exactly what candidate Herman Cain and his backers accuse them of: trying to derail Perrys agenda and when it comes to 86ing the Energy Department, Perry can say it in sign language two days late and it would still be a better activity than watching 30 seconds of his CNN & CNBC detractors.

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