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Church Doctrine – Oh Look, There’s a Pubic Hair On My Godfathers Pizza Bought With Borrowed Money

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Oh Look, There’s a Pubic Hair In My Godfather’s Pizza Bought With Borrowed Money

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks, its Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

Oh look, theres a pubic hair on my can of coke begins one of the most famous yet tawdry lines in our governments recent history, this from the famous Senate confirmation hearing of SCOTUS justice Clarence Thomas. I bring this up as my fellow members of the Talk Radio Mafia are insisting that the Libtards occupying the Industrial News Complex are responsible for this unconscionable act of racial stereotyping of presidential candidate Herman Cain who is embroiled in a scandal over alleged sexual harassment in his past.

I find that odd as those with the biggest interest in bashing Cain these days are his GOP competitors. He is after all, leading in many national polls taken of that field. But even if they are correct and the sinister intentions of CBSs Bob Schieffer and company are to blame why should this chatter take precedent over the other famous black man affiliated with the Federal Governments Executive Department: Barack Obama.

Obama has issued several Executive Orders of dubious Constitutionality in just the past 10 days yet save for Ron Paul saying Obama is impeachable for the offense there has not been so much as a peep out of the alleged Tea Party Congress or any candidate running for President. 3 of these orders have immediate, negative impacts on what we should all be talking about as the issue of our time: The national debt, the escalating federal deficits and the risk posed to our very existence as a result.

This may explain the liberal medias obsession with the Cain harassment story better than the charge that this is racially motivated, unless protecting the current occupant of the White Houses assault on our finances is an issue that the civil rights revolution was supposed to solve.

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