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Church Doctrine – Perry

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Rick Perry’s Old Deal Will Yield The Same Results as FDR’s New Deal

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks, its Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

Rick Perrys economic plan is called Cut, Balance and Grow which would be admirable if it were based in reality, took into account the awful nature of our predicament and offered a serious, systemic solution. Alas, none of these apply, thus Perrys plan is more aptly titled after FDRs Constitution wrecker, The Old Deal. Perry offers a safe compromise between Herman Cains 9-9-9 and Mitt Romneys 56 points to bankruptcy plan though Perry has added in a new wrinkle to this campaign: the flat tax.

While there is no economic reason to oppose a flat tax in general there is ample reason to oppose Perrys because if enacted it would lead to years of speculation on its effects and will derail legitimate efforts to fix or amend our corrupt, broken system but the biggest reason to find fault with The Old Deal is that it does nothing to set the Constitution on a comeback path. The Federal Leviathan gets a trim for a few years, stays at that level, then re-starts its inexorable course to financial and moral ruin. The problem that Perry fails to even acknowledge is not in Obama or Bushs zeal for regulation, oversight and militarism it is that these things are dealt with as opposed to eliminated where possible.

Perrys plan is however exactly what status quo right wing media has been lusting for and paves the way for his ascendency back to the top of the Republican heap with the gleeful support of DeceptiCONS from A-Z. This is a tragic development for conservatives who still have a chance to force a drastic course correction as opposed to slowing our federal bus from 85 to 83 as it careens toward the insolvency cliff. That course correction is contained in the blueprint laid out in Ron Pauls Restore America plan, even if that blueprint is adopted by another candidate. 

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