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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“We spend a lot of time, folks, on shows like this complaining about the lack of prelates, the lack of priests, the lack of bishops, the lack of parsons, the lack of preachers, etc., etc., the lack of the religious inserting themselves into the moral sewer in which we are all currently marinating.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  We spend a lot of time, folks, on shows like this complaining about the lack of prelates, the lack of priests, the lack of bishops, the lack of parsons, the lack of preachers, etc., etc., the lack of the religious inserting themselves into the moral sewer in which we are all currently marinating.  This culture of death, this amoral what we call a civilization that we currently live in is just polluted.  Again, it takes heroic acts of virtue to avoid it, to avoid being marinated in it.  When we find someone that actually is willing to step up to the plate, and is actually willing to go to bat for us ecclesiastically speaking, morally and spiritually speaking, I think we have a duty to shout it from the rooftops and let everybody know.

The same way, when we find someone that is willing to say the things that need to be said politically, like Donald Trump is saying in some instances, without the media filter, I think we have a duty here as broadcasters seeking to broadcast truth to broadcast that.  That’s why we’re carrying Trump’s speech, for no other reason.  Again, not as an endorsement.  You make your own mind up.  I’m not going to tell you what to do.  This channel is not going to tell you what to do or how to vote.  I will, however, do all I can to provide you with all the tools that I can so that you can make an informed moral and Christian decision.

You may decide Trump’s not moral enough for you.  Fine, make that decision.  Vote for Chuck Baldwin, then.  In light of that, and in what Father calls spiritual terrorism, that we need to become spiritual terrorists, I just wanted to share this with you.  Cardinal Raymond Burke asked today – if you’re a Roman Catholic, listen up.  I bet at the Novus Ordo mass yesterday you probably did not get this.  That’s unfortunate.  This is the official endorsement of the “Novena for Our Nation” by His Eminence Cardinal Raymond Burke.


There is no doubt that our beloved nation is in one of the worst crises which it has ever experienced, a profound moral crisis which generates division on all levels and results in an ever-greater more pervasive violence and killing. For Roman Catholics, who have always been known for their faith-filled patriotism, the first response to this crisis is fervent prayer and, in particular, prayer through the intercession of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Mary Immaculate who is also the patroness of our nation.

One of the most powerful prayers which is ours in the Church is, in fact, the Holy Rosary. I think, for instance, of the Battle of Lepanto . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  Now, for all of you that ran when you heard the air raid siren, why did you run?  The rosary was prayed by Don Juan and the Holy Fleet on the way to, staring down, and then defeating Mustafa Pasha, the admiral of the Muslim fleet.  They were put down.  The Ottoman Navy never recovered from Lepanto.  Go look it up.  It’s the greatest naval victory in the history of navies.  Every one of those men, oar in one hand, rosary in the other.  All across the continent of Europe, they were in churches, and they were, at the request of His Holiness Saint Pope Pius X.  They were in churches on their knees praying for the Holy Fleet.  They knew that if the Ottomans were able to take out the Holy Fleet, that they would set sail and land on the European continent.  They would take the Vatican.  They would cut the pope’s head off.  They would start doing Muslim services.  They would turn St. Peter’s Basilica into a mosque.  That’s what they were going to do.  They were put down.  They were aided and abetted by Mary.  End of story.  It’s a historical fact.  Back to Cardinal Burke:


I think, for instance, of the Battle of Lepanto and the victory which was won on October 7, 1571, over the Saracens who were bent on conquering Christian Europe. Let us now turn to the powerful prayer of the Holy Rosary, asking Mary Immaculate to intercede with Our Lord to bring healing to our nation and to inspire in her citizens the holiness of life which alone can transform our nation.

I wholeheartedly endorse the Novena for Our Nation (Starting August 15) and the Rosary Rally on October 7th next, the 445th anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto. [Mike: By the way, we will have a big show the day of October the 7th. I will give you all the history you ever wanted to know about the Battle of Lepanto. I already have the guests in mind that I’m going to invite on the program.] I urge as many as are able to participate in these great spiritual works for the sake of our entire nation. In a special way, as the spiritual advisor to the Holy League, I urge all members of the Holy League to give strong leadership in this great campaign of prayer for our nation.

[end reading]

Mike:  What is His Eminence doing?  Many people thought it was a joke when I tweet out often #rosariesforTrump.  Why not?  Rosaries for John Bel Edwards, my governor.  Why not?  Why shouldn’t we appeal to Our Lady to assist us in this cesspool of immorality in which we live, in which our politicians swim?  Heck, they donate, they participate in the corruption.  It’s on them.  Now, in light of that, I’d like to play this clip for you from Father Philip W.  He is an FSSP priest.  He does not like for his name to be used.  This aired yesterday on Sermon Sunday with Steve Cunningham.  This is a call to spiritual terrorism.  Rather than me trying to explain it, I thought I’d just play the clip because he explains it rather well.

[start audio file]

Father Philp W: All this got me thinking about how we could become spiritual terrorists. Spiritual terrorists? What are you talking about, Father? We’re all stuck in this ridiculous culture of death, this cultural influence, all this filth and sin and demonic activity. We find ourselves here, but it’s right after mass we pray in common for the conversion of sinners, for the conversion of unbelievers, for growth and holiness, for freedom in the church, for peace among nations, for zeal and courage of the bishops and priests, civil leaders. Think about the effect we can have. Remember what St. Louis Montfort says. When we pray in common, it’s far more formidable to the devil because it is public prayer. This army is attacking him. Believe me, he’s the prince of this culture of death. That’s who’s standing behind all of this nonsense.

What does this have to do with becoming spiritual terrorists? If we pray like this, our prayers are like little bombs, or big bombs, going off in the spiritual world. By the grace of God, we’re going to be messing up his wickedness and sinners. We’ll be releasing grace to convert sinners. We’ll be releasing grace to save souls. We’ll be holding back divine punishments. We’ll be releasing grace to give spinal implants to bishops and priests and civic leaders that need it. The present darkness of this culture of death, each one of these things is just like a terrorist act. We’ll be throwing wrenches into the gears of the enemy. It’s actually like being spiritual terrorists attacking the culture of death. When we pray in common, it’s far more formidable to the devil because it is public prayer and an army that’s attacking it.

What I propose is real easy. After mass, right before I bless all the water and all that, I’ll take off my vestments and come out here and ask everybody to unite themselves in prayer to our Lord and each other. Then, one item at a time, I’ll just read a short list of items to pray for. For example, first one, deliverance for this poor individual who’s suffering from demons. Pause briefly. Then everybody silently – we don’t need to talk or anything. This is prayer. That way we’re all praying on the same topic. That’s the only reason for me reading it. We do that silently. Each one of us can talk to our Lord and ask him to have mercy and mercifully grant the request. Then I read the next item, pause, and in union with Christ and each other once again we each silently ask our Lord to mercifully grant this request. Just a short list, but remember, we can expect good results if we humbly and confidently unite ourselves in Christ our Lord and each other in prayer.

Let’s have a quick review before we close. We see there’s four ends, four reasons why we offer the holy sacrifice in mass. First, the adoration of God. Again, that’s opposed to idolatry. We’re putting God first. Second, thanksgiving to God. We’re thanking him for all the gifts of nature and grace he’s poured down upon us. Third is reparation for all the sins committed against him. Fourth is requesting divine help for all the graces necessary. We’ve seen that uniting ourselves in prayer is incredibly powerful.  In the first place, it’s pleasing to God. In the second place, since the prayer of each individual belongs to the whole group, it makes one prayer. Even if one of us is weak, the others will lift him up and make up for that. When we pray in common, it’s more formidable to the devil because in public prayer it’s an army attacking it.

Let’s really strive to be spiritual terrorists in this culture of death. Let’s really strive to mess up the wickedness and snares the devil to release grace for the conversion of sinners, to release grace to help souls grow in holiness, to hold back divine punishments, to give spinal implants to the civil leaders and bishops and priests. When we pray in common, it’s far more formidable to the devil because public prayer is an army that is attacking him.

[end audio file]

Mike:  I just wanted to play that in its entirety without me interrupting it.  There you go.  We have Cardinal Burke, who has exhorted people to pray this Novena, and then you have Father in his sermon two weeks ago exhorting his flock that if they pray in common, get together, it’s like dropping bombs on the diabolical.  Folks, we are in war.  I say that to all the pagan-secular hordes out there.  I say that to all my Protestant / Evangelical friends as well.  You’re in the same war.  We’re all in the same war.  Anyone that does not think that there are diabolical, demonic forces that are at play here, I’d like to know exactly what pipe it is you’re horking from.

We do see glasses half full, don’t we?  We do see that there is a pushback.  It’s not all darkness.  The sodomites are not all carrying the day.  The lewd and rude and cowards are not all carrying the day.  Just thinking about all this, folks, it’s time to become spiritual terrorists.  I’m in.  How about you?

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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