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Church Doctrine – The Christmas Star – Hiding In Plain Sight

todayDecember 12, 2011 2

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    Church Doctrine – The Christmas Star – Hiding In Plain Sight TheKingDude

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    Church Doctrine – The Christmas Star – Hiding In Plain Sight TheKingDude


The Christmas Star – Hiding In Plain Sight

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks, its Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

Aristotle said that sports and the play are the closest humans actually come to contemplation because they exist outside of our normal activities and are not necessary to our existence*. This is what makes them exceptional and exciting, the pursuit of victories and records is in itself a pursuit of extraordinary existence, some might say of an attempt to be God-like. These days we certainly see our share of men and women who blessed with  extreme athletic ability, have conferred God-like rules for the rest of us to treat them by. This seems to me is a very un-God like thing and reveals these peoples own weak spiritual constitutions. Then there are those athletes that achieve near God-like greatness and understand that these are blessings FROM God and not a conferring of power.

This past weekend, we can see the two extremes in real life. While the Cincinnati & Xavier basketball teams were busy using their skills and God-like metaphors on each other to zip it up in an on-court brawl filled with selfish, wanton violence, Robert Griffin of Baylor was humbly receiving the Heisman Trophy for outstanding achievement in college football. While the Xavier players held press conferences defending the gangstas on their roster and the brawl that designation breathed life into, Griffin was thanking God for his plan and for the blessings of not only his athletic his skills but his parents his teammates his opportunity. In doing so, Griffin put himself on a path, below that of God and was content to part of Gods plan whereas the Xavier/Cincinnati players believed themselves God-like, acting in a manner unlike that of the mere mortals in attendance.

Meanwhile in another part of this country the Denver Broncos Tim Tebow story is still growing and filling the airwaves up with much criticism of Tebows very public pursuit of Gods plan, yet he keeps smiling and finding ways to win football games against unbelievable odds. Ask yourself which of the three stories you do NOT wish your children to be the next stars of and consider that maybe there is something to the whole Christmas Star story that is hiding in plain sight.


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Written by: TheKingDude

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