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Church Doctrine – Undoing The Damage Of A Date Which Lives In Infamy

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Undoing The Damage Of A Date Which Lives In Infamy

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks, its Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

Dec 7th, 1941 a date which shall live in infamy. These were the words spoken by FDR to a joint session of Congress after the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor. As my friend the writer Anthony Gregory puts it the infamy lives on. This event finally broke the non-interventionist spirit that had characterized the American people. Today that infamy lives among us in our perpetual warfare and welfare states. Not only did WWII unleash our appetite and tolerance for war in the years that came after it coincidentally eroded our spirit of economic non-intervention too.

As conservatives go through the process of whittling their divining rods and trying to discover pure conservative water this is evidenced. There is a broad based appetite for government intervention from the micro-management of forests and national parks to the heavy handed management of oil, gas, and industrial manufacturing. In every instance where there is purported strife there is Leviathan, yet this glaring, 300 foot tall, pulsating neon sign is only seen by a few, why!?

I think that because Americans have grown accustomed to, indeed proud of the existence of The Pentagon and The Department of Defense this make it much easier to accept the Department of Homeland Security or The Department of Energy as perfectly legitimate extensions of the same authority. Whereas Thomas Jefferson boldly pronounced the New American Unions strengths that lie in her LACK of such agencies and central authority today, conservative valiantly defend the opposite.

As we recall the 70 years since Pearl harbor today and mourn the massive loss of life, maybe we should consider the future loss of life and liberty that we can prevent by bringing an end to what began on 8 December, 1941, War.

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