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Church Doctrine Video – Death Penalty Dead Man Talking

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Church Doctrine Video – Death Penalty Dead Man Talking

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Mike Church’s Founding of America Audio CD sets (3) Road to Independence, Fame of Our Fathers & The Spirit of 76

©2014 Mike Church

Mandeville, LA – In the film Dead Man Walking, Sister Helen Prejean famously opposed the execution of convicted killer Patrick Sonnier. Opponents of the death penalty hailed Prejean’s actions but the Catholic Church never opposed civilization’s protecting their citizens from murderers, like Christopher Sepulvado. Sepulvado has admitted committing the acts that led to the death of his 6 year old stepson Wesley Allen Mercer and is set to be executed on 5 February. Sepulvado is appealing the sentence using every possible codicil including the 8th Amendment to the US Constitution. But there’s a problem with that: the U.S. Government isn’t executing Sepulvado, the State of Louisiana is and the Federal Bill of Rights does not apply. He could appeal under Louisiana Constitution, Article I Section 22 but I seem to be the only citizen in this state that believes our bill of rights still applies.

You see, Angola has announced it will be using the 2 chemical injection that unceremoniously executed murderer Dennis McGuire in Ohio 2 weeks ago. According to witnesses McGuire endured a fair amount of pain during the process. Now Sepulvado protests that this “cruel and unusual punishment” is somehow unfair, but that relies on you not knowing how Wesley was killed. The child was beaten about the head with the butt of a screwdriver until he passed out and then dumped into a tub filled with near boiling water. When Sepulvado relented and took the child to the hospital, 30 minutes after his death, 58% of his body was so badly burned that skin was missing. Wesley’s scalp had detached from his skull, the result of the severity of the beating Sepulvado administered.

Whether Patrick Sepulvado can be forgiven for his sin is for God to judge, he has most convincingly violated our laws, against an innocent child and for that our death penalty laws must be enforced.

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Written by: TheKingDude

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Dudley Sharp

The (imagined) Horror of Dennis McGuire’s Execution
Dudley Sharp

Ohio justly executed rapist/torturer/murderer Dennis McGuire.

Unconscious, McGuire snored and the media went apoplectic.

The Horror is that anti death penalty folks and their allies in the media will have 10,000 more articles about the imagined suffering of this executed rapist/torturer/murderer than they did about the real suffering of his victims, Joy Stewart, her husband Kenny, unborn child Carl and their families and friends.

There is no indication that McGuire was in pain, at any time, or that he was conscious after the first 1-3 minutes of the 25 minute execution process, as pharmacological realities would dictate (see below).

There is every indication that Joy Stewart was conscious throughout the eternal horror of her savage rape and murder. McGuire forced Joy from her car, choked her, attempted to rape her vaginally, raped her anally, slashed her throat so deeply it severed both her carotid artery and jugular vein, all the while Joy realizing the horror of her own death, as well as that of her unborn child.

The baby’s name would have been Carl, his mother’s grave marker shows.

Joy’s husband, Kenny, committed suicide within a year after their murders.

McGuire had more time on death row than Joy had in life.

“State prison records released Monday say McGuire told guards that (McGuire’s counsel, Robert) Lowe counseled him to make a show of his death that would, perhaps, lead to abolition of the death penalty. But three accounts from prison officials indicate McGuire refused to put on a display.” (1)

“Amy Borror, a spokeswoman for the public defender’s office, said all accounts from execution eyewitnesses – which did not include Lowe – indicate McGuire was unconscious at the time he struggled to breathe.” (1)

“Medical experts would not comment on Mr. McGuire’s execution or speculate about what he experienced. They agreed that used for surgery, the two drugs would not cause pain. (2).

“By virtue of what they do, they cause unconsciousness, and they inhibit pain,” said Dr. Howard Nearman, professor of anesthesiology at Case Western Reserve University (2).

As there was no surgery, both drugs were given at overdose levels and both drugs would enhance the effects of the other, of course there was no pain.

Do folks wheeze, snore, move or cough etc. while sleeping? Do those with opiate overdoses wheeze, snore, move, cough, have spasms, etc.? Of course, which is all that happened with McGuire, as some predicted.

The Associate Press witness:

“McGuire was still for almost five minutes, then emitted a loud snort, as if snoring, and continued to make that sound over the next several minutes. He also soundlessly opened and shut his mouth several times as his stomach rose and fell.” “A coughing sound was Dennis McGuire’s last apparent movement, at 10:43 a.m. He was pronounced dead 10 minutes later.” (3)

No evidence of consciousness or pain.

Sadly, we have ignorant, anti death penalty folks, who just can’t wait to get their word out, such as McGuire’s spiritual advisor, Father Lawrence Hummer, stating, “There is no question in my mind that Dennis McGuire suffered greatly over many minutes. . . . this experimental two-drug concoction had taken 26 minutes. I consider that inhumane.” (4)

McGuire’s children have threatened to sue the state over their father’s just execution. So foul. They have learned so very little.

Their only comments should have been:

“We are truly sorry for the horror and suffering that our father has caused to Joy, her husband, Kenny, their unborn son, Carl and to their family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers will be with them, always.”

Maybe Father Hummer’s only words should been along those lines, as well.

Possibly, someone in the media, and others, will look up the overdose properties of the drugs involved (below) and tell us how McGuire could, possibly, have been conscious. He couldn’t have been.

The properties of the drugs and their overdosing effects are very well known – by no means an experiment . . and they don’t just, suddenly, disappear, for no reason.

From Current Preble County Prosecutor Martin Votle (5) :

“The focus needs to stay where it belongs and that’s on Joy.” ” . . . if there has been any injustice done it’s in a delay of 20 years between the imposition of that sentence . . . and the execution . . “.

“(McGuire) was vicious and dangerous. He had raped and murdered Joy Morningstar, gotten away with it and then 10 months later decided he liked abducting and assaulting women at knife point so much he did it again.” ” . . . “he abducted that 15-year-old at knife point . . . ” “The girl struggled with him and he beat her and they made so much noise that her family and friends ran out the front door of the house and interceded and saved her life. . . ”

“(McGuire) was a predator and had he not been caught, there is no doubt in my mind he would have continued that behavior until he was caught.”

“It occurred to me that Feb. 11 (2014), we’re talking three weeks now, will be the 25th anniversary of the murder. That (unborn son, Carl) very likely would be looking forward to his 25th birthday coming up here. That’s pretty heartbreaking.” “(Carl) would have died from suffocation.”


2) Family Sues in Protracted Ohio Execution, ASSOCIATED PRESS, New York Times, JAN. 25, 2014

3) OHIO KILLER EXECUTED WITH NEW LETHAL DRUG COMBO, ANDREW WELSH-HUGGINS AP Legal Affairs Writer, The Daily Record, January 16, 2014 2:57PM

4) “I witnessed Ohio’s execution of Dennis McGuire. What I saw was inhumane”, Lawrence Hummer, The Guardian,, 22 January 2014 13.51 EST

5) Home Votel: Victims need to be remembered, The Register Herald, January, 2014,
By Eddie Mowen Jr

FACT CHECKING: Midazolam, a sedative, & Hydromorphone, an opiate/painkiller

The Ohio lethal injection protocol is 10mg of midazolam & 40mg of hydromorphone, mixed together then injected.

The injection took 20 seconds.

The toxicity of benzodiazepines (including midazolam) overdose and risk of death is increased when combined with opiates and when used intravenously, with symptoms including respiratory distress, coma and death.

“More than 80 deaths have occurred after the use of midazolam . . . 78% of the deaths associated with midazolam were respiratory in nature.” (MIDAZOLAM HYDROCHLORIDE: Human Health Effects,

“The initial intravenous dose for sedation in adult patients may be as little as 1 mg, but should not exceed 2.5 mg in a normal healthy adult.”, Midazolam Injection,

4 times that initial maximum dose was given to McGuire.

However, ” . . . total dose >5 mg (of midazolam) “usually” (my emphasis) not necessary to reach desired sedation . . .”, Medscape, midazolam (Rx) – Versed, IV,

Hydromorphone overdose,

“IV initial dose: 0.2 to 1 mg every 2 to 3 hours (given slowly over at least 2 to 3 minutes)”, Hydromorphone Dosage,

40-200 times those dosages were given to McGuire.

Dudley Sharp

Sister Helen Prejean: Just Terrible
Dudley Sharp

The parents of rape/torture/murder victim Loretta Bourque, a “Dead Man Walking” Case

” . . .makes you realize the Dead Man Walking truly belongs on the shelf in the library in the Fiction category.” (1)

“Being devout Catholics, ‘the norm’ would be to look to the church for support and healing. Again, this need for spiritual stability was stolen by Sister Prejean.” (1)


Case Detective Michael Vernado, in the rape/torture/murder of Faith Hathaway, a “Dead Man Walking” Case

“I wouldn’t have had as much trouble with (Prejean’s) views if she would have told the truth . . .” ” . . . (Sr. Prejean) based her book on what was in I guess a defense file and what (rapist/murderer) Robert Willie telling her.” (1)

” . . . she’s trying to mislead people in the book. And that’s something that she’s going have to work out with herself.” “(Sr. Prejean’s) certainly not after giving anybody spiritual advice to try to save their soul.” (1)



Book Review: “Sister Prejean’s Lack of Credibility: Review of “The Death of Innocents”, by Thomas M. McKenna (New Oxford Review, 12/05).

“The book is moreover riddled with factual errors and misrepresentations.”

“Williams had confessed to repeatedly stabbing his victim, Sonya Knippers.”

“This DNA test was performed by an independent lab in Dallas, which concluded that there was a one in nearly four billion chance that the blood could have been someone’s other than Williams’s.”

” . . . despite repeated claims that (Prejean) cares about crime victims, implies that the victim’s husband was a more likely suspect but was overlooked because the authorities wanted to convict a black man.”

” . . . a Federal District Court . . . stated that ‘the evidence against Williams was overwhelming.’ ” “The same court also did “not find any evidence of racial bias specific to this case.” (1)



Did she consider the mental suffering of a parent who lost their innocent daughter to a rape/murder or, possibly, the mental (and physical) suffering of that girl, as she was being raped and murdered?

Of course the sister considered it and she made her choice – the murderer.

Other topics, below


(1) “Sister Helen Prejean & the death penalty: A Critical Review”–the-death-penalty-a-critical-review.aspx

(2) Prejean: Death penalty is torture, online, October 1, 2012,–Death-penalty-is-torture.html?nav=5010

Some rebuttals to common anti death penalty deceptions, by Sr. Prejean and others

The Death Penalty: Do Innocents Matter?
A Review of All Innocence Issues

The Death Penalty: Fair & Just

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The Innocent Frauds: Standard Anti Death Penalty Strategy

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