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Church Doctrine – When $30,000 Per Hour Historians Double As Mortgage Brokers

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2011 Mike Church

Hey folks, its Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

If you fancy yourself a politician these days It has become fashionable to call yourself conservative. If you are a conservative politician who retires to private life as a lobbyist, you are now a lobbyist and no longer a conservative. Why, Because you are complicit in growing the size and power of the government that conservatives are supposed to oppose. This is what former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has done, he lobbied Congress to vastly expand the welfare state with the passage of the Medicare Prescription Drug Entitlement. Now, as he seeks a return to office Gingrich claims he was NOT a lobbyist and can be trusted to shrink the same government he helped expand, this is nice work if you can find it!

But Gingrichs big government bonafides do not end there, his consortium was paid millions to consult Freddie Mac as a historian. Well unless he were instructing them on the history of the recent nationalization of the mortgage market that claim is dubious besides how many historians make $30,000 an hour vending advice to mortgage companies? To make this infringement on liberty even more offensive, the man who will shepherd our return to the land of Constitutional milk and honey told Fox News Great van Susterin that he never saw the mortgage bubble burst coming and neither did anyone else. Perhaps the Speaker has not heard of Peter Schiff, Mish Shedlock or Ron Paul. All three of these men saw the bubble bust coming long before it actually happened.

Gingrich goes on to incorrectly blame the Federal Reserve and its 2008 reactions to the market crash for this bubble and he is exactly incorrect here too. The Fed cause the bubble beginning in 2001 by setting interest rates too low and artificially holding them there. Any one who does not candidly admit this and then say it must be brought to an end is either woefully misinformed or a permanent member of the ruling elite. Combine those two together and you should disqualify that person for the Presidency, even if he is a shrewd enough lobbyist to convince conservatives to hire him as First historian.

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