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Church Doctrine With Chris Ferrara – Catholic Teaching vs Politics

Great_Facade_1920Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“This is today’s Church Doctrine. About half of them did renounce and recount. The rest of them did what Ruether told them to do and remained as apostates. Here’s what she told them to do, Chris. I think this applies directly to what we’re talking about here today with Tim Kaine.” Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: This is today’s Church Doctrine. About half of them did renounce and recount. The rest of them did what Ruether told them to do and remained as apostates. Here’s what she told them to do, Chris. I think this applies directly to what we’re talking about here today with Tim Kaine. The side effect of all this, this is what is important, the side effect of all this is this brings, his actions and Donna Brazile’s actions bring scandal to me, to my family. They bring scandal to the Ferrara family. We treat with reverence as a solemn occasion the celebration of the Holy Mass. It’s not a party. It’s not a place for standing ovations. What you’re taught in there and what you learn, that is the Truth and you will conform your mind to the reality of it. It’s as simple as that. Anyone that said, “I don’t have to. There’s a third way” is a liar. They’re scandalizing people by making people say things that aren’t, or causing people to repeat it, and it’s not true. Here’s what Ruether said:


We, as Roman Catholics, affirm our solidarity with those who signed the Statement and agree to stand with all who face reprisals. We shall become the dismissed, the disinvited and the unwelcome. “The ties which unite the faithful are stronger than those which separate them. Let there be unity in what is necessary, freedom in whta is doubtful and charity in everything.”

[Mike: Then she quoted the Second Vatican Council, for support of this in the ad in the New York Times.] The solidarity statement thus takes its text from the defense of religious freedom affirmed at the Second Vatican Council.

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

[end reading]

Mike: I couldn’t wait to –

Chris Ferrara: It’s absolute sovereignty. There is no principle of religious freedom which allows one to depart from the natural law that binds every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth. The notion that you can assert, as a Catholic, religious freedom against the authorities of the Catholic Church is preposterous. This is the American way. I’m thinking of the Vatican decree in 2003, which it simply insisted that politicians cannot support any form of legislation that legalizes abortion. What did Senator John Kerry, the so-called Catholic, say? I’m quoting him, that he “cares enormously about the Church, but I think that it’s important to not have the Church instructing politicians. This is an inappropriate crossing of the line in America.” This is the Christopher_Ferarramentality we’re dealing with. Somehow in America, we have this strange little Area 51 of morality. The moral rules that universally bind men, women and children, all of humanity, somehow don’t operate in public life in America. This is what we’re dealing with. This is the hubris of the so-called American way that thinks that it’s going to tolerate morality out of existence by privatizing it. Of course, you can’t escape the consequences of this kind of moral apocalypse. You see society crumbling all around us. Now they’re demanding that men use the women’s bathrooms.

Mike: That’s right. Men like Tim Kaine are all behind this. I want to bring something else up while we’re on the subject here. On Friday, Coach Mike Krzyzewski, the coach of the Duke University basketball team, in a joint press conference statement with the coach, I believe, of the University of North Carolina State, denounced HB2 as some sort of an outrage. Coach K is a Catholic, another one. He denounced HB2 and demanded that the State of North Carolina rescind that it was an embarrassment and a disgrace. The State of North Carolina is saying: No, there’s a natural law that says that there are two sexes, male and female. We say that there are two bathroom choices, male and female. Here’s another alleged Roman Catholic, Mike Krzyzewski, Coach K, holding a press conference to say that’s not the case.

Let me add something to you, Chris Ferrara, and you can take this and run with it, to apply it to all that we’ve talked about here today. “To the Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, Bishops, and other Local Ordinaries in Peace and Communion with the Apostolic See.” His holiness, blessed, beloved St. Pope Pius X wrote in “Pascendi Dominici Gregis,”:


. . . the office divinely committed to Us of feeding the Lord’s flock is especially this duty assigned to it by Christ, namely to guard with the greatest vigilance the deposit of the faith delivered to the saints, rejecting the profane novelties of words and oppositions of knowledge falsely so called. There has never been a time when this watchfulness of the supreme pastor was not necessary to the Catholic body, [Mike: It sounds like he was living in 2016.] for owing to the efforts of the enemy of the human race, there have never been lacking “men speaking perverse things,” “vain talkers and seducers,” [Mike: That’s Tim Kaine.] “erring and driving into error.” [Mike: That’s Donna Brazile and Tim Kaine.] Still, it must be confessed that the number of the enemies of the Cross of Christ has in these last days increased exceedingly who are striving by arts entirely new and full of subtlety to destroy the vital energy of the Church, and, if they can, to overthrow utterly Christ’s Kingdom itself. Wherefore We may no longer be silent, lest We should seem to fail on Our most sacred duty, and lest the kindness that, in the hope of wiser counsels, We have hitherto shown them, should be attributed to forgetfulness of Our office.

[end reading]

Mike: That’s the preamble to “Pascendi Dominici Gregis.” It doesn’t get any more plain than that, does it?

Ferrara: We can imagine what he would think if he were alive today. Now we see so-called Catholics expressing outrage over the fact that men are actually required to use the men’s bathroom. It’s a diabolical parody of religion masquerading as American-style Catholicism. This coach – which coach was this again?

Mike: Coach Krzyzewski, Coach K.


Ferrara: He should be ashamed of himself. He should be mortified that he has stooped to that level. Basically what’s involved here is moral cowardice. He knows this is wrong. Everyone knows in their heart that it’s absolutely absurd and contrary to not only natural law but to the very order creation itself, to insist that men be able to use the women’s bathroom and women the men’s bathroom. This is just, as I say, diabolical insanity. Yet they’re going along with it because that’s the “American way.”

You mentioned Pius X. Pius XII in 1950 said that the condition of the world today is worse than it was at the time of the flood. He said that in 1950, 66 years ago. Here’s what he said in one of his apostolic letters, “Evangelii Praecones.” He said that the world today is divided into two camps. I’m going to quote this verbatim, “The human race is involved today in a supreme crisis, which will issue [Chris: meaning end.] in its salvation by Christ, or in its dire destruction.” That’s what this is all about, people. It’s about whether the world is for or against Christ. He told us we have to take a position on who he is when he asked the question: Who do you say that I am? If he is God, everything we’re talking about follows for social order. Society must be organized according to Catholics-for-choicethe law of the gospel.

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This insanity that we see now, which tries to pass itself off as Catholicism, would never be tolerated. It would be driven from t he public square, as lies and deception should be. This is what we’re talking about. We’re talking about an apocalyptic turn of events in our civilization that was foreseen even in the early 1900s by Pius X, and in the mid-1950s by Venerable Pius XII. Now what would they think of today? The progression has been geometric, geometric in terms of the decomposition of a once-Christian civilization. We’re in the midst of this right now.

Mike: Folks, it doesn’t get any more clear than that. That concludes today’s Church Doctrine.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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