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Civil War History: Factually Accurate As An Episode Of Johnny Bravo

Civil War History: Factually Accurate As An Episode Of Johnny Bravo

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

On April 12, 150 years ago today the shelling of Fort Sumter began, but the version of history about this event most Americans are familiar with and the events that happened afterwards is about as accurate had it come from Johnny Bravo of the Cartoon Network. The facts surrounding Fort Sumter Day could not be more clear yet 98% of all Americans get them wrong.

South Carolina had already declared its Independence from the federal union in December of 1860, thus it was a sovereign country much like Spain or Japan is today. The federal fort located in Charleston Harbor was the subject of a discussion wherein South Carolina offered to purchase the property and reimburse the union for the improvements. President Lincoln and his cabinet would not even receive the South Carolina delegation to discuss this, instead they conceived of a plot to prod the South Carolinians into an act of war so retaliation could commence.

Imagine if a ship under the sail of the Cuban Flag were to sail into Miami Bay, loaded with Cuban soldiers and armaments, and would not respond to orders to stop; what would the U.S. Navy do? This is exactly what General Beauregard did under orders from Confederate President Jefferson Davis, they defended their territory.

By entering the Sovereign terrirtory of Charleston harbor on a military vessel with soldiers and weapons in plain sight it was the Union that committed the first act of war in 1861 which is exactly opposite the story told to American school children by that most able of historians: Johnny Bravo.

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