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 Mandeville, La

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6:296:456:50Michael Cohen Pleads GuiltyWe just like to see people suffer. Americans today are infatuated with watching people suffer. It is horrific to watch.What was his crime? AWT = Associated With TrumpHEADLINE: Michael Cohen Pled Guilty to Something That Is Not a Crime by Bradley A. Smith The Deep State has come for the Cohen’s to get to the Trump’s.“To the contrary, the law — following our common sense — tells us that the hush-money payments outlined by the U.S. Attorney are clearly not campaign expenditures. There is no violation of the Federal Election Campaign Act.” Folks that is what Michael Cohen was told to do with the bimbo eruption payoffs. It has nothing to do with campaign payoffs.Is there a category for this? Bimbo Eruptions!Protecting family members was goal #1 for President Trump.“In short, Michael Cohen is pleading guilty to something that isn’t a crime. Of course, people will do that when a zealous prosecutor is threatening them with decades in prison. But his admissions are not binding on President Trump, and Trump should fight these charges ferociously.”Trump is sitting back there and saying “Bring It”! The American people are tired of driving all over the country that aren’t documented or following any of our laws that we have to and demanding we pay for their care.“We do ourselves no service by distorting and misapplying our campaign-finance laws in the hope of bagging Donald Trump.”So basically the Cohen’s decided the prosecutor was so zealous in trying to get a conviction b/c of his association with Trump, they determined it was easier and cheaper to accept the plea bargain. We don’t believe in MERCY any longer. We only believe in destroying people.These people are parasites! They are born in, they pass it along to their children (child) and it just continues.All President Trump’s books are about being a BOSS!The Art of the DealThe Art of the ComebackSurviving at the TopHow to Get RichThink Like a Champion
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7:08Mike talks about email from Randy and Darcy M –
7:09 HEADLINE: Rod Dreher’s Luther Option: A Book Review of Sorts by Christopher Ferrara“Rod Dreher, another shallow Vatican II convert who never really got the Faith, has carved out a nice gig for himself as a professional ex-Catholic.  Absurdly enough, he is being lauded and feted by still-practicing Catholics around the world for his book The Benedict Option despite his public declarations that the homosexual priest scandal proves that the Catholic Church has deceived her members by claiming to be the Church that Christ founded with a promise of indefectibility.” 
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7:307:357:43Back to HEADLINE: Rod Dreher’s Luther Option: A Book Review of Sorts by Christopher FerraraCATHOLIC AIR RADI WARNING SIREN – “On reading the book one is stuck by the rather cunning way in which Dreher’s weaves his professed admiration for certain things Catholic—including, of course, the Rule of Benedict— into an implicit brief for a total rejection of the Church’s necessity for salvation.  He says a lot of nice things about the Church he has proclaimed a liar concerning her most fundamental claims. Here too, however, Dreher tries to have it both ways.  As to the scandals in Church history he is only too happy to enumerate as excuses for defecting, he writes elsewhere: “Strictly speaking, none of those things negate the truth claims of the Church. But they can have the effect of making it difficult to impossible to take those truth claims seriously.”  In other words, the Church might be telling the truth, but, really, who can believe it?  Or stated otherwise:  You can believe the Church if you want to, but pray tell, why would you?”#1 What the hell is a believer?Describing St. Benedict as a believer, the followers, they were Catholics. They didn’t have to call themselves Catholics because there was NOTHING ELSE!The Digital Prophet Suffers an Analogue MeltdownWhy join a watered down version of Catholicism? That is what any other religion is! I don’t know how people don’t see this.I promise you if you attempt to live the Benedict Option, you will NOT be happy!We are in the season of Advent – how many people used yesterday as a fast day?If you are doing the Benedict Option, you would be treating this season as a mini-Lent.CHALLENGE – go find the actual Benedict Option and see how much of it you are willing to do!
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8:16 Special Guest Rick Barrett host of The Barrett Brief A football jersey 2 sizes too small, Mexican made boots and Wrangler jeans.You guys need to just stop with this nonsense and just come back home. (referring to Catholics that have left Holy Mother Church)Stop acting like a child that didn’t like that ONE thing the Church teaches.“Stop acting like Jesus is a Genie here to grant your every desire!” – Rick BarrettHEADLINE: Is It Time for New York to Split in Two? by Gerard T. MundyCalifornia and New York need to be split. I would also add Texas to that.Apple is about to invest $1B into the city of Austin alone! I would like to isolate that city as much as we could.Kirkpatrick Sale – the Scale of Nations
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9:05  HEADLINE: 50 Years Ago, Apollo 8 Soared To A Christmas Miracle For A Weary World by Howard Chang and Jordan LorenceAs a kid I watched every single minute of this launch. I still get goosebumps when I talk about this or hear about this launch.“NASA reports that an estimated 1 billion people in 64 countries watched the broadcast live, and people in an additional 30 nations watched the broadcast that same day.”AUDIO/VIDEO: Apollo 8 – Book Of Genesis Reading (December 24, 1968)Absolutely incredible! Thank you to the authors for writing this.
9:289:29  HEADLINE: On Parishes With Short Confession Times by Elise EhrhardCATHOLIC AIR RAID WARNING SIREN She insisted that Roman Catholic priests no longer take confession seriously and barely offer it.Monsignor went up the 3 steps to the tabernacle and could not be bothered to stop genuflect, instead before going to the sacristy, he just nodded his chin.Then Monsignor proceeded to use his homily to reprimand us, the faithful, b/c he as a Priest was not necessary to be absolved, you just need to make an act of contrition and you are fine.He missed a huge opportunity to evangelize to the faithful. The faithful heard, “I don’t only have to go to confession once a year!!!!” Christ told his apostles, “Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them.” Nowhere did he say, “But only absolve them between 3:30 and 4:00 on Saturday.”
9:45 Caller Mike from Oklahoma – 3 1/2 almost 4 years I have been hauling things to Texas. (Dallas, Fort Worth area)This has been the biggest slow down since I have been on this account.I knew this had to stop at some point and now it is catching up with them.
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