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The Question Isn’t If Congress Should Regulate School Lunch Pizza It’s Whether Congressmen Who Think So Survive Impeachment

I watched Romney’s debut of the “Cut The Spending” banner and stump speech and without hearing a solitary detail wonder if he thinks you’ll buy the slogan then forget to demand the product?

To answer that question consider Boehner’s attempt to shellack us as rubes saying he “won’t allow another bump in the debt ceiling without spending cuts” which obviously won’t be enough to prevent raising the debt-can you say DeceptiCONNED?

The question isn’t whether Congress should regulate school lunch pizza it is whether any Congressman who thinks they should will survive impeachment

The cracks begin showing in the Ron Paul Revolution as grass roots activists move from Romney’s head to campaign manager Jesse Benton’s

THESE Ron Paul supporters have the right idea [r]epublicanism but they best be leery of what access to power did to the Reagan Revolution and Goldwater troops (they mostly became DeceptiCONS)

Hey someone other than Bill Kristol, Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer and John Bolton actually believe in the SUCCESS of Bush’s “Democracy project”: Bush himself who restates his conceit that “Arabs…not content with oppression”

Speaking of… just look at how our new BFFs in Libya are celebrating escaping the yoke of oppression Bush says they don’t ever want to live under

Greenwald: The Obama Admin is about to de-list a terror organization that has been communicating with American elites, buying access to their power and carrying out sanctioned terrorist activities in Iran

But don’t worry America because Governor Romney is riding high with a foreign policy as misinformed, arrogant and suicidal as… what you thought I was going to say Obama!? No, Bush you silly gooses!

Wow: Here is what Sen Robert A Taft thought about Wars, American foreign policy and what that foreign policy should do (protect American liberty) all the way back in 1951

Half of those losing UE “benefits” this week are from one state-did you guess California!?

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