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Conservatives Should Conserve Things Such As Marriage and Religious Rite

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Maybe instead of thinking that we should all be left alone on an island a la Lord of the Flies, to fend for ourselves, we should be thinking about conserving the things in society that are important to us, namely Marriage and Religious Rites. Marriage is a business that the State has no business being involved in.  If you want to get Married, go to a Church, if you want a contract between yourself and another human being, form a corporation. Check out today’s transcript for more…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Nick is in Ohio next.

Caller Nick:  Well, sir, I just wanted to talk to you real quick.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I consider myself conservative.  As conservatives, don’t we want fiscal responsibility and basically be left alone by our government to live our lives as we see fit?

Mike:  Yeah.

Caller Nick:  Then who are we to sit here and mandate who and who can’t get married, who and who can’t be legally bound to one another?  I’d like to comment about the earlier caller.

Mike:  You brought up the marriage.  I don’t recall the marriage, other than being referred to from last week.

Caller Nick:  No, your other caller talking about the 93 percent.  I was driving, so I was kind of in and out of the conversation.

Mike:  Actually, you would say that we as good maybe libertarians.  If you’re a conservative, then you would be, I would think, ostensibly, in the business of actually conserving traditions and institutions and not micturating on them for political expedience.

Caller Nick:  Maybe libertarian, but the way I see it, because even conservatives see this, who are we to impose our social views on one another?

Mike:  Okay.  Then I guess we should all just break ourselves down into little Lord of the Flies-like tribes and have at one another, right?

Caller Nick:  No, not at all.

Mike:  How would your head look on a pike next to the slain pig?

Caller Nick:  I can live peacefully next to my neighbor if he so decides to —

Mike:  What if your neighbor decides not to be peaceful?

Caller Nick:  Well, then I have the right to defend myself as a card-carrying member in the State of Ohio —

Mike:  Please demonstrate to me, sir, anywhere in the known history canon of the planet, where your absolutist view of natural rights and “don’t do any harm and I won’t do any harm” has worked.  Where?

Caller Nick:  I’m not saying it has —

Mike:  Oh, yes, you are.  Oh, yes, you are.  Look, I didn’t just fall off the conservative [r]epublican turnip truck.  I’ve only heard this argument 16,000 times.  Every time I go to a liberty event, somebody pulls me on side or slaps me around a little bit, [mocking] “Who the hell are you to lecture us about conservatism and who we can marry and who we can hang out with,” which I rarely if ever do.  I don’t recall actually doing that here.  Nonetheless, since you brought it up, I asked the simple question.  Show me an epic in history, and don’t limit it.  You’re not limited to this continent.  Show me an epic in history where this “live and let live and as long as I don’t do any harm, absent of any social mores whatsoever” has ever worked?  Where can we still find it at so maybe we can all go move there?

Caller Nick:  No, sir, that doesn’t exist.

Mike:  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  You made a great point there.  You answered the question.  It doesn’t exist.  Then you get the “but.”  I received a lot of email on this over the weekend and on the Twitter feed.  I never said that the government of North Carolina, that it ought to be in the business of sanctioning marriages.  I never said that.  I never would say that.  I’m insulted and offended by regular listeners of this program that seem to think or they inferred from Thursday and Friday’s conversation that I said that.  AG, did I say that?  Did I say that the State of North Carolina ought to do it?  Did I say that?

AG:  I’ve got a couple questions on where the conversation went Friday that, unfortunately, we’re out of time here today, that we can pick up on.  I did have a couple questions that you were talking about the importance of marriage.  I wondered, if it’s so important, than why would we make it just a states’ rights issue and not make it federal.  If you go down that path, are you then moving towards a — not nearly enough time to get into it.

Mike:  No, we don’t.  I would say just really quickly here — if I leave this hanging, I’m going to get bombarded.  I don’t think the state has any business in it either.  This marriage license business never should have started and it needs to end.  If you want a marriage, go to a church.  If you want some kind of a contract between yourself and another human being, form a corporation.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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