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Most Surefire Way To Beat Jihad

Jefferson_Revolt_T_shirt_displayMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Pope Pius V sent a letter out begging the kings of the European countries to send men and fleets to stop the fleet, Ali Pasha’s fleet, to stop the Mohammedan fleet in the Mediterranean before it could circle back and come to Italy.  They did.  The victory was so total that the Mohammedan fleet was damaged for eternity.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Caller Joe:  I do want to ask you a question.  What do you see as the solution to the ISIS threat?

Mike:  I’m assuming that you’re asking genuinely.

Caller Joe:  I am.

Mike:  When most people ask me that question, they already have a conception of what the answer I’m going to provide is and they’re going to start yelling at me and arguing with me.  I’m not opposed to being yelled at and being argued with.  I argue with myself sometimes.  I was just reading something fascinating this morning about this.  If there is a “solution,” the solution is to convert the Mohammedan out of Islam.  You asked me a question and I’m giving you the answer.  This is the answer.  It’s not to bomb them back to Xerxes II.  It is to convert them away from Islam and into Christianity.  Until American Christians were invented and minted, most Christians did not go searching the planet for monsters to destroy.  I don’t think that’s a Christian activity anyway.  I think the definition of Christianity has been perverted to the use of people that wish to use it to engage in all these warlike activities.

Having said that, a solution is conversion.  That solves the problem.  Now they’re no longer Mohammedans and they no longer have a desire to attack.  They have no desire to behead.  They have no desire to get their 72 virgins, etc., etc.  That’s the solution.  It may not be the one that anyone is going to pursue.  It was tried.  There are stories of the conversions of millions upon millions of Mohammedans back from the time that they emerged and began their murderous rampages across Asia, northern Africa – you know that the Mohammedans attacked Europe for almost a millennia, a thousand years.  The strength of the Mohammedan navy, which was concentrated with the Turks forces from the Ottoman Empire, were destroyed – I was just reading this again this morning – at the Battle of Lepanto in October of 1572.  It was the greatest naval battle ever.  People like to laugh and chuckle at this when I mention it and there’s nothing funny about it.  [mocking] “Yeah, well, that was then.  That was back in the 1500s, whatever.”

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This was the last major naval battle that was fought with ships that had oars.  You had a bunch of slaves, Christian slaves, in the hulls of a bunch of ships that were built by the Ottomans and were sent to, at first, conquer the island of Cyprus – was it Cyprus or Crete?  I’m trying to remember.  After they did that, they would set sail and invade Sicily and begin their conquest.  They would march all the way to Rome.  That was the shah’s goal, march all the way to Rome after they had landed, and then to cut the head of the pope off, take over St. Peter’s Basilica, and install Muslim worship services, make it into a mosque in other words.  They were stopped by the Holy Fleet.  That’s what it was called.

Pope Pius V sent a letter out begging the kings of the European countries to send men and fleets to stop the fleet, Ali Pasha’s fleet, to stop the Mohammedan fleet in the Mediterranean before it could circle back and come to Italy.  They did.  The victory was so total that the Mohammedan fleet was damaged for eternity.  The only naval adventures that you would see in the historical record after that are the ones that we’re familiar with, the Barbary pirates, the pirates from Tripoli, from Libya that so bedeviled American and British shipping vessels.  Any vessel that had Christians on it became a target.  To answer the question, that’s the answer.

Caller Joe:  So we convert them?

Mike:  Again, I didn’t say you were going to like it.  I didn’t say you were going to agree with it.  I suspect most people won’t agree with it but that’s the answer.  If they’re not a Mohammedan, then they’re not committing jihad.  It’s as simple as that.

Caller Joe:  So you’re differentiating true Islamists from the Mohammedans?

Mike:  The ones that are constantly on the warpath are Mohammedans.  That’s what Mohammed did.

Caller Joe:  I just wanted to clarify that, that you are separating Muslims from true Mohammedans.

Mike:  I think any Muslim can become a Mohammedan, just like I think any Christian can become a devout Catholic.  Of course you can be converted.  You’re converting something to the opposite end of the spectrum.  I think that history shows that.  If you don’t want to be enslaved and you don’t want to have your head cut off, you might have to convert, especially if the Mohammedans come to your neck of the woods, you might have to convert to being a Mohammedan.  If you can’t beat them, join them.  This is why, if you study the history of this, this is why they have been so successful.  It’s either our way or you die.  To solve the problem – you’re not going to solve it through war.  That’s obvious because it hasn’t worked in 1400 years.  To solve the problem, the Mohammedan has to be converted.

Caller Joe:  How would you possibly go about doing that?

Mike:  Dude, I have no earthly clue.  I’m not Pope Pius V.  I flatter myself that I was just able to construct a reasonable argument that I just gave you.  You’d have to personally evangelize I guess.  Christ told us to go out and bear witness.  Following what the Lord says, that’s about all that you can do, pray for holy intervention.


Caller Joe:  Be careful because I don’t want to see you on YouTube.

Mike:  I have no intention of going to Europe anytime soon, going to northern Africa or the Middle East anytime soon.  They’d have to get me here, which I suppose they could.  That’s the answer I would give you.

Islamic_flag_white_houseCaller Joe:  I appreciate the well-constructed answer that you did give.

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Mike:  As I said, most of you are chuckling or yelling at your radio right now and you’re very angry, [mocking] “That can’t possibly be the answer.”  Just as good as your answer.  It’s as good an answer as never-ending, perpetual war is.  [mocking] “What about when they’re waging war against you?”  Again, if it’s just war, then you fight them.  You have to.  I’ve never said that you shouldn’t.  Of course, as I said, most people, if you were to give them that answer, they’d reject it, out of hand they’d reject it.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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