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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – So you invited him because college campuses have been inviting him and people have been turning out in droves to see him?  Again, is the point to promote conservatism, or is the point to sell tickets?  If you can’t do both at the same time, then I would say that whatever you have that you call conservatism is not identifiable and it’s not conservative.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  It is none other than the outfit known as and  It might even be .org.  Michael Voris.  Some of you might recall that back in May of 2015 I interview Michael Voris right here on this radio show on the old station in the old country.  We talked about his career, about the church militant, about some of the challenges of doing what it is that he was doing.  I’ve actually spoken with Voris here on the show.  I didn’t find a transcript of the program, otherwise I would link to it from today’s Pile of Prep.  I did interview him.  You know what the result of the interview was?  Many of you accusing me of selling out.  The end result was, [mocking] “You sellout.  You’re just trying to get in bed with Voris.”  I say that figuratively speaking.  [mocking] “You’re just trying to glom onto Voris’s coattails.  You know that he’s this.  You know that he’s that.”  Blah, blah, blah, blah.  Some people even had become “friends” of mine.  I can’t tell you how many “friends” I have lost since all of that and things like it transpired, all the things that led to being proclaimed as “too Catholic for satellite radio.”

Now, how does this tie in?  Number one, if you watch ChurchMilitant TV, you probably already know this.  How are they a fringe right-wing group?  Somebody explain that to me.  Somebody explain that to me.  How does being dogmatic Catholic, because that’s what they are, that’s how I perceive them – I’m sure going to get hate mail on this.  I even know who the hate mail is going to come from, so you might as well just save your breath.  I can almost write the hate mail myself.  [mocking] “Well, you do know that Voris did this.  You do know that E. Michael Jones did this.”  Yes, I do.  Again, are we merciful or are we not?  Are we Pharisees holding ourselves as better than everyone else because we’re the only ones who know – I get a kick out of this.  Believe me, I fight this all the time.

I get a kick out of this idea here that, [mocking] “There’s just a few of us.  There’s just a few of us around here.  You know me, of course, and you.  You know Smithers over there and Smathers over there.  You know Johnson over there.  You know the Jones family over there.  It’s a few of us, you see, that actually know what’s going on.  We’re so smart, we’re the only ones who have to figure it out.  All the other rubes out there are following along with the heresy and apostasy, with Pope Francis.  They’re really bringing the Church down.  They’re really bringing the Church down into the ruins here.  Don’t worry, because we know.”  Believe me, there are factions out there of people that fancy themselves as “we know,” and we’re the only ones that know.  Then they pridefully insist on promoting their “we’re the only ones that know” as, because we’re the only ones that know, we’re the only ones that are worthy.  Therefore, because we’re the only ones that know and we’re the only ones that are worthy, everyone ought to be doing what we’re doing.  That’s quite a not very Catholic / Christian point of view, a way to look at life in 2017, I might say.  If I’ve appeared as that in the past, then I need to go to confession and stop doing that.

In any event, there are those out there that hold themselves as these gatekeepers.  What are they the gatekeepers of?  Folks, think of this.  If there is one true God, one true faith, and there is, then it would seem to me that there would then be singular definitions of it.  While opinion can lead men to disagree on certain points, there can be no disagreement when it comes to things that are doctrinal, liturgical, or dogmatic.  There may be some minor things that are used in liturgical or dogmatic services, or practices or what have you, but you agree principally that the truth of the matter is known.  We know that you have the truth on your side.  You conform your mind to that reality.  What is reality?  Conformity of the mind to truth.

Back to Milo.  The reason I bring Voris up is – there’s one more reason.  That is, if you read the USA Today hit piece on the Church Militant, that’s what it’s attempted to do.  [mocking] “Hey, there’s these right-wing whackos out there that are purporting to be Catholic.  You need to go nowhere near these people because they’re nuts.  They’re full of it.”  The first part of the story reads as though – whoever the author is, does not know – he’s been transplanted here from Mars or somewhere.  He does not know anything about this thing called Catholicism.  Some of the things he writes, [mocking] “They even have these things called rosaries that are hanging on the back of chairs in their ‘chapel.’”  I’m like: Okay, what’s so offensive, what’s so shocking about that?  Anyway.  Here’s what CPAC said:


“Due to the revelation of an offensive video in the past 24 hours condoning pedophilia, the American Conservative Union has decided to rescind the invitation,” said Matt Schlapp, chairman of the group which sponsors CPAC, in a statement Monday afternoon.  The group called Yiannopoulos to “further address these disturbing comments,” but defended its original decision to invite him as a nod to “the free speech issue on college campuses.”

[end reading]

Mike:  So you invited him because college campuses have been inviting him and people have been turning out in droves to see him?  Again, is the point to promote conservatism, or is the point to sell tickets?  If you can’t do both at the same time, then I would say that whatever you have that you call conservatism is not identifiable and it’s not conservative.  Then after CPAC booted Milo:


CPAC organizers had a conference call at 1 p.m. on Monday to discuss the controversy and how to address it, according to a GOP source familiar with the matter. The decision to disinvite Yiannopoulos was unanimous and did not even need to be deliberated, the person said. Among those on the call were ACU board members Amy Frederick, Bob Beauprez, Mike Rose, Matt Smith, Matt Schlapp and Becky Norton Dunlop, along with Vice Chari of the ACU Foundation Millie Hallow.

The board only learned about the controversial video when it surfaced over the weekend, the source said, and it considered Yiannopoulos’ apology, posted to Facebook on Sunday night, to be inadequate.

[end reading]

Mike:  Again, you claim to challenge the libs and the lefties on their definitions of homosexuality and all this.  Why not challenge them on this one?  Say: Hey, even if the guy does think that, which we don’t think that he does, doesn’t he have the right to think that?  Who are you to tell him who he can or cannot love or he can fantasize about loving or not loving?  Isn’t that the entire point of our desperate charge over the cliff of full-scale everyone must have at least one sodomite relationship in their life compliance?  Isn’t that where we’re going with all this?  Then Yiannopoulos lost his book contract.


Yiannopoulos, a senior editor at the conservative Breitbart News, is no stranger to controversy, but the CPAC’s recent embrace of the crusading anti-political correctness provocateur has been discomfiting to some conservatives. Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter after stirring up online harassment of Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones. And a planned Yiannopoulos event at the University of California, Berkeley was recently canceled when protests against him turned violent.

[end reading]

Mike:  By the by, what is missing from all these characterizations of Milo that are in the Politico story?  There’s no mention of the “C” word.  The password is Catholic.  There’s no mention of the C-word.  We’re not going to gum up our story by mentioning that.  And therein lies the ruse.


“An epidemic of speech suppression has taken over college campuses,” Schlapp told the Hollywood Reporter of Yiannopoulos’ scheduled appearance after it was initially reported. “Milo has exposed their liberal thuggery and we think free speech includes hearing Milo’s important perspective.”

[end reading]

Mike:  I’ve only seen two of Yiannopoulos’ videos, and both of them I would term as what are known as apologetics.  It’s not to say that he hasn’t spoken on other subjects, because I’m certain that he has.  As a matter of fact, I know that he has.  The two that I’ve seen make him out to be a Catholic apologist.  This rubs many people the wrong way because he won’t denounce his own homosexuality.  I think that’s part of the shtick there.  There’s a lot to unpack here, there really is.  I’m trying hard not to make any pronouncements on this other than to point out the hypocrisy of those that are running CPAC.

Here’s my point, again.  There are dozens of conservative Catholic apologists that are politically incorrect and can speak on any subject if CPAC would have invited as keynote speaker.  I’ll give you one example, and you know him very well because he comes on this show all the time.  His name is Chris Ferrara.  I don’t think Ferrara would draw the kind of crowd that Yiannopoulos would, but certainly if unleashed Ferrara on the crowd of those people and he prepared remarks, there would be some major controversy, especially if he went in there and started talking about Liberty, the God That Failed and the fact that conservatism has attached itself to Liberty, the God That Failed and does not see the error, the foundational, fundamental error of its ways, and, that is, unless you’re going to correct the order, you cannot fix the problem.  Not that the problem can ever be “fixed,” because it can’t be fixed, because we’re fallen men.  This idea that there’s going to be a nirvana or paradise on earth here simply because we turn a corner is just preposterous.  That’s not what living the life as a Christian entails.  If Jesus didn’t have it that easy, why do we delude ourselves to think that his followers are going to have it easy?


In a statement posted on Facebook on Monday afternoon, Yiannopoulos said he “deeply regret[s]” the way his comments were interpreted, and stressed that he is “horrified by pedophilia” [Mike: Wasn’t he raped as a child by a man? I believe he was.] and said he has “devoted large portions of my careers as a journalist to exposing child abusers.”

[end reading]

Mike:  Sorry, pal, we don’t have any mercy in America these days.  You said it.  People interpreted it that way.  The judgment pornosphere has ruled.  You’re done.  Get out.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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