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CPAC: Ted Cruz & The Folly of Happiness Through American Leadership In Neverending Wars

Crusader_tee_printed_versionMandeville, LA – Countdown to destruction. Watching CNN right now the on-screen “Countdown to calamity” clock tells us when our vainglorious Dept of Mortgageland INsecurity will run out of digitally transferred “money”, thus springing the gates wide open for all the illegals and terrorists who haven’t taken advantage of our Southern borders, 1300 mile wide, never a wait, immigration “line.” This heinous breach of Constitutional trust (DHS) was created BY “conservatives” in 2001 and will of course be funded, with a hefty increase BY “conservatives”, with the help of the frauds who call themselves “liberal.” If there is one symbol of our civil religion’s regnum una societas (One Party kingdom) this is it.

Meanwhile, across town, those same “conservatives” are having their annual CPAC conference and after hearing WI Governor Scott Walker & TX Senator Ted Cruz I might suggest that the “C” in the CPAC title become an abbreviation for “Clown”. (I have  a transcript and Clip of The Day from Today’s show on this in the works, the audio teaser is posted below.) I don’t normally quote The Daily Beast, but @Olivianuzzi has a funny and all too true breakdown of the crescendo finis of Cruz’s speech with an assist from Sean Hannity.

Hannity and Cruz now engage in verbal masturbation, with Hannity repeatedly giving Cruz chances to differentiate himself from his Republican rivals and attack President Obama.

What does Cruz say to his GOP critics?

“The central point is we shouldn’t be listening to Washington. We should be listening to the American people!” And what does Cruz think America should do about ISIS? “We need a commander in chief who will actually stand up and defend the United States of America!”

Doing his best game show host impersonation, Hannity tells Cruz to get ready for the “lightning round!”

Finally, Hannity is going to ask some tough questions.

“What could the top five agenda items of a President Cruz—what would they be?”


Cruz, who one imagines has been addressing himself as “President Cruz” in his bathroom mirror every morning since early childhood, was more than ready with a well-thought-out, if puddle-deep list.

And the crowd goes wild.

“#1. Repeal every blasted word of Obamacare!”


“#2. Abolish the IRS—take all 125,000 IRS agents and put them on our Southern border!”


“#3 Stop the out-of-control regulators at the EPA


“#4 Defend out Constitutional rights! All of them!”


“#5 Restore America’s leadership in the world as the shining city on the hill!”

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