Cranes, Pt. II, Why Mordor on The Potomac is Guaranteed to Grow

todayOctober 6, 2014

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mordorMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript “Focusing in on that last paragraph there, that you’d be better off to build up your own community and institutions inside them to withstand the chaos ahead.  Bingo.  That is the only viable option.  It’s the only one.  Folks, there’s not going to be a “conservative” media takeover of lib media.  Even if there was, even if there was, we’ve already seen what that produces: more and bigger government with a media that alleges itself to be conservative feeding off of it.”  Check out Pt II of today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript, Cranes Pt II, Pt I is here

Mike:  Here’s what you and I get out of it: loss of liberty, loss of earning power, loss of currency and its value, debt.  We get to become bigger indentured servants — some call us slaves — than we currently are.  That’s what those cranes ensure.  They are an insurance policy that our indentured servitude will continue.  It’s a guarantee.  It’s collateral.  Since no one is going to put up an opposition to this because it’s too simple, makes too much common sense, we all know there’s no industry other than government that’s going inside these governments, since we all know this,

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since we all know this, we’re back at the question we’ve been asking for years: What are we going to do about it?  What is there to do about it?

I think the often referred to yet never put down to a point solution or proposition is in order here.  I was reading yesterday in the pages of the online edition of American Conservative Magazine Rod Dreher.  He was attending some big whoop-de-doo conference somewhere, I’m not sure where, that is attended by all these big whoop-de-doo, alleged whoop-de-doo Christian conservatives and what have you.  They even invited a Catholic, Dreher alleges.  They’re having this closed-door, Jekyll Island-style meeting where they’re discussing the future of Christian America.  Dreher writes under the title, “Ghosts of Colson & Neuhaus”:


George Weigel, identified by Deneen as the most prominent contemporary advocate of the Murrayite position, delivered a response to Hanby in which he acknowledged that we have entered a new era that calls for a rethinking of the Catholic, and general Christian, response to the culture’s challenges.  He said that the Catholic Church’s leaders have to pick and choose their battles carefully, and that they should prepare the flock for the possibility of a season of persecution. He also said that Christians should try to come up with more compelling and understandable explanations of key metaphysical concepts. His view was somewhat pessimistic, but still an affirmation that there is still plenty of space at the American table for orthodox Christians, though we are going to have to fight harder and smarter to keep it.

I gave the third paper, siding with Hanby’s critique and arguing for the Benedict Option.  My point was essentially that public culture in America has gone so far from its Christian roots, with no reasonable hope of recovery anytime soon, that orthodox Christians would do well to step back from trying to shore up a liberalism that cannot help but be antagonistic to them, and instead build up their own communities and institutions to withstand the chaos ahead.

[end reading]

Mike:  I posted a link to this if you’d like to read the entire post.  Focusing in on that last paragraph there, that you’d be better off to build up your own community and institutions inside them to withstand the chaos ahead.  Bingo.  That is the only viable option.  It’s the only one.  Folks, there’s not going to be a “conservative” media takeover of lib media.  Even if there was, even if there was, we’ve already seen what that produces: more and bigger government with a media that alleges itself to be conservative feeding off of it.

Divorce yourself from the idea that Mordorians can be saved, and I don’t mean in the ecclesiastical sense of the word; I mean in the literal, figurative sense of the word.  They’re going to be inside that massive democracy when it collapses and goes under.  They really have no appreciable skills.  They’re not really good at anything.  If they were, they wouldn’t be working for government or non-governmental organizations and what have you.  We have produced an entire generation filled with tens of millions of people that, left to their own devices, would either have to re-learn or learn for the first time simple things like how to plant a stalk of corn if their survival mandated it.  There is every possibility that sometime in the near future it will.  This cannot last.

But since we know that a mass democracy is going to crumble — you can just see the hieroglyphics on the wall — what is the prudent American to do?  I think that the prudent American is to do what it is that Dreher kind of alluded to, and it is to find people that you can make common cause with in your communities and then you can communicate with people who are making common cause in other communities.  If you fancy yourself a Roman Catholic, study your faith.  Stop the new-age mysticism that has invaded the Novus Ordo Mass.  Study the ancient faith.  Get familiar with the saints and popes.  Start living a Catholic life and most of this stuff will work itself out.  If you’re a devout Christian, same thing.  The television preachers with bad hair and dimples, quoting Jimmy Buffett, are not your answer.  Christ is your answer.  You know what the answer is.  You’re going to have to live the life.

As in living the life, when we begin to do this, it’s all in God’s hands, as a priest that I often listen to says.  The fallacy is believing that we have control.  We don’t.  He’s already seen the ending.  He knows how it’s going to turn out.  His will is going to be done, whether you like it or whether I like it or not.  We might as well try and get as close to his will as we can.  Drop as much of the things in our secular lives that screw them up, provide false hope, like the false hope that a secular government like this one can fix our problems.  They can’t.  They have been absolutely disastrous in trying to fix — they continue to make them worse.

Take the inventory.  Things that are attached to government aren’t going so well.  That doesn’t mean there’s not another facet to live, and it is in living that faith-based life.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have friends.  It doesn’t mean you can’t have Facebook, although you won’t need it as much.  It doesn’t mean you can’t have a car to drive to work.  It doesn’t mean you can’t have a job.  It doesn’t mean you can’t watch movies, although you will watch different ones.  It doesn’t mean any of those things.  It just means you’ll do them differently.

Then people will find: Hey, I didn’t really need that stuff anyways.  I’m better off without it.  As a matter of fact, I’m happier.  I’m not jonesing to scream at someone every day because someone in a faraway legislature decided to do X.  I’m worried out the great legislature, you know, the one where they decide whether or not I go to hell or not.  I’m kind of worried about that one.

Folks, as Christian peoples, we’re supposed to be happy.  This dystopia that we’re trying to repair makes us very unhappy.  It sows the seeds of discontent.  It sows the seeds of discord.  It sows the seeds of depression.  It depresses people, for Heaven’s sake!  Some say break the union up.  Well, if the union dissolves, we’ll have a bunch of little unions that will be as secular and devoid of a guiding spirit as the big one is, although I think that’s preferable.  History is also filled with little calamities.  [mocking] “What is the answer then, Mr. Church?  Are you just throwing your hands up?”

The answer is, my friends, our government got off on the wrong foot.  Let’s identify it.  It’s okay to still laud the founders for their work.  They made some mistakes.  The time has come, it’s past time, to repair the mistakes.  The government cannot rely simply on the will of the governed.  It is a recipe for what we have today.  There is no denying this. [/private]

You can have all the checks and balances among men that you want.  They won’t work.  The only way you can do this, the only way you can repair this, you can use pretty much the same legal structure, but it has to be a subsidiarity.  It has to be a subordinate legal structure.  It has to recognize that if the will of the people says we want to go out and kill 50 million people and we can invent an excuse and a constitution to do so, there has to be a higher authority that says: Pardon me?  No, you can’t!

There was no higher will to appeal to when the nine black-robed justices decided that a genocide of 53 million American citizens was to take place, was there?  It’s a flaw, folks, just a flaw, but it’s a fatal flaw.  That doesn’t mean even after you establish governments and after they are subsidiary, that there won’t be problems and vicissitudes of life.  No one should ever sell a utopia.  Of course there will be, but they will be of a different manner and a different variety.  I also submit that it will be impossible to maintain a union as large as this one under a system of subsidiarity.  The same libs that taunt you and me today, they’re not going to go peacefully into that good, reformed, Christian American knight.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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