CRISIS: When Priests Won’t Defend Catholic Dogma Why Should The Laity!?

todayFebruary 23, 2018

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Mandeville, LA – Mike preps the listeners today: I am late to the mic because I did NOT want to do this topic, but someone has to ask Father Longenecker if the Catholic faith the Church actually must teach is no longer teachable? Why? Plus, another transgenderMammy™ outrage as Mike coins the term 18th trimester abortion to describe this ultimate, sinful affront to God that only Beazelbub himself could be behind. Then Regina Magazine’s Beverly Stevens joins Mike for another dose of good, true and beautiful as seen in Regina!

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  • 2nd Amendment discussion from yesterday are all in Spirit of ’76 The Story Continues
  • 1997 we registered so there are 8 years worth of transcripts so if you search for Kentucky Constitution you will find tons of information on it.
  • “Last month you ate Tide pods, this month you’re Constitutional experts”
  • Where are the adults/parents?

“And The Children Shall Lead” Star Trek 1968 

  • Storyline of episode: The Enterprise responds to a distress call from the scientific colony on Triacus and arrives to find that all of the adults are dead. Oddly, the children seem unaffected by the deaths and continue to play as if nothing had happened. When questioned, they show no remorse whatsoever and express a dislike for parental authority. Expedition logs reveal that the expedition had discovered an ancient civilization and that there might be one survivor. In fact, the Gorgon thrives on the innocence of the children and the adults’ self-doubt.
  • back to the Florida school shooting-
  • Don’t kids go to school so they can be educated by “adults”? So why are we putting so much weight on what these kids are saying?
  • Children are taking the lead and they are leading us down the wrong path.
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Reverend Billy Graham died yesterday at the age of 99

HEADLINE: A Catholic Priest Pays Respects to Billy Graham by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

  • Earth – dogmatic
  • John Henry Newman
  • St. Paul – apostolic authority

HEADLINE: (from yesterday)  Presumption: The ‘I am a good person’ Sin by Dr. Paul Lavin

back to Headline: Fr. Dwight Longenecker

  • We can pray he is NOT in hell, we can and should continue to pray for his soul.
  • We should be practicing charity and love.
  • I don’t think anyone is calling Billy Graham a shister or anything like that.
  • Christian Ministry? What does that mean exactly?
  • So great models of Christian Ministry don’t need confession, they don’t need the sacraments? THIS is why there is so much confusion out there!
  • This stuff is SCANDALOUS!
  • Hey Matt Walsh – go ahead and take this monologue and write about it.
  • So…our Catholic Bishops are to take example from a Protestant/Evangelical man? WHAT?!
  • So you don’t need anything Catholics stand for to be a Great Man of God? This goes against everything Catholics MUST believe as dogma and EVERYONE believed until the revolt.
  • The Punch Line– Fr. Longenecker couldn’t even say the WHOLE purgatorian prayer!





HEADLINE:  fish eater

  • Again you cannot make a rule out of an exception!
  • You know what the rule is but you are excluding someone b/c he/she was nice?

Fr. Longenecker did you try to convert your friend Billy Graham? This is what really bothers me about this piece by Fr. Longenecker. Why are we sitting by and watching our Protestant friends die outside the Church.?





Caller Steve Cunningham (host of Sermon Sunday)

  • Fr. Longenecker wrote Steve back somewhat back tracking on his article, saying he prays he is in purgatory.
  • True men of God don’t need the sacraments is basically what Fr. is saying.
  • There is nothing to gain by discussing this article but we MUST discuss it as it is leading people down the wrong path.

HEADLINE: Cardinal Dolan leads tributes to Billy Graham

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Kenny S. – Protestant teaching email

  • Billy Graham is not in heaven because of his good deeds. He is there because he BELIEVED in God.
  • Of course you can “earn” grace!
  • Work out your salvation with fear and trembling!
  • So….everyone that didn’t have a bible went to hell?
  • Saint Gerome
  • Why Latin? It was the language of the WORLD. It was translated so the whole world could hear.
  • It is THE Catholic teaching, not MY Catholic teaching.
  • Open my heart and mind to the fact the Catholic teaching is wrong? WHAT?


  • All of these different churches cannot be right! They simply cannot!
  • There is only ONE..ONE TRUE CHURCH

Chatroom: Jeff “not meaning to be crass, but this is how i see it, and likely why many others who are not religious look at religion as a joke”






HEADLINE: Presumption: The ‘I am a good person’ Sin by Dr. Paul Levin

  • The Lord has in-fact sent people to hell.

Personal Note: It is exactly because I don’t think that I am good humble, charitable etc. I am going to die thinking I absolutely need the sacraments or I will burn for all eternity.  The idea that just because we are human and God loves us we will go to heaven is dangerous thinking.

  • What places you in the good corner and Hitler in the bad corner?
  • Hitler was baptized Catholic








Caller Scott from Tennessee

  • discussing reading the scripture
  • Where does it say thou shalt read thy bible and thou shalt be saved? (in the bible)
  • We are men, we cannot subject to anything in this realm. We have to be subjected to temporal things.
  • Matthew 16:13
  • Did he establish “a” Church or “THE” church?
  • Universal ONE singular not many.
  • Peter is the successor of Christ.
  • 3 times for 3 sins
  • You will go out and keep doing this under this authority.
  • Apostolic succession



back to Headline: Presumption

  • catholicism.org Brother Andre Marie
  • An online journal edited by the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Saint Benedict Center, NH


  • LGBTQ what better way to get a soul and smack God right upside the head, than to have one of his precious creatures deny their life. The on that God gave them as a boy or girl.
  • God is not going to tolerate this.










Caller Kermit Mitter Youngblood

  • Clarify some things that the last caller said
  • All you need is a bible…he left 12 men he didn’t leave a book
  • The Bible did not exist until about 400 AD when the Catholic Church put it together. Until after the invention of the printing press, a Bible cost about $100,000.00 dollars
  • Temporal vs the Spiritual
  • Stories of the early Priest, they would have to memorize the scripture b/c they had not written bible.
  • Peter being the Rock Peter = Rock
  • So tell me again which religion is the “right” religion?
  • Once you commit an error: example from Brother Francis
  • Building upon an error
  • A disagreement among men has given us all these different churches. It cannot produce unity.
  • If it weren’t for the Catholic Church there would be NO bible.


HEADLINE: Indiana House Guts Informed Consent Bill On Trans Ideology In Public Schools by Margot Cleveland

  • They have taken out the “parental notification”
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Special Guest: Beverly Stevens with Regina Magazine

  • Religious world view
  • They believe in the “little people”
  • Village in Mount Shasta truly believe in the “little people”
  • Senator Dick Durbin ‘not permitted to receive Holy Communion’, Bishop says
  • What’s wrong with my Bishop? Why aren’t ALL Bishops doing this very thing?
  • The US is isolated in their incredibly aggressive abortion bills.
  • People in Europe look at you in utter horror when you tell them in the US you can abort a baby up until birth.

back to Headline: Fr. Longenecker

  • Confusion comes from the devil. A longtime member in Rome was convicted yesterday of molesting an 18 year old boy.
  • What they finally got him on was he had child porn on his computer.
  • In comparison to these Priests, Billy Graham looks like a Saint…that is where Fr. Longenecker is coming from I think.
  • We can’t canonize and up until Pope Francis it requires 2 miracles. We should insist as Catholics we want this procedure to continue!
  • Sewing seeds of decent and confusion.

HEADLINE: The Liturgy Guy by Brian Williams 

  • Eulogize, yes. Canonize, no
  • Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus.
  • This is the product of our culture. I couldn’t imagine a European discuss the canonization of a Protestant. It just wouldn’t happen.


  • No salvation outside the one true religion. Brother Francis example
  • Our generation was brought up to think everything can be discussed, religion is not that important, other things are more important.
  • Millennials – they look at us Latin Mass goers and see us as LEADERS
  • They want that tradition, they want the old ways of doing things.
  • So many of these young kids see their parents as people that have lost their way. They don’t want to imitate the older people that have turned the Church into what it is today.
  • They want the veils, they want the tradition.

Clear Creek Abbey in Oklahoma

  • There well over 50 monks and they are mostly under age 35
  • There are just so many young people “searching” because they find their world is corrupt.
  • This happens from time to time, society realizes it is in error and there will be some that step up. That is what is happening here in Oklahoma.
  • Small town nearby to this Abbey
  • This is rural Oklahoma isn’t in anyway sheltered from the world around them.
  • They don’t look at how has this happened, they just look at it as this is the world. Do I want to be apart of it? That’s it, it is plain and simple
  • They crave structure a true God a community where the ADULTS are in charge.

Regina Magazine Online

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