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CRUSADER Knights! Let Us Armor Up For Consecration to Saint Joseph!

On 08 January, 2020, Wisdom Wednesday as I call it on the Mike Church Show I announced to Brother André Marie that I was declaring 2020 “The Year of Saint Joseph”. You may wonder “why, Mike” and I can tell you: after 3 years of learning of and by Our Lady’s request, strengthening my devotion to St Joseph I began a doubling of prayers for his intercession and not just for my family but for the families of all the men I know in our local Mass congregation “to make better Catholic Gentlemen, fathers and husbands out of us all”.

For today’s #HolyTrifecta fasting & prayer event (Friday May 1, 2020)
and I proposed, how about this order:
Signum Crucis, Veni Sancte Spiritus, #Rosary (Joyful with REPARATIONS! x3), Litany of #OurLady, Litany of #SaintJoseph, Golden Arrow Prayer (reparation), Memoraré, end!

Given the shocking and steady increase in the sheer numbers of “soy boys”, effeminate men, fathers who act like more like visitors in their homes and the physical evidence that men are actually showing physical signs of masculine decay it occurred to me that all of these men and boys, need what Our Lady has revealed to me that I and my Catholic Congregation need: “ite ad Joseph – Go to Saint Joseph!”

This is a call for all men of good will, to join our lay fraternity The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary and to commit to this 30 day consecration to Saint Joseph which will begin on March the 30th and end on Saint Joseph The Worker day, May 1. We will have a Saint Joseph “bootcamp” on one evening in March (TBA) to prepare ourselves and make our resolves and intentions final.

I highly recommend the serious Knight to pick up a copy of the first edition of Consecration to Saint Joseph, available here.

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