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David Simpson On The Line With Us Today – Being Your Own Banker

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(Audio) Mandeville, LA – Very fortunate to have Mr. David Simpson in the studio with us this morning, always a pleasure getting advice from one of the greats out there. We start the conversation off with some talk on the stock market and what bubbles they’re in the process of creating these days. And you can’t really talk about that without talking about Ben BernYANK me and the direct corruption that takes place up in Mordor on a constant basis.

The next topic that rears it’s ugly head is the game that separates you from your money. You may know these tricks of the trade as inflation, taxes penalties and other fine print. It’s here that we transition into the concept of ‘being your own banker’ and taking responsibility of your own finances while trying to beat inflation. Another basic function of being your own banker is the elimination of the middle man – if you can essentially give yourself the interest gain as apposed to letting someone else loan you someone else’s money with neither party but the loaner making a profit.

In the third installment of the KingDude’s interview with David Simpson we open up the telephone lines to a few callers with their own inquiries. Caller Tom has recently talked to his financial adviser about investing in some gold, but left the office in a confused state of mind, a pat on the back and a sucker that say’s ‘everything’s going to be okay’. David jumps on this one quick and explains that his adviser more than likely presented him with some inflation-protected bonds as a cure that will most certainly not work, stating that gold was the better route. We keep David with us into today’s Post Show Show, feel free to listen or watch the Post Show Show to get the most out of the noble advice from Mr. David Simpson.

David Simpson’s Information:

The Fiscal Fitness Company. INC.


888.865.1816 (toll free)

KingDude Interview with David Simpson – Pt. 1:

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KingDude Interview with David Simpson – Pt. 2:

[mp3t track=’08022011_Transcript_2_pt.2.mp3′]

KingDude Interview with David Simpson – Pt. 3:


Related Material: This isn’t the first time we’ve had David on the show for your financial benefit, feel free to get your learn on with this clip from the archives of The Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM’s Patriot Cahnnel:

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David Simpson On Becoming Your Own Bank 


2011 Mike Church Show



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