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DC McAllister Interview: REAL Men Don’t Draft Their Women

Equality Also Means Equal Sacrifice

Defenders of Christendom landscape pic 1300w x 975hMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“DC’s article is “Threats Of Drafting Women Reveal The Lies Of Equality.”  You can find it at  I also link to it in Monday’s Pile of Prep and relink today.  I didn’t know, I hadn’t seen the debate and had not heard, or no one alerted me because I don’t think anyone else watched it either, that three GOP candidates had very happily expressed their support for the conscription of women.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I didn’t see the debate on Saturday night.  What you wrote – DC’s article is “Threats Of Drafting Women Reveal The Lies Of Equality.”  You can find it at  I also link to it in Monday’s Pile of Prep and relink today.  I didn’t know, I hadn’t seen the debate and had not heard, or no one alerted me because I don’t think anyone else watched it either, that three GOP candidates had very happily expressed their support for the conscription of women.  I’m thinking, does Jeb have a daughter?  I know he’s got sons.  Does he have a daughter?  I know Rubio has a daughter because he talked about singing stupid songs to her the other day.  Who’s the third?

Denise McAllister:  Chris Christie, he has daughters.

Mike:  It’s appalling to me that men that are seeking political office actually think that it is a good idea that their daughters, my daughters, your daughters ought to be conscripted like our sons sign up with the so-called selective service to be conscripted.  I say, and you kind alluded to this, that a civilization that does not send its men off to fight wars for their women is one that is not worthy of being defended, and certainly not worthy of being defended by mothers, daughters, aunts, and sisters.

McAllister:  Absolutely.  There is this wrong notion of equality and what that means.  What I’m hearing from people – I’m getting a lot of backlash for this article from various sectors.  I’m getting it from the typical feminist: We can do anything a man can.  My response to them is: No, you can’t.  You need to wake up to that fact and stop trying to make women into men.  When people read what I write, we’re not equal.  We have different roles to play.  There’s a strength that men have and their ability to go fight is what we need to have to have our nation defended and have the best military we can have.  That’s their role as men in our society, to defend their wives and their mothers and sisters and daughters.  A society that pushes women to the front is a society that I think has lost its soul and lost its way.  It will be the undermining of society.  You’ll weaken your military in a practical way, but you’ll also be trying to equalize men and women in a way that can’t happen.

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Feminists have this delusion that they are actually the same as men.  My problem with that is, I’m being accused of being a sexist by saying women can’t do this.  What I want to say is, you people who are saying that women have to go fight in war to earn their rights, to prove they’re worthy, to prove they have the right to be an American, to me you’re saying they have to be like a man to be an American.  You’re saying you have to be like a man to have value and to actually have your right.  That, to me, is sexist.  Women have a role to play and it’s just as valuable and just as patriotic and just as worthy and honorable as what the men do.  They do it as women.  That’s valuable in itself.  If you’re going to turn to me and say you have to act like a man and do what a man does in order to be valued in our society, even to have rights, that’s very reverse of what feminism started out as.  We have rights because we’re human beings.  They’re given to us by God.  We don’t earn our rights by acting like men.

It’s just based on a wrong understanding of what equality is and what equality in America is, in a democratic society.  It’s not egalitarianism.  We’re not all equal and the same.  We do have different roles to play based on our natural gifts.  This is being ignored and has been ignored by feminists.  The first-wave feminists were about equal rights before the law and fighting for those rights.  There’s always the cultural fight for respect between the sexes, and honor, and honoring each other.  Legally speaking, many of these fights have been won as far as equality before the law.  The fight now is just to maintain those and not have them abused, of course, and to use the court system in fighting against discrimination.

This idea that we have to take over male roles in order to be equal, that, to me, is a very bizarre way to look at it.  It actually undermines the power and strength of women.  This idea that we have to go to war like the men do and weaken our military in order to prove that we are as equal to them and as deserving as them for our rights will actually undercut our rights.  It devalues also what the women do at home, working at home.  I don’t mean at home in the house; I mean at home in the homeland.  They’re raising children if they have children, single women working, keeping society and the economy going while all the men go out and defend us from the enemies.  The fact that this is not valued is very disturbing.  What you’re saying, women have to be like men to be valued, to me is a very sexist statement.  It also undercuts to men, to say we don’t value men for their strength.

I had my young daughter when I was talking about this.  She was like –

Mike:  How old is she?

McAllister:  She’s 15 and influenced by the culture.  She’s like: I think if you’re going to be equal you both should be fighting in the war just the same.  I said: Listen, if we’re at home one night and someone breaks into the house with a gun and you saw Daddy push me to the front and tell me to go take care of the burglar, or if he said let’s go fight them together while you’re left exposed, what would you think of Daddy?  Wouldn’t you think he was a complete wuss?  Wouldn’t you be ashamed of him or would you instinctively think Dad’s going to go out there and say: You guys go hide.  I’m going to protect you.  I’m going to take the bullets for you.  That’s what you would expect of your dad.  That’s what would make you proud of him as your father, and me as your mother protecting you as well.  It goes against the grain of what it means to be a human being, what it means to be men and women.  I think we’re devalued as a society when we do this.  Also this concept of earning our rights in the name of gender neutrality or whatever it is is just very misguided.

Mike:  It’s also preposterous that those three men – Rubio, Christie, and Bush – have absolutely no concept of and have completely lost touch, completely severed themselves from the concept of just war.  They wouldn’t know a just war if it came up and bit them.  They wouldn’t know about the discussion of just war.  As a matter of fact, I’m hearing today – I’m watching closed captioning on Fox and CNN.  I’m watching all these hacks that are now all ginned up because Jeb came in fourth in New Hampshire and he has these great qualities to be commander in chief.  I think the greatest quality to be commander in chief is to publicly profess that you’ve studied just war theory and you won’t ask Americans to participate in one that is unjust.

McAllister:  I think we lost our candidate who actually had a very balanced and reasonable understanding of war.

Mike:  As you called him, the velociraptor.

McAllister:  Yes, Rand Paul.  Thankfully he’s still in the Senate.  I think a very truly sound understanding of national security and war and just wars.  We miss his voice.

Mike:  There’s no one to temper him now.  There’s no one there.  I’ve got to tell you, Donald Trump is becoming more – as I call them DeceptiCons, other people call them neocons.  He’s becoming more DeceptiCon every day.  He’s sitting out there at a rally speaking about men being real men.  To me, a dignified man is not the one in the room that is trying to con the prettiest girl in the room into DC McAllisterhaving relations with him.  It is the one guy in the room that is trying to advise all the other guys in the room that she is to be treasured and valued and protected and she’s not a commodity.  That’s the virtuous guy.  That guy isn’t a movie star anymore.

Something else on what you said.  There’s a Christian comedian named Joe McGee.  He’s very funny.  He does these routines on what you just said to me, about the difference between men and women, that the women should stop trying to become the men and stop trying to change them into women, and the men should stop trying to become like women and trying to change their wives into thinking like the man does.  One of the things he points out: You’ve got to understand, God made us different.  God made the man strong and he made the woman wise so that she could advise him on things that he shouldn’t be doing.  The stupid things he’s doing, she can help him and save him.

He gives the example of women have great peripheral vision.  They have better peripheral vision than men.  Men are farsighted.  We can see things better and more clearly at a distance, and that’s because we’re hunters.  You’ve got to shoot and take an arrow or whatever, so you need longer vision.  As an example, you can send your husband – what do we call Mr. DC?

McAllister:  No, Mr. McAllister.  I’m not going to lessen my husband either.  He’s great, my honorable better half.

Mike:  You would send Mr. McAllister to the refrigerator to go fetch the butter for the baked potatoes at the dinner table.  He would squat down like he’s an umpire and looking: I’m telling you, there ain’t no butter in there.  You go: No, it’s right there on the second shelf.  He goes: I looked on the second shelf!  It ain’t there.  You walk right up and stick your hand in the fridge and see the butter.  He does a bit and it’s very funny.  I had never heard it put that way about women being good at things that men stink at.  Men are good at things that women stink at.  It’s a perfect combination here.  That’s where the real detachment is, isn’t it?

McAllister:  We’re complimentary.  When you start saying that one should be the other, you lose that complimentary balance and the value that comes with it.  It’s just a denial of nature.  It’s a denial of the values that we have as men and women.  One of my problems with this, among others – I can get into the stats about how women don’t measure up to men physically and all that, and also in support roles, how they’re put at risk.  Just the idea that women have to act like men, we don’t need to.  It threatens men, rightfully so, and it makes them angry.


I see a lot of anger from men right now.  A lot of my responses I’m getting are not from women and feminists but from vets and younger men saying: Listen, you’ve been calling us evil and we’re guilty until proven innocent, all a bunch of rapists and you don’t think we’re worth anything.  You want to take our jobs and you’re getting promotions when we don’t get promotions just because you’re a woman.  There’s a lot of anger out there among men about what has happened with the feminist movement.  Now their attitude – this is what I mean the degrading of society.  Now what I’m seeing is men saying: Fine, if this is what you’ve been wanting, you want to be just like us, you want equality, this kind of egalitarian equality, fine.  You get out on the battlefield and you get shot and bleed and die and lose limbs just like we do.  We don’t care.

I understand their feelings.  I understand why I’m hearing that.  What I want to say to those men and I have is, I get it.  It’s still not right.  It’s just like the attitude of: I’m not going to open up doors for women anymore because you’ve been demanding your rights forever.  You’re equal, whatever, so you can open up your own doors.  Women have brought them onto themselves by making such demands and putting men down for years now.

Mike:  What I think ought to happen is, when you’re out at a fancy schmancy restaurant and you get up from the – for example, Mr. McAllister is going to take you out Sunday night for Valentine’s Day.  When you stand up to go to the ladies room to go powder your Veritas_Radio_home_4nose or whatever it is you ladies like to do, if he doesn’t stand up, stand there and stare at him until he does.  We’ve got to bring back gentleman-like behavior.

McAllister:  I agree.

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Mike:  One more thing because I know you have to go.  I saw a photograph on the worldwide web of you and your son.  I was thinking, after having read “Threats Of Drafting Women Reveal The Lies Of Equality,” you’re that boy’s mother.  You also have a daughter.

McAllister:  I have two daughters.

Mike:  I was thinking Denise would agree to the sacrifice, if there was a just war to be fought, with that boy being trained militarily to go defend his sisters, wouldn’t you?

McAllister:  Yes, and I have a stepson who’s in the Marines right now, a 21-year-old.

Mike:  You support this.  I think most of us do.  This idea started with “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”  That was the beginning of the end.  This is the logical result of it.  Pretty soon you’re going to have – we haven’t even discussed whether or not a man who thinks he’s a woman should be allowed into combat roles, or whether or not a trans woman who thinks she’s a man, whether or not she should be allowed in.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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