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todayApril 14, 2018

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – In your career, have you ever seen anything that defies reason?  Reason is assigning logic to what the truth is.  The fact of the matter is that Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have basically proven that James Comey is a liar.  He’s basically proven that the director of the FBI is a fraud.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I won’t keep you much longer.  Just a final question and a comment or two.  You’ve worked in journalism for quite some time now, for newspapers, magazines, and now for The Federalist and a couple of other websites.

Denise McAllister:  Also PJ Media, yeah.

Mike:  That’s right.  In your career, have you ever seen anything that defies reason?  Reason is assigning logic to what the truth is.  The fact of the matter is that Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have basically proven that James Comey is a liar.  He’s basically proven that the director of the FBI is a fraud.  There is an email chain between John Podesta, and I can’t recall who the recipient was, that basically says that there were emails, 18 of them, that were exchanged between POTUS, that’s Obama, and Mrs. Clinton on her server.  I’m not a lawyer, I only play one on the radio.  That sounds, number one, like classified to me.  That, number two, sounds like what I heard described as a felony.  I cannot locate – I searched the Washington Post today.  I searched.  I went and looked for it.  I cannot find that email.  What in the world is going on here?

McAllister:  It’s corruption.  When you don’t have standards and you’ve thrown out objective reality and thrown out objective morals and truth, you’re left to people doing whatever they want.  You have no standards in which to hold them to account.  This is one more case of it.  We have such corruption running through our judicial system, our political system, and it’s frightening that it’s in our judicial system the way it is.  When it’s there, you’ve really lost your liberties.  You have.  It’s just a matter of time.  It’s not based on any type of law that’s external that you can turn to.  It’s just based on the whims of whoever is in power.  We have that.  If you have that in the courts – this is why the SCOTUS is so important.  If you have that in the FBI, in the judicial branch, and it’s being dominated by the executive branch, which has basically become a tyrannical part of our government, when you have that you have lost your liberty.

These are all the things that have come together in this swirl of this election.  It’s got people frustrated.  We see so much danger.  You talk about the history.  It’s been growing.  Our abandonment of reason and our abandonment of faith and our abandonment of morality has been increasing over time.  It’s not going to lead to anything good except our own demise.  Look at it historically.  Look at it in your own personal life.  If you don’t understand history, look at your own personal life.  What happens to you when you abandon freedom and you abandon faith and you abandon morals?  Your life falls apart.  It cannot be sustained.  We are a culture that has exchanged truth for lies.

Mike:  That’s right.  It’s the worst kind of an exchange.  My friend John Horvat writes at his Return to Order blog today.  He writes about how shocked he is by some of these things, “Answering a Troubling Question: Man, Woman, or Whatever?”  Whatever, in Latin that’s quid quid.  Quid quid is winning today.  You can declare yourself to be a whatever now.  I know Rod Dreher did a blog about this last week because a professor at a university sent him a note, University of Michigan.  He was ordered, the faculty was ordered that they have this login system now for the students where you go in and you can log in your own pronoun.  If the pronoun is not on the pull-down menu of 37 pronouns, then you can make one up.  The professor said: Rod, I have basically been told that a female student can come into my class, I can look at her and by her nature know that she is a female, and she can tell me she’s a male and I have to agree.  I have to endorse the lie.  I have to embrace the lie.  What good can possibly come out of all this madness?

McAllister:  Because we think that subjectivism, whatever we decide personally is true, really doesn’t stay there.  What it means is, for me to live in society, for me to live in community means everyone else has to embrace my lie.  We don’t live as little automatons where we can make up our own reality, our own identity, and our own truth.  If we did, if we all lived in our own little worlds and never interacted with anyone else, we could live that way.  We don’t.  We live in community.  We live in a society.  We live together.  We interact.  We have to have objective reality, objective truth, an understanding of identity in order to cohabitate.  When we say that whatever I believe myself, if I’m an it or a he, you have to embrace it, what has to happen?  I have to have a power stronger than myself to enforce that and to force you to comply with my own subjective views.

That’s how we get to tyranny, people.  That’s how we get to tyranny.  When you don’t have objective standards from natural law, from God, that you know in your heart is true, and I’m talking in an objective sense that we all share, you give up your own freedom to a power that can impose whatever subjective viewpoint has the loudest voice.  That is tyranny.  That’s what we’re heading for.  You may think it’s a little joke or it doesn’t make any big deal what our pronouns are called.  It is a big deal.  It’s causing you to abandon truth, and you’re being forced by a greater power to embrace someone else’s subjective experience.

Mike:  And if you think that can’t be used against you, you haven’t –

McAllister:  If you don’t comply, if you don’t comply with the will of whoever has the most powerful subjective viewpoint and the loudest voice, then you will be punished.

Mike:  We’re not going to let you play in our little reindeer games.  I keep thinking of the reindeer coach in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  We’re all going to get reindeer coached out of being able to tell the truth in public.  People either view it as some sort of a fad – I think one of your colleagues, Rachel Lu wrote about this, that she thinks it’s a fad.  I think she’s partially correct if it is a fad.

McAllister:  What’s a fad, the transgenderism?

Mike:  Yeah.

McAllister:  I wouldn’t call it a fad at all.

Mike:  I think Rachel’s point was it’s going to devolve into the next perversion, and then that will become the new fad.  I don’t know what you do after this one.  Final question before you go.  We’re 22 days away from the day, right?  By every indication, it still looks to me like this is quite possibly a toss-up, although the Vegas odds would have that Hillary is going to win this.  You have a piece at The Federalist today which I am in sympathy with, and it’s one of your colleagues writing about: You can’t believe all these polls.  Brexit didn’t poll well either.  There is a movement out there that is strong, it’s not going away, and it can’t be swayed by all these lies and corruptions.  It is going to reject the fake authority of the Clintons and the media-industrial complex.  I just want your general take on that.  What do you think is going on?  What do you fear or what do you look forward to happening?

McAllister:  I believe the polls on the average, which means that Hillary Clinton is favored to win.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist.  I don’t think there’s all these silent people that are suddenly going to rise up like they did in England.  They might.  If it happens, the next day I’ll say I was wrong.  I’m looking at the average.  I’m not just looking at one poll.  The average and the trends all point to a Hillary Clinton victory.  I also understand our culture is very sex-crazed.  You talk about sex no matter what, good, bad, negative.  That takes dominance over anything rational, like what’s going on in these emails and the connections to the FBI, the real corruption of Hillary Clinton.  I think that yes, she’s on track to win.

I’m very concerned and have been about the dynamics between never-Trump people and Trump people.  I’ve written about that extensively.  I’m also very sensitive to the Christian dilemma of voting for someone like Trump or Hillary or not voting at all.  I actually wrote a piece on PJ Media.  I wrote on how voting for Trump is not idolatry.  I’m speaking truth to Christians.  It’s an answer to an article on Christianity Today that basically said trying to manipulate levers of history is idolatry in voting for Trump, that you should really sit this one out if you’re a Christian.

Mike:  I saw that.  That’s just ridiculous.

McAllister:  I wrote an answer to that piece in PJ Media.  I really focus on some writings by Bonhoeffer in that.  He participated in a plot to kill Adolf Hitler.  He was a Lutheran pastor and had lots of writings from prison before he was hanged in 1945 for making that choice.  He had a lot of good things to say to situations where you’re conflicted politically.  We know nothing in this election like he had that choice before him.  I’m very concerned about the treatment we have of one another during this election, the vitriol, the ugliness, the nasty name-calling, the flat out stigmatizing of people.  I find that very concerning.

I’m very sensitive to groupthink and I understand how group dynamics happen, and how you can devalue and delegitimize a whole group of people by stigmatizing them.  I see too much stigmatizing going on of people who are supporting Trump for purposes of strategy.  I think there’s a lot going on.  I want to see unity after this election, no matter who wins.  I’m fearful that we won’t have it.  When you have disunity among the people of God, and when you have disunity among people who really do understand the basic fabric and foundations of the community and of a civil society, that evil creeps into that and causes greater division.  I think there’s going to be a whole lot of things going on and happening while we’re bickering and fighting, which is actually going to be very difficult and very bad for our country.

I guess what I’m saying is I would like to see people behave better and clean up your language.  Show a little grace to your neighbor as they work through these very difficult times.  I really don’t want to sound like a bleeding-heart liberal, but love really will win out.  Among Christians, that is our testimony to the world.  Our testimony is not who’s right about an election but the love that we show one another.  If you’re not doing that, your testimony is ruined.  I really want to call for unity among those who value conservative principles no matter who you vote for.  I really do think that Hillary Clinton will probably win this because of the drift of our culture, the control of propaganda.  Maybe not.  Even if Trump wins, I don’t see him as the savior of everything.  We’re still going to have a lot of difficulty and a lot of strife.

Mike:  For the reasons that were – I don’t know if you know Margie.  I had the pleasure and honor of interviewing Marjorie Dannenfelser about three weeks ago.  Marjorie gave me a pretty good case that I’ve been defending ever since, of why she decided that she and the Susan B. Anthony List are actually knocking on doors, 700,000 doors in Florida, Ohio, and your state, North Carolina to alert people that may not know just what a crazed, fanatical abortionist Mrs. Clinton is.

McAllister:  She’s an advocate of late-term abortion.  It’s not just abortion on demand and as often as you can have it but late-term.  It’s all offensive to me.

Mike:  When you’re asked on The View if just a few minutes before a baby is delivered if it has any rights or not and you say no, why that isn’t a campaign for the PAC running against Mrs. Clinton, I still don’t know.  That would be the most powerful reason I could give of having a great fear of a Hillary Clinton presidency.  I think we’re reduced down to not falling into a state of despair between now and November the 8th, continuing to pray for the defeat of Mrs. Clinton – and people shouldn’t laugh at that because I do it every day.  I wish 20 million people would because God does answer prayers.  It may be our last resort.  We can pray our way out of this.  It may be the only thing that saves us.  I’ll leave you with that.  It’s always a pleasure to talk to you.  You’re such a great voice for reason and for sanity.  As I said, if we had women in the elected class that had the courage of their convictions and actually pursued the truth the way you do – I’d love to hear Kelly Ayotte say what you said, or Marsha Blackburn say those sorts of things.  They just don’t.  They’re just members of the political class like anyone else.

McAllister:  The ones who try are so beaten up and maligned.  Conservative women, I have to say, are just tortured.  There is no love for women.  Feminism goes out the window when you have conservative before your name.  It’s quite a joke when it comes to actually standing up for women, especially conservative women no matter how you speak.

Mike:  The only one that I’ve heard in the last year that is elected – of course, if you dig a little deeper into this you find out she’s pro-death and all that stuff.  I can’t think of her name right now.  She’s the woman from Hawaii.

McAllister:  I can’t remember her name.

Mike:  She’s pretty forceful.  She was pretty ginned up about one of those acts of corruption, which is why she endorsed Bernie Sanders.  Of course, this drew a rebuke from Donna Brazile.  Thanks to WikiLeaks, again, we know that she was basically told to shut up.  You’re not allowed to go public and say anything good about Bernie Sanders.  You have to toe the Clinton line.  In that particular instance, she was actually correct.  Anyway, DC McAllister, everybody.  Read her at PJ Media and at  Give my best to Mr. McAllister and the kids.  We’ll talk soon.

McAllister:  Thank you.  You take care.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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