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Secede_or_Die_Can_cooler_FEATURED-670x800Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Meanwhile, there is much that we do agree on together as brothers and sisters in Christ, much that we agree on.  We certainly, many of us, agree that the right v. left paradigm is part of the problem.  Why don’t our friends agree?”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript


This system is destroying all the forms of civilized life and moral behavior which have been developed by a thousand years and more of continuous strenuous effort, and it is not only bringing back the old evils of barbarism—like slavery and massacre and torture—but also introducing new forms of organized evil and injustice which the old barbarisms could never have imagined or devised.

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Mike:  Ms. Judith Sharp interviewed me last week.  She has now posted the interview at the website.  It’s Judith Sharp’s interview with yours truly on the subject “Too Catholic for Satellite Radio.”  Some of you might find that interesting.  You may want to go listen to that at the ISOC website.  Back to Christopher Dawson:


It is our duty, at the present time, to do all in our power to preserve every existing breakwater against this flood of barbarism. [Mike: He doesn’t give us a clear indication of what it is that we can do about this. We do get an indication that we should do something about it. It gets really good, folks. Don’t tune out ‘cause you’re going to want to hear this.]

If we can maintain islands of civilization, then there is a chance that the tide may turn and that the submerged forces of Christian culture will be able to reassert themselves. [Mike: Then Dawson iterates, makes the point that you hear me making all the time here on this show.]

This task far transcends politics; but it has its political side, and if we surrender our political judgment and allow ourselves to be hoodwinked and blinded by the political tactics of totalitarianism, we lessen our powers of resistance on still more important issues.

Now the traditional Western political order was founded on law and liberty. The common bond of loyalty to the state did not exclude all kinds of lesser loyalties and corporate rights through which the rich diversity of Western Culture was developed. And this two-fold tradition has been inherited by Western democracy, by which I understand not in abstract ideology, but simply by historic system of self–government by representing institutions and ministerial responsibility and free elections and free discussion, which has been worked out in this and other Western countries in modern times.

This system, like the older system from which it is derived, cannot work unless there is a common bond of loyalty and the will to cooperate in essentials, in spite of all disagreements and divergencies of interest. This agreement is essential to the existence of a free society and consequently it is the key point against which the totalitarian attack on Western Culture is directed.

The tactics of totalitarianism are to weld every difference of opinion and tradition and every conflict of economic interests into an absolute ideological opposition which disintegrates society into hostile factions bent on destroying one another.

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Mike:  Ask yourself the question: Are your friends that are conservatives, do they dream of a day when – do they sing the John Lennon song?  [singing] “Imagine there’s no liberals.  It’s easy if you try.”  Or on the other side, [singing] “Imagine there’s no Tea Party.  I wonder if you can.”  Not only do they imagine it, they campaign for it.  Hell, they have bumper stickers about ending and eliminating and killing the other side.  [mocking] “If only we didn’t have to deal with the liberals.”  What else could you possibly mean than the eradication or the abolition of liberals?  [mocking] “If only we didn’t have these right-wing, fanatical, whacko conservatives to deal with.”  What else could you possibly mean other than entertaining the idea that conservatives would just go away, by abolition, by extermination or extinction?

What do you think the homosexuals are trying to do today?  Folks, they don’t want to make friends with us.  I almost came to the point where I was about ready to declare that homosexuality has actually become a form of Islam.  To make the case that it has, it shares with Islam the fundamental, foundational point, which is that there is no moderation.  Either you become a homosexual and embrace homosexuality or we convert you, if you’re not already one of us, you either convert, or if you won’t convert we may let you live in our society, but you’re going to have to pay an economic penalty for that.  You may become one of our slaves, in other words, you’ll do what we tell you to do.  If you won’t do that, we’ll just kill you.  What is the difference between the way the Gaystapo is acting today and the way the Islamic, barbaric hordes of Mohammedans act in the Middle East?  In other words, homosexuality is becoming its very own sharia law.  It makes no considerations and no conciliations whatsoever.  Either you go along, either you embrace, or you are ostracized and very soon you and I will be martyred.  It’s coming.  Mark my words.  How do we know?  Because they’ve told us that, that’s how we know.

dimantled churchThis is part of the totalitarian tactic.  What is the end result of homosexuality and the embrace of it?  It is the end of the natural order.  It is the elimination in our politics and in our thought, in our processes, in our culture, it is the elimination of the almighty.  There is no God.  In other words, what’s his name?  There is no God, not Kant.  I always forget this guy’s name.  Nietzsche.  Nietzsche was correct, there is no God.  That clip that I played from the Twilight Zone, “The State has proven that there is no God.”  The State has proven no such thing because that’s not provable.  Folks, that’s where we’re headed.

That’s what Bruce Frohnen writes about today in “Naked in the Public Square,” which I hope I have time to squeeze in.  Mr. Frohnen writes about the same thing I have been talking about.  It is now becoming apparent that the diabolical forces between the gender wars and the homo wars and the Gaystapo wars, the diabolical forces, they seek no prisoners.  They’re going to offer us no quarter.  Either you surrender and you convert, or you pay your dhimmitude, your sharia law homo tax, or we’re going to eliminate you from our society.  We’re not going to let you work in any of our companies that obey and are part of our law.  Do you understand that?  Did you get that?  All government entities, all government agencies are going to be taken over by this, and this is how they’re going to operate.

Do you understand what that means?  That means there is no countervailing force to stop the madness like a holocaust, to stop wholesale recruiting and wholesale conducting of extermination campaigns like the Soviets did, and like Mao Zedong did.  What’s going to stop it, compassion?  Compassion for what?  Guided by what, Nietzsche?  Guided by what, Masha Gessen?  Have you seen some of these rabid homosexuals talking about, like the one I played yesterday: We don’t believe in gender.  You don’t get a vote on whether or not you believe in gender.  Folks, these people have dystopic thought processes.  They’re not thinking rationally.  They are, by definition, disordered in their thinking, by design, by intent.  You think that order is going to come out of that, that you and I are ultimately going to triumph over this?  Not unless we’re trying to triumph over it as what it is.  It is evil.  It is diabolical. Continuing with Christopher Dawson:


In this campaign of disintegration the Right-Left mythology is a perfect god-send to the forces of destruction.

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Mike:  That’s why I tell you they’re all in on it.  There’s no difference between liberals and conservatives, folks.  If they are political liberals and conservatives and they’ve tried to divide you or gang you into red v. blue, right v. left, north v. south, conservative v. liberal, whatever the case may be, they are part of the diabolical paradigm.  Divide and conquer, divide and break, atomize, balkanize, whatever you wish to call it.  That is the ultimate goal.  Why?  Because, again, the order that I talk about on this show all the time is an order that requires a single, Unitarian, triune God at its head, not 38,000, one.  I know a lot of you don’t like to hear that.  I understand that.  I’ll keep working to promote that and why that is necessary, why it must be unified and singular.

Meanwhile, there is much that we do agree on together as brothers and sisters in Christ, much that we agree on.  We certainly, many of us, agree that the right v. left paradigm is part of the problem.  Why don’t our friends agree?  Because they haven’t been exposed to the Crusade Channel.  They have not been exposed to the Remnant.  They have not been exposed to the traditional Latin Mass.  They have not been exposed to lectures from Scott Hahn.  They have not been exposed to great writings by Hilaire Belloc.  They’ve not been exposed to apologetics from St. Alphonsus Liguori.  You know what today is?  Today is the feast day of St. Aloysius Gonzaga.  How many of you people knew that Gonzaga University, the one that’s got the good basketball team, is named for a Roman Catholic saint?  Did you know that?  Do you see how we have de-Christianized by this bigotry aimed at your Catholic brothers and sisters?  Nobody thinks of Gonzaga as a – I don’t even think the people that go to Gonzaga think of it as a Catholic university any longer.  It’s supposed to be.  Is it?  Doubtful.  It’s all part of the campaign, folks, all part of the campaign.

Continuing on now with Christopher Dawson.  It’s great stuff.  It’s a shame so many people flee the final segment of the program and don’t catch it live, because this would be great conversation material.  I’m going to do a survey.  Why is it that you people bail every day at – at 10:35 I can see the bail line.


In this campaign of disintegration the Right-Left mythology is a perfect god-send to the forces of destruction. It provides them with a crude and simple but highly effective instrument which can be applied to almost any situation and by which any number of different issues can be merged together in a mass of confusion and ideological clap-trap.

For example, there are Liberals and Conservatives, there are Republicans and Monarchists, there are anti-clericals and clericals, there are Communists and Fascists, there are Socialists and Individualists, there are Semites and anti-Semites. All of these are different oppositions, which have no necessary connection with one another, yet all of them are brought under the Left-Right headings and thus forced into ideological alliances which may be unnecessary and absurd. Moreover, when you have got your opponents all neatly ticketed you can then repeat the same process on any section of them—dividing the Socialists into Socialists of the Left Center in Socialists of the Extreme Left [Mike: This is exactly what’s happening, isn’t it? He’s a radical leftist, we are told. We hear this all the time. He or she is a radical conservative, etc., etc.] or the Liberals into Moderates or Progressives, so as to submit them to the same process of confusion and disintegration.

Now the fault—or, if you like, the advantage, of the method of division is that it has no rational basis. It grades men and ideas according to their relation to a central point, which, as a rule, has no existence.

[end reading]


Mike:  In other words, there is no such thing as a right or a left when it comes to politics.  There is the implementation of law.  There is legislation.  When the Pelosi Congress passed Obamacare, that was done under a “liberal” Congress.  Question: Are you going to be taxed and regulated by Obamacare today?  Answer: Yes.  Who’s in control of the House of Representin’ today?  Answer: Republicans.  Who’s in control of the Senate today?  Answer: Republicans.  Have they been able to do anything about this?  No.  Are they ever able to do anything?  No.  Right v. left fallacy.  There is some small alterations and adjustments from time to time.  It doesn’t ever end.  [mocking] “Mr. Church, please, what’s your point?”  My point is that it doesn’t matter whether or not Obamacare came from a liberal Congress or a conservative Congress, a left Congress or a right.  It doesn’t matter.  It has the exact same effect upon you as if it came from a banana.  It’s irrelevant under which Congress it came from.  It’s irrelevant under which side of the aisle.  It doesn’t matter.  Its direct affect upon you is the same.  That’s why this ridiculous notion that we’ve got to take these two sides is what Dawson is talking about here.  You can’t have it more perfectly put than this.


Yet in spite of this irrational character, Left and Right become the center of fierce ideological loyalties and enmities which overpower men’s reason and sense of judgment and drive them to acts of violence and inhumanity which would disgrace a tribe of cannibals.

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Mike:  That’s right.  The acts of inhumanity: abortion, unjust wars, bombing brown people in the third world, drone striking brown people in the third world, invading countries that haven’t declared any war against us, etc., etc.  Mass scale hysteria and usury, massive taxation, massive regulation, massive undermining of the Fourth Commandment to honor they father and mother, elimination of the natural order of sexes, etc., etc.  Dawson:


The obvious remedy for these evils is to be found in the old natural and political virtues which have been denied and discarded by the new barbarians: the virtues of justice and goodwill, the virtues of truth and patience, above all the virtue of prudence which Aristotle defines as the truly rational and practical state of mind in the field of human good and evil. It is only by the exercise of these virtues that it is possible to save society from the political disintegration that threatens it, and maintain an island of society amidst the rival barbarians of Left and Right.

[end reading]

Mike:  What Dawson is saying here is the political order will not save us, it will not.  The island – he speaks of an island.  The island that must be carved out is filled with cardinal virtues and with faith and truth.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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