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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Dead Men Tell No Tales: Just Ask Slick Hilly Who Eulogized Ambassador She Sent to His Demise

Order your "Secede or Die" T-shirts while supplies lastFinally! DeceptiCONS have lost the battle to pitch tax cuts and simultaneous revenue increases 

Senator Rand Paul also heard what I heard from Mitt at VMI: This belligerent foreign policy is expensive, aggressive and misses the chance to put things on the table needed to balance the budget

After all the “comeback” narrative resulting from Mitt’s debate surge only gets Romney in reach of the WH, as miraculously, Obama still leads

Odds are that we will see The Angry Joe Biden at tonights debate where Big Bird mentions are <6> in over under betting

Congratulations SCOTUS: Lawyers reap bigger fees and more $$ as w hole for defending companies in patent lawsuits than same companies spend in R&D

Spooks Strike Back: Obama reelection is ONE David Patraeus press conference away from total collapse

Those were the days: Back when the bulky, heavy yet functional white refrigerator was making its reputation as a HOUSEWIVE’S best friend

What happened in the hearings that should be called: The President did WHAT without Congressional authority and then people died as a result of it!? Impeachment ummm I mean, show trial to embarrass Obama over Bin Ghazi

VIDEO: Hillary lied about Libyan attack while dead ambassador was lying right next to her

VIDEO II:DeceptiCONS smell the Obamablood in the water as Congressman loses it it during hearing “You tell us who told you that…now!”

VIDEO III: Susan Rice’s testimony is shredded and diced as being a total fabrication based on her prior fabrications-all this proves??? The Obama White House was never staffed with competent people when $30 BILLION is a rounding error

DeceptiCONS lament that “Things are still falling apart in Iraq” which implies that if enough U.S. soldiers stayed, served and died there along with another TRILLION of our dollars all would be gumdrops and sunshine

VIDEO: Dennis Kuinich: The LAST honest Democrat left on Earth, tells it like it is over the death of U.S. Ambassador in Libya hearing

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Wil Shrader Jr.

I really wish The American Conservative didn’t require a Google script to read the articles.

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