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Dear Leader Sinks to New, Red Ink Low-Is Debt Party Over?

todayOctober 17, 2012 1

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Gallup: Obama continues lead balloon sink to bottom of pool of red ink AND “Likely Voters”

Pumpkin Head Frank Luntz’s group of hacks: 16-1 break FOR Romney

Buchanan: Who will win the clash of civilizations? as Muslims explode and Christians commit voluntary suicide of their faith & thus their civilization

Larison: Has Romney done enough to mask his DeceptiCON hard-liner stance on foreign policy? That won’t change the resulting carnage and waste

Old News presented as new fodder: Food Stamp rolls have risen from 19.1 million in 2002 to 46.6 in 2012 and 31.9 at start of Dear Leader’s term

Senator Coborn issues his “Wastebook” chronicling the unstoppable and unbelievable outrage that is our Leviathan’s spending including $30k to study “gaydar”

NOT a shockuh: Honey Boo Boo seals Obama’s fate, endorsing him on Jimmy Kimmel Live

FLASHBACK: El Jeffe Dude says no to “Honey Boo Boo” civilization and the Southern people that make her possible

VIDEO: Sit Down Hillary! Dear Leader’s spokesman says “The President takes absolute responsibility for the diplomat corp”

It is not over for Dear Leader just yet but that fat lady he had sing for McCain may be getting a call tomorrow

TAC’s “debate” Preview includes 5 things to “Watch for” tonight, I say there are only TWO – Obama as “Daddy/Nanny in Chie that you caught stealing but don’t wanna fire or Obama, tired, out of step basher of all things “freedom” if #1 shows up, Obama can save himself if Romney draws out #2, it is over

Jeffrey Tucker writes about SeaLand, the little Republic started to freely broadcast rock music, is now a testament to the right of secession

Busting the ridiculous lie that Lillie Ledbetter and women suffer some imperially imposed “pay gap”, this one needs some sunshine, here is Mrs Sunshine on the “pay gap”

Larison: Romney blows his chance to corner Obama for his actions in Libya by wedding himself to the talk-radio cliche that he “was leading from behind”

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Written by: TheKingDude

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