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Debate or Staged Coup? Gary Johnson Rains on Dear Leader’s Telespectacle

todayOctober 3, 2012 1

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Debate or Staged Coup? Gary Johnson has SUED the COPD for their fake designation of “non-partisan” when in fact they are “bi-partisan” as in only 2 parties need apply.

How did it come to this? Read George Washington’s Inaugural Address for what was said at the birth of the [then] republic (Kleenex needed)

DeceptiCONNED: Heritage Foundation “fiscal conservatives” rail against  $129 MILLION in sequester cuts from “Embassy Security, Construction, and Maintenance” budgets as if it is a conservative proposition to construct & defend MORE spy/military operations overseas

Greenwald: The REAL reason the DeceptiCONS must stop Iran from acquiring a nuke? According to none other than Lindsey Graham it would stop US from attacking THEM

Gary Johnson’s Google “Hangout” page for tomorrow night’s debate (we will monitor and post his comments in Mike’s LIVE chat!)

In a plea for hispanic votes, Romney pledges to keep Dear Leaders amnesty order in place for illegals granted waivers – hmmm, does Romney also pledge to provide the states with needed funds to care for those illegals?

TAC: Kevin Gutzman’s review of the latest attempt to make the Late-Great- William Rehnquist out to be some kind of weird, outlier whose opinions on matters of Constitutional intent were always wrong because they relied, wait for it, on the ratifiers intent

Alan Bloom’s “Closing of The American Mind” continues to inspire controversy and new interpretations

We have polls, come get your polls but please don’t believe anything they say because the “Right” says they SHOULD be saying “Romney in a landslide”

What Romney fans say about Romney at rallies is almost as unbelievable as what ObamaPhone voters say about Dear Leader

WaPo’s list of 8 debate questions but I have a better one: if the debate were a wrestling match what would Mitt & Barack be called? “The Romenator” or just simply “Bain” vs “The One” or “Ziggy Czardust”

FLASHBACK: The book “Jamestown Project” should not go out of style so quickly because of what it tells us about the REAL story of the colonizing of America

Biden to middle class: “We’ll bury you”, oh wait, that was Kruschev to the middle class, Biden said he & Obama BURIED the middle class

Was the “Clear & Present Danger in the Libyan Consulate prior to the murder of Ambassador Stevens? Congressman Issa says yes

Oh for heaven’s sake I have to show ID to buy bottles of Jefferson’s and voters are being “targeted” to present same to vote on a tax for my Bourbon!? Gentlemen, you know what we must do next (starts with a “s”)

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