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DeceptiCONNED: Boehner Congress LEads the Planet In New Debt Created


See the Constitution being drafted and ratified in Mike Church's "Spirit of '76"
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Oy! VA Governor McDonnell says that borrowed money, printed out of thin air helped VA balance its books in 2009

Kaufman: Ron Paul, the Thin Man cometh is either a harbinger of the future or the last gasp of an optimistic attempt to save the former

DeceptiCONNED: Just as I have lamented like a broken Journey 45 skipping at “nah nah nah nah nanah”, Boehner Congress blows more in new debt than first 97 Congresses combined (that’s 1789-1984)

Steyn: As the West enters its twilight our children should be taping the whole thing so they can see what these things called “retirement” and “adolescence” looked like

Andy McCArthy: Romney wants to aid Syrian “opposition groups” and engage in yet another scheme to aide the enemy of the enemy who will be the enemy when the current enemy is dispatched-just stop the intervention!

No wonder sales of my docudramas are struggling against Tosh.0 – Half of Miss USA contestants could not name the Veep or the color of the grain in “America the Beautiful”

Life in the Big City ain’t all its cracked up to be as this twenty something couple discovers then decides to move back to their roots

TIC – Examining the rhetoric of the Founders (an Hamilton in particular) open the door to the possibilities of the ancient communication

Louisiana steps up to the “time to rethink the whole ‘public’ part of ‘public education’ and see if there ol’ private way was a better way

TAC: Oh come let us adore himmmmm, Abe Lincoln the USDA’s creator, a strange fit of praise for big government and lincoln on the pages of TAC

George Will: Will Wisconsin “progressives”: be forced to grow up and avoid the fate of Greece & Spain and…you get the picture

What is this technology that you speak of!? Oh, and you say it will only do great things and not harm our virtuous culture!? Balderdash

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