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The Mike Church Show World HQ

DeceptiCONS Have No Memory of Their Last Excuse For War

Mandeville, LA – Let me see if I understand this, DeceptiCONS and war-hawks:

Sept. 2013: “Brutal dictator” Bashar al Assad is accused and convicted by American “conservatives” of gassing his own civilian population with Sarin gas so he can remain a brutal dictator.

Sept. 2014: “Statesman Bashar al Assad is now begging the “international community” for help in combatting “ISIS”, forgetting he is a brutal dictator that has enough Sarin gas and then nukes to exterminate Charleston, SC (John Kerry,/Lindsay Graham Meet the Press, August, 2013)? Righhhtttttt. Do some of you even listen to what your excuses are for another war and compare them to your last excuse?

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hello. Every time the military has a new weapon to field exhibit to potential customers, our leader must provide a platform. This time it was the new fighter jet. Profits, baby…

Wil Shrader Jr.

When humans consciously rid themselves of the Truth in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Great Deceiver finds no resistance to his influences and temptations. It is the ultimate in brainwashing. I cannot imagine what these war-mongering, self-serving, theiving politicians think when they act so predicatbly and stupidly. They are deceived. They have become tools and victims of deception to such a degree that their very lives are devoted to infecting us all. We must pray for their souls.


No, they don’t listen nor do they care. They depend on the brainwashed masses to have very short memories.

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