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Defending The Bake Sale Cash Cow Is No Substitute For Defending Junkfood Liberty

todayMay 8, 2012

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The state of  Taxachussetts bans sale of all baked good items at ALL schools and looks to extending the ban statewide; I wonder if Twinkies & Moonpies are legal in IRAN?

Is the junk food ban the fault of RomneyCare’s expensive and ultimately unsustainable commitment to provide health insurance to all? – MC

Of course worldwide, non-stop abortions and the morality (or lack of) it requires produces will NEVER lead to a human cannibal industry, or will it!?

SHOCKUH: SNL Scrapped hysterical lampoon of Dear Leader’s Afghanistan touchdown dance

Want to see a DeceptiCON promoting the “supremacy clause” incorrectly then look no further than the first paragraph of Kirkorian’s post at NRO about Utah’s Alien Act (which is constitutional until they attempt to naturalize as a U.S. citizen said illegals)

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VIDEO: The greatest gadfly-mercurial-inconoclastic…well, Ted Turner says that Mitt Romney would make a pretty good President

VIDEO: Charles Barkley thinks Ted Turner is whack and that “Romney is going down in November, bro”

Larison: Obama is TOO hawkish to be tooting his “ending wars & bringing troops home” propaganda but Romney cannot exploit it because he LOVES all of Obama’s hawkish moves. THIS is the point I was making that Romney is blowing the opportunity to get ahead of Obama on foreign affairs by listening to Ron Paul a little bit

Peter Schiff wonders if there will EVER be an end to this recession & rampant UE or is this the new paradigm until the Fed is sent packing?

Tuesday primaries in NC, WV and IN pit Romney vs Paul in the first head to head matchup since Santorum & Gingrich dropped out, wanna bet even money I will be playing 3 versions of the Russian National Anthem on Wednesday!?

The CIA busts an alleged plot to smuggle a new panty bomb on planes from where else? Yemen

Well whaddayouknow!? The Republican/DeceptiCON Congress begins the all too predictable restoration of those fabled “sequester” cuts from “defense”

Obama lays out $25 million in ads buys that is just a teaser from what is to come in the $$$$ BILLION biggest propaganda campaign in history

Fat Bastard Nation: 42% of Americans, fast, underworked and overstuffed with Mickey “D’s”

The Ron Paul delegates will get hosed by the GOP like Buchanan’s did if they aren’t smart about

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Written by: TheKingDude

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