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Demoncrats Are Making The Call, Get Trump!

todayAugust 18, 2023 15

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Speaker Newt GingrichThis is hearsay but I am told someone from DC called Fani Willis and demanded she indict Trump on Monday. Why? To cover up for the Weiss ‘screw up’. This might explain the late night press conference, the leaked indictment and Fani Willis admitting she was exhausted. 

  • The letter has been sent to Governor Kemp in Georgia.
  • Both the House and Senate in GA voted to investigate Fani Willis.
  • Per the GA Constitution they have a checks and balance on something like this so they do have the authority to do so.
  • So 3/5 of the the Assembly and 3/5 of the Senate voted to investigate Fani Willis, how did Trump NOT win that state?
  • How did 4 electoral victories come about for Warnock? 
  • How is something like this even possible?


AUDIO/VIDEO: Bill Barr on w/ Neil Cavuto on Trump IndictmentsI think the Federal indictments are strong. I don’t know how any AG could pass them up. I think he crossed the line w/ asking VP Pence to nullify certified votes.

  • The reason the Michigan AG is prosecuting them is b/c they asked the legislature to choose them as electors.
  • There is a vast difference b/w saying no he didn’t know how they were going to vote, they simply said we don’t trust the electors you have chosen, please choose us.
  • These people have stated they were railroaded by the FBI.
  • Why didn’t Bill Barr tell Trump he thought he was breaking the law?
  • Why didn’t he tell Trump he was outside the confines of the law and would be prosecuted? 
  • They are using Bill to raise money and taint the juror pool.
  • He has never said “I told the President not to do this”.
  • It was his actual job to protect then President Trump.
  • This is government by intimidation. 


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