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Denise McAllister On Standing Up For The Truth

Mike Church Interviews DC McAllister

Secede_or_Die_Can_cooler_FEATURED-1024x733Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript –  “You have two different cultures going along.  One is corrupted, but there’s also corrupt in the other as well, especially with money and power and influence.  We’ve become isolated from each other.  As far as the moral implications, Michael, in his book Devil’s Pleasure Palace, talks about the fact that we’ve compromised too much on what is actually foundational for the civil society, right and wrong and good and bad, good and evil.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  People are not willing to step up and to be leaders and to be recognized as leaders, especially moral leaders.  I think that’s what Markos is writing about, and I guess that’s what Walsh is writing about.

Denise McAllister:  In general.  One of the problems with that is we’ve developed a class system, a cultural class system, if not economic as well.  You have two different cultures going along.  One is corrupted, but there’s also corrupt in the other as well, especially with money and power and influence.  We’ve become isolated from each other.  As far as the moral implications, Michael, in his book Devil’s Pleasure Palace, talks about the fact that we’ve compromised too much on what is actually foundational for the civil society, right and wrong and good and bad, good and evil.  We need to stand more for what is good.  It’s when a civil society is strong in that way that we don’t have these divisions and we’re working from the same common principles.  We’re able to actually function in a free way.  If we don’t have moral principles, we don’t have economic liberty, we don’t have political liberty.  Those need to go together.

Mike:  As far as the heroes go, “A new book argues that a lack of cultural confidence destroying society, and if we want to save ourselves we need [to] start believing in heroism again.”  I think we do believe in heroism, but we believe in fake heroism.  We believe in the heroism of the guy that can swat a homeroom or throw a touchdown pass.  We believe in the heroism of someone that’s never actually going to exist, that exists purely in the realm of fiction, a Star Wars character, a hero from a sci-fi movie, or the heroine

McAllister:  Don’t get me started on the heroine.

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Mike:  The heroine is the most ridiculous of all, not that women can’t be heroes because they certainly can.

McAllister:  No, but they’re women acting like men.  They’re not real women.  They’re just men with breasts.  They’re no different.

Mike:  That’s why I love her, ‘cause she’s honest.  You’re right.  The idea that Jennifer Lawrence as an action hero – Jennifer Lawrence is perfectly great as a dramatic actress, too.  I don’t need her to be an action hero.  It would have been just as easy for the hero of Hunger Games to have been the effeminate kid, the boy that couldn’t defend himself and had to be saved by the girl.  What is truth?  Conformity of the mind to reality.  What is reality?  With a few notable exceptions, women are not as strong as men.  They’re not built the same way.  We refuse to conform our mind to that reality these days.  Instead, we wish to try to make a false reality which says: Yeah but so what?  Yeah but we can pretend.  Well, when you start pretending, you get pretend results.  If you pretend that heroes can be heroines – again, they most certainly can.  See Joan of Arc for example, a 14-year-old girl, an actual heroine.  How many little girls do you think will ever even hear the story – they may hear the term Joan of Arc.  They don’t DC McAllisterknow what Joan of the little French village of Arc did.  They have no idea.  They would certainly have no idea that Joan accepted martyrdom, that they burned her at the stake.

McAllister:  Sacrifice was her strength.  What’s lost is I think what we have is not a hero culture; we have a celebrity culture.  We look to celebrity; we don’t look to the heroes.  Heroes can come in many different shapes and sizes and draw their strength in different ways.  It can be men, women, whatever.  We’ve made it very shallow.  It’s very one-dimensional.  It’s very materialistic.  We don’t really look at heroism as being against what really is truly wrong and evil.  When you have a society that’s awash in moral relativism like we are today, we cannot have heroes in that context.  What are you standing for?  There are no heroes in the morally relative universe because there’s nothing to fight for, nothing to stand for.  There’s just this muddy blending of good and evil.  Like Michael says in his book: When you take ice cream and dog poop and mix it together, what you have is dog poop.  You’re not going to eat that.  That’s what we have in our culture when it comes to good and evil.  We have a blending of ice cream and dog poop.  What we have is a bunch of crap everywhere.  We want to eat it and we’re telling people to eat it and imagine that it’s ice cream when it’s not.  We’re awash in this.  We have lost heroism because we have lost truth and we have lost goodness.

Mike:  If I quote you on this and I make this a highlight reel, are you going to run from me?

McAllister:  No, you can quote me.  I’m quoting Michael, so I’m in good company.  Get the dog poop out of your ice cream and maybe we’ll have a better society.  Why don’t we go there, people?

Mike:  We will have a better society.  There are places where people have actually volunteered to take the little pooper scoopers and are going around their communities and actually are scooping up the poop, so if the kids do drop the ice cream on the ground it doesn’t get in the poop.  I personally – this is my personal quest here.  I personally do not think and I do not read and I do not watch and I do not listen to enough genuine featuring of, highlighting of, celebration of, acknowledgement of, acknowledging camaraderie, membership of that.  The change, I believe, has already begun.  The extremes to which a civilization can go without killing itself and destroying itself, we’re already inside that gate of hell.  That’s already been crossed.  There’s not much more that we can do other than just deciding we’re going to have compulsory homosexuality or compulsory gay marriages or compulsory polyamory or compulsory pedophilia or whatever.  It’s all allowed but it’s not compulsory yet.  That’s the only thing that’s really left here.

I think that the boundary has been pushed as far as it can be pushed in the aggregate, and that there are people, many people – there are heroes out there right now.  There are saints that are being made right now, that will be canonized 100 years from now.  There are saints out there right now that have dug their heels in and said: This line and not a line farther.  I’m going to start encroaching into your territory.  I’m going to wield the cross of love and Christendom.  I’m going to stand here and I don’t care what you do to me.  We’re going back from whence Western civilization came.

We seem to forget – Patrick J. Buchanan asked this question one time when he wrote about it.  When we say the West, people don’t know what that means.  Western civilization, what’s Western about it?  Is it Western like in the Mojave Desert, John Wayne?  What’s Western about it?  It’s to the west of Athens.  Everything to the east of Athens….


was not Western civilization.  In other words, anything that went and expanded, Christianity which expanded West, into Rome and Europe.  That’s the West.  I ask you, and I think I’ve seen you actually write about some things like this: Don’t you see that what I just said has some voracity to it?  I’ll join you.  You tell me what you’re going to do and I’ll do what I can to assist you.  What do you think?

McAllister:  We need to call people to the truth, like what you’re doing.  Western civilization is based on Christian foundations, or at least objective reality of right and wrong.  It goes back to Aristotle as well.  It’s also a reasonable – it’s reason.  There’s objective reason that we share and there’s natural law.  We share objective values.  Everything is not subjective.  We don’t live in a delusional state or illusion.

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There is actual reason, laws of non-contradiction.

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People are called to be fully human when they think and when they’re moral creatures, when they understand there is right and wrong, and that they have minds that they can use to figure out reasonably the right things to do and how to live their lives.  This is the Western heritage.  We need to call people back to that.  Fight against moral relativism.

This is the fight against political correctness.  Political correctness is a shutting down of our freedom to call something right and wrong, good and bad, to have that freedom to speak and recognize that.  We need to boldly stand for what we believe and not be silenced.  If we think something is wrong, if you think Caitlyn Jenner is really a man, say it.  Don’t say she.  He’s a man wearing a dress.  He’s going to stand for that and then you’re going to get called a bigoted, hateful person.  You need to stand your ground.  We need to stand our ground more and more.  In this way I can understand why people rally around Trump because he does this kind of thing, but he doesn’t do it with the right foundational principles for our nation, as far as governance goes.  We need both.  We need to be bold in this, courageous, and not back down.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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