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Did Manners Go The Way Of The Constitution?

(Audio) Mandeville, LA – The KingDude starts off our Show Clip of theDay by presenting the basic problem to us in a very simplistic format.The problem is that we have to try and undo fifty years of non-stopsocialist, collectivist, propagandizing brainwashing.

This is clear andevident in the futile attempts that we have made at cutting spendingand then the onslaught of negativity that immediately followsconcerning how each cut will affect each individual. That’s whjyeverything needs to be put on the table folks.

Speaking of the indoctrination from the Liberal Left’s social safety nets, Mike transitionsinto the absence of manners in a society that once was very respectful,courteous and gentlemanly. Hear what the KingDude proposes for thefuture by clicking the little purple play button below! 

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2011 Mike Church Show

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