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Did the sheeple of the Roman Empire Ever Wake Up?

Did the sheeple of the Roman Empire Ever Wake Up?

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

Heres a question for you: do you think the sheople of the Roman Empire ever woke up? I ask this question because the minuscule portion of Roman history that we are still teaching uses the phrase the Fall of the Roman Empire. Thus, that Empires collapse is couched in terms that should serve as a warning for future empires, like our American Empire.

If you were asked to present an item list of things you think are worth preserving from our American Empire, what would be on your list? Put another way, what are the things you think the American Sheople are waking up to? Are they awakened to the immoral theft that is committed by enslaving unborn children into repaying debts they had no hand in making? Are they awakened to the fact that public schools are woeful institutions that have failed, by design, to preserve the highest quality standards in education? Are they awakened that it is these mostly inept institutions, serving as the government ordered default, that are at the rotting foundation of our once great civilization?

Are the American Sheople waking up to the old way of governing that requires their direct participation at the local level with a commensurate bias against central authority? Are they awakened to the fact that HAVING a never ending standing army, staffed with professional soldiers who fight for our freedoms runs exactly OPPOSITE of what our founders thought was essential for securing liberty?

There are dozens more topics I could cover here with similar questions but you should now have enough info to answer the first question asked: Do you think the sheople of the Roman Empire ever woke up? Heres an even more perplexing question: If they did wake up, did they still call themselves Romans?

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