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If You Change Your Physical Form, Does Your Soul Change To Match?

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“They’re not born – there is no such thing as intersex.  Just because you are born with a male soul or a female soul does not mean in you denying that truth that you can’t tell people or think that your soul is, [mocking] “My soul mate would be a male and I’m a male, so I must have been born with a female soul or an intersex” or whatever you wish to call it.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Hello, Chris.  How you doing?

Caller Chris:  Thank you.  You mentioned comments about gender and gender diversity.  I just want to ask you a couple questions.  When we die and all we have left is our spirit, our soul, do you think that soul has a gender?  Do you think that soul has color?  Does that soul have anything?

Mike:  If you’re asking me in a spirit of goodwill, I’ll answer the question.  If not, I’m not going to answer the question.  So what’s your intention?

Caller Chris:  My intention is that we argue about gender and that lady was making fun of it and saying that some people – but what if we –

Mike:  I’m not making fun of it.  I don’t think it’s funny.

Caller Chris:  It’s not funny at all.  The thing is, how do you know?  I don’t think my soul has a gender.  And I think when you have to label it, some people are a little diverse.  Some people that are born, their soul doesn’t fulfill what we think the gender is.

Mike:  So in other words, Chris, God makes mistakes, right?

Caller Chris:  God didn’t make a mistake.  God made –

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Mike:  Yes, he did.  You’re saying: Does your soul have a gender?  You asked me a question.  If we follow the faith, and if we follow what is going to happen to us on the judgment day that our Lord told us about, yes, your corporeal body will be reunited with your eternal, immortal soul.  So, yes, your soul does have a gender.  God did not make a mistake.  He put a female soul in a female’s body and a male soul in a male’s body.

Caller Chris:  So my soul is forever destined to be one gender?  So our souls only have one gender and that’s all there is, one or the other?

Mike:  What’s so difficult to understand about that?  Do you want them to have three genders?  How many genders do you want them to have?

obama_gayCaller Chris:  There are a lot of people who are born intersex.  There’s only thing, their soul.  A soul doesn’t have gender.

Mike:  Let’s go over this again.  God does not make mistakes.  He would not make a soul that was confused.  He made a perfectly male soul, I assume, and gave it to you.  I’m being presumptuous here and perhaps I should not be.  I can use myself as an example.  He made a male soul and when my mother and father, using the power that God conferred on humans to bring another life into the world, animated it – thus the Latin word anima for soul, spirit – animated it with a male soul.  Yes, correct.

Caller Chris:  So what happened to everyone who’s born as intersex and –

Mike:  They’re not born – there is no such thing as intersex.  Just because you are born with a male soul or a female soul does not mean in you denying that truth that you can’t tell people or think that your soul is, [mocking] “My soul mate would be a male and I’m a male, so I must have been born with a female soul or an intersex” or whatever you wish to call it.  This is the challenge of life, to accept the truth, conform your mind to reality.  God does not make mistakes.  If we say that he does, then we’re blaspheming.  So no, there’s no such thing as an intersex soul.  As a matter of fact, read the story of creation in the Book of Genesis.  If you don’t want to read that, read St. Augustine’s meditations on the Book of Genesis and this is clear.

I said, if you were asking me the question out of goodwill, I’d be happy to answer it.  I don’t know whether you’re asking the question in goodwill.  If you were, then that’s the answer.  That’s the only answer I can provide.  That doesn’t mean that someone else won’t try to provide you another answer, Chris.  I’m sure you may seek it, but that’s the only answer you’re going to get from me.  You can argue with me all you like.  I’m not going to change what I told you because I didn’t make it up.  I’m not going to elevate myself to the position that I ought to have an opinion on it and that it’s up for a vote or it’s up for my puny, pathetic attempt to try and explain it.  I’m happy with Augustine’s explanation.  I’m happy to repeat the way that Moses wrote it down in the Book of Genesis.  That’s it.  That’s all you get from me.  If you want more, we’re just going to wind up arguing.  I’m just going to keep repeating things to you.  There is but one truth.  I’m attempting to conform my mind to the reality of it.

We should throw this story into the mix here if I can find it.  “Alaska Air Offers Exciting Airfare Discounts For Gay People.”  Of course, I immediately asked the question: How do you validate that you’re homosexual at the time of the ticket purchase?


This is from The Daily Caller:


Are you gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender? Do you want to travel to a bunch of gay pride festivals throughout the United States? If you answered yes to these questions, Alaska Airlines is currently offering exciting discounts on air travel for you.

“At Alaska, we have been longtime supporters of the LGBT community and remain committed to a more equitable society,” . . . [Mike: So that means that the people that are currently flying Alaska Airlines that are not LGBT are then thus, or potential customers are not equitable. What does equitable even mean?]

One image on the page feature a trio of shirtless dudes standing under some palm trees.

[end reading]

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Mike:  As I was reading this story and looking at the picture of the three beefcakes standing there all beefcaking each other, I immediately thought of – [Macho Man playing] I haven’t played this update song in a while.  Wait a minute!  Stop the music!  I have to read this.  I am informed via email that some of the brothers at the St. Benedict Center listen to this program via the internet connection and may be listening to it in the morning and here I am playing Macho Man.  I can’t reconcile Macho Man with a Pater Noster or Ave Maria.  I’m not going to try.

Folks, believe it or not, we actually have callers on the line that are going to inform me that God makes mistakes and that the other caller was right and I, Augustine, and Moses are wrong.  You may want to call now if you were holding back.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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