Dr. Kevin Gutzman On The Line Discussing Energy, States' Rights & The Constitution

todayMarch 17, 2011 3

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[mp3t track=’17032011_Transcript_2_pt.3.mp3′](Audio) Mandeville, LA – On the show with us this morning we had a very special guest whom youknow well, he’s been with us a number of times before and we’re sure tosee him again in the future. Folks, It is always a pleasure to have Dr.KevinGutzman on the DudeMaker HotLine, he may hold the record! The more wehear from Dr. Gutzman the more he tends to be less of aguest and more of a friend of the show as time goes on – hisexplanations on all things Constitutional are superior and his pointsmade on the show always compliment not only the KingDude but also theplatform we stand on everyday.

The duo start things off with a candid discussion on energy being lost and redirected throughout the United States, which Gutzman explains is a direct attribution to putting all of these supposed ‘gung-ho’ Republicans led by Speaker of the House John Boehner, into office.

Next topic which needs no introduction, but obviously needs a considerable amount of discussion would be the deficit and the debt. And when you talk about deficit and debt you also have to discuss the spending and the cutting – which is basically defined as ‘continued spending’ with ‘little, to no, cutting’, it’s a problem and when the debt ceiling gets raised it’s not going to magically disappear into the depths of the Bermuda Triangle.

We finish things up talking about the ‘s’ word, without ever really saying it. The idea of States rights actually being something that exists in real life as apposed to living in the netherworld with the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Dr. Pepper. It’s explained to us by the duo of Dude and Gutz that this can be solved but needs to start not in Mordor, but rather in the small cities and townships, then to the State, and then when there are only a few things left to be accomplished the Federal Government can put it’s greedy hands in the pot. But folks, as long as we continue this society of feeding off of the Federal teet then nothing will change, or at least not for the better. 

KingDude Interview with Dr. Kevin Gutzman – Pt. 1:

[mp3t track=’17032011_Transcript_2_pt.1.mp3′]

KingDude Interview with Dr. Kevin Gutzman – Pt. 2:

[mp3t track=’17032011_Transcript_2_pt.2.mp3′]

KingDude Interview with Dr. Kevin Gutzman – Pt. 3:

Related Material: Less of a guest, and more of a friend to the show – Dr. Kevin Gutzman. Always a pleasure to have him on the show with us, and if you’re looking for more Gutzman you can get that by hanging out in the archives of The Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM’s Patriot Channel:

Gutzman and the 14th Amendment – Logic Applied To The Constitution 



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