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Drew Brees Is to LA What Jeff Daniels Is To Michigan (oh, and he plays Pro Football too)

Drew Brees Is to LA What Jeff Daniels Is To Michigan (oh, and he plays pro football too)
©2012 Mike Church

For 3/4 of these United States history we operated as merit based communities. The adage of “working hard and playing by the rules” was last used by Bill Clinton and coined by American novelist Horatio Alger who wrote that success was achieved by “…honesty, thrift, self-reliance, industry, a cheerful whistle and an open manly face.” In our age of success being media-bestowed upon the likes of Paris Hilton and Justin Beiber there are few who actually merit their astronomical financial success but there are a few… including one very notable, local example, perhaps you’ve heard of him, goes by the name “Drew Brees”.

In every sense of the Alger formula, Brees is an overachiever and a rare one at that, which is why Tom Benson, hell, the entire state of Louisiana should be shaking cans at the corner of Vets & Clearview this weekend to pay him what he has earned on merit.

Now I speak of Brees in the business world, free-market sense of merit for which gold & silver are his rewards but there is more to this throwback to Joe DiMaggio no amount of earthly reward could ever repay.

Brees is well spoken, soft spoken and at the same time sincere sans the “bling bling” flash most entertainment trillionaires use in place of humility. His demeanor on the battlefield is one of confidence brought on by supernatural talent and yet displayed inside a very humble thankfulness for the opportunity he has earned. Regardless of your industry, ask yourself who you’d most like to have as a spokesman or partner, Brees or Jeff Daniels?

Like Archie Manning, Brees doubles as a classy “guy you know and love” ambassador for this city and for that he asks nothing in return though it is worth billions. For what he actually performs as work he does better than anyone alive and has thus merited whatever millions he’s asked for. Pay the man Mr. Benson, pay him now and then thank the Big Man upstairs for blessing US with one of the good guys.

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