Duke’s Statement On Indiana Religious Freedom Act Makes A Mockery Of The Term University

todayApril 14, 2018

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript So our schools that are bellyaching about this, are they not going to play LSU now?  Louisiana has a religious freedom restoration act.  Are they not going to play UT now, the University of Texas?  Really?  Your big, loudmouthed university is going to forgo a $4 million payday or whatever it is to go play Texas?  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  So our schools that are bellyaching about this, are they not going to play LSU now?  Louisiana has a religious freedom restoration act.  Are they not going to play UT now, the University of Texas?  Really?  Your big, loudmouthed university is going to forgo a $4 million payday or whatever it is to go play Texas?  Texas has a law.  Or Ole Miss, Florida, Florida State?  This is a bunch of bluster and a bunch of cowardice at the same time.  The statement from Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon read:


“While there has been much discussion about the new law passed in Indiana, we hope the citizens and lawmakers of that state can reach a consensus on how to best welcome all people, regardless of background.”

[end reading]

Mike:  Folks, again, when we’re talking logic here and logical fallacy, this is a logical fallacy.  All people regardless of backgrounds don’t go to university.  They can’t get in.  They wouldn’t qualify.  You wouldn’t be able to pass the test.  I’ve got one for you.  What about kids that want to go to University of Michigan but don’t have requisite SAT scores?  Do you let them in?  These days they may let them in just so they can get the tuition.  Should you let them in?  Do you deny them access to scholarships?  Aren’t you discriminating?  Do you see how these arguments cannot hold up?


“Duke University continues to stand alongside the LGBT community in seeking a more equal and inclusive world, and we deplore any effort to legislate bias and discrimination.

“We share the NCAA’s concern about the potential impact of the new law, and will be vigilant to ensure that our student-athletes, supporters, and indeed all citizens and visitors are treated fairly and with respect.”

[end reading]

Mike:  Let me ask you something, Duke.  This gives me just more reason to just loathe Duke, as if I didn’t have enough already.  I’m sure many of you who are basketball fans just loathe them because of the basketball team’s prominence.  Are Catholic Christians living in a state of grace, practicing their faith as commanded, are they welcome at Duke?  Are they welcome at University of Wisconsin Madison?  Are they welcome at Michigan State?  Are they welcome at Kentucky?  If they’re going to be quizzed and asked this question about homosexuals, homosexuality, homosexual marriages, etc., etc., and they are living in that state of grace, meaning they are in accordance with, not in violation or contravention of the magisterium of said Church, are they still welcome or are they to be ostracized, told they’re bigots, told that we don’t tolerate that on this campus?  Really?  You tolerate the hook-up culture.  You tolerate birthrates that are obscene, out-of-wedlock birthrates at university that are obscene.  You tolerate all these moral atrocities, abortion clinics nearby to many of these universities.  All this is tolerated, but we’re not going to stand for this religious bigotry.  The two cancel each other out.  As I demonstrated to you earlier, if you are Christian, Christ-like, then you would not be a bigot.  Admonishing and recognizing sinners, including yourself, is not bigotry.  It’s obedience.

I’d also like to ask Miley Cyrus and Charles Barkley and all the rest of the loudmouth pagan celebrities that are threatening boycotts against the good people of Indiana whether or not they’re going to not play, not perform, and not do any business with those other 18 states that have similar statutes.  As I was talking about the CEO, Mark Benioff of this company called SalesForce, he does business and has an office in China.  China’s record on human rights and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights is deplorable.  Why is he still doing business there?  I think it would be better for these loudmouth celebrities like Miley Cyrus, that paragon of moral virtue – pray for that child.  Ms. Cyrus, if you’re going to say the things you’re saying about the people of Indiana, don’t play there.  Why don’t you state this correctly?  I don’t want anyone buying my records that thinks like that.  Please don’t ever download any of my songs if you agree with that.  Ditto that for anyone else that’s saying it.  Of course, folks, they can’t do this because they are elites.  They have one set of rules that applies to the rest of us peasants, Christian peasants, and one set of rules that applies to them.  The duplicity and the hypocrisy that are on display here in this is shocking, although, is it really shocking?  Is it to be expected?  The fact that I think it is to be expected, that ought to be the shock.

Let me finish up what I was reading earlier about corporations being the real enemy.  This is from early March, written by Austin Ruse at Crisis Magazine.


The bottom line is that the assertion that faux marriage is needed for corporation profits and economic growth is as phony as any marriage license issued to Adam and Steve and major corporations and the Supreme Court are about to lie to the American people.

What we know is this: Corporations have been taken over by the sexual left and Christian employees among them are on notice. Do not let anyone know you are a Christian. Do not let it be known on Facebook, or Twitter, or over coffee in the lunchroom. Sexual leftists are after you and they will get you if it’s the last thing they do.

On the other hand, wouldn’t it be remarkable if a sizeable number of corporate employees let it be known in each company who they are and what they believe and let the consequences happen? [Mike: That’s what we’re supposed to do. Pick your cross up, our Lord said, and follow Me. This is Holy Week. We have cowards out there running from the cross.]

Do you remember Chick-Fil-A Day and all those long lines of Christians standing up for the principle of free speech and Biblical marriage? Remember how amazing that was and how the LGBT lobby was weeping copiously over their blog posts? They were in full panic mode. They had no idea we were so big. They had heard rumors of us but never seen us with their own eyes quite like that.

And here’s a warning for the big corporations, the political and media elites, and the LGBT lobby. Imposing faux marriage from on high is a profoundly bad idea. [Mike: Not only is it a profoundly bad idea; it’s a dumb idea.] What you want is agreement, not coercion, and certainly not coercion of conscience, which is what’s happening now and will only get worse if the Supreme Court agrees with you. Such a thing can only work out badly for you and for us.

[end reading]

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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