Dwayne Stovall – Sheeple Are Enslaved by Mordor With Their Own Money

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Mike Church’s Founding of America Audio CD sets (3) Road to Independence, Fame of Our Fathers & The Spirit of 76

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “What I’ve learned is it has nothing to do with Texas.  It has everything to do with earning money, all of it.  I don’t care who they are in politics, it’s gaming the system to earn money, and it’s earned through these PACs and nonprofits that are created around politics.  It’s the ugliest thing you could possibly ever see.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Let us go to the Dude Maker Hotline and talk to Senate candidate in the great State of Texas.  We were just speaking of him a moment ago.  Dwayne Stovall is on the line.  Brother Stovall, how are you today, my friend?

Dwayne Stovall:  I’m good, I’m good.  Slavery is alive and well.

Mike:  I knew you were going to say something to that effect.

Stovall:  It’s a fact.

Mike:  I posted and said several times, and haven’t been able to gin up a response with Cornyn’s landslide victory yesterday, “Yay, Stalin!”  All I hear is crickets chirping out there.  Apparently the GOP and the Republicans that run the GOP in Texas and the voters that vote in GOP primaries love them some bailout.  They love big wars without endings ever happening.  They love big government spending and all the things that John Cornyn has voted for.  Where am I wrong?

Stovall:  You hit the marks.  Basically we proved to ourselves yesterday that six of the ten voters in the primary give their sanction to being placed in servitude.  It’s as ugly as I’ve ever seen it in Texas.  Then we get an email out from the GOP in Texas telling us we’re so glad we’ve got these great conservative leaders to put back in office.  It’s a joke.  I know for a fact that when you explain the basic premise of a republic, when you explain the basic understanding of the proper role of the government to an individual, they coalesce around that idea.  The problem is, like your last caller alluded to, is that this is completely gamed by the moneyed interest.

Media statewide in Texas ran about $1.25 million.  I’m sorry, the gentlemen statesmen are never going to be involved in that, it’s just not going to happen.  You can raise money for the rest of your life.  As the dollar devalues and the price of those same ads go up, you’re never going to catch it.  It’s completely built and designed to manipulate the voters, to continue to keep them in the box.  What I’ve learned over the last two months, anybody that doesn’t understand this, I filed an FEC complaint, two of them, against the Stockman campaign.  I’ve learned more in the last six weeks or eight weeks than anybody walking the street could ever think about learning who’s not inside the circle.  I’m not inside the circle.  When you start learning how people are manipulated and you have a John Cornyn who’s out there who inherently votes with the Democrats to grow the government, to give it unconstitutional powers, and to increase debt, yet you have people who believe they’re conservatives, who go along and vote for him, you have some serious psychoses taking place in this whole setup.

When you understand from the inside — I’m not on the inside — but when you understand how they’re doing it from the inside and how it’s managed, there’s so much taking place behind the scenes.  It’s so money-driven.  You know what I’ve also found?  For me it’s Texas.  It begins and ends with Texas, nothing more, nothing less.  I come at it with a very pure heart.  What I’ve learned is it has nothing to do with Texas.  It has everything to do with earning money, all of it.  I don’t care who they are in politics, it’s gaming the system to earn money, and it’s earned through these PACs and nonprofits that are created around politics.  It’s the ugliest thing you could possibly ever see.

Mike:  So when you have heard my discussions in the past and I’ve talked about these non-governmental entities and think tanks and all these assorted entities out there that brag and boast about being nonprofit – which to me means noncompetitive, which to me means I don’t want to have to compete for any money and why should I when I can just be showered with and be a holding place, a tax shelter for someone else’s money?  When I talk about these things, you have actually seen this now.  You have seen this in the real-life effect of it.  You’ve seen it up close and personal and can bear witness to it, that they are all in cahoots together.  One hand washes the other.

Stovall:  It’s one big cabal.

Mike:  You explain because you’ve seen it.

What you’re doing when you give your money to any group that says: Hey, we’re the God and country and Bible conservative watchdog family values group.  You give your money to them and you just lined the pockets of somebody who probably is the polar opposite of your viewpoints.

Stovall:  It’s one big cabal.  It’s the most insidious possible relationship between your people and their government.  We’ll narrow it down to just individual candidates.  The way the laws are written today, the way Citizens United resulted, and it legitimized what we refer to as 501(c)(4) and the like, they have allowed corporations and individuals to give unlimited amounts of money to these (c)(4)’s and they’re not required to release who donated.  It’s completely undisclosed.  They are literally one degree away from a candidate.  Where they say: Okay, the candidates have to release everybody who gave donations to their campaign.  Well, that’s true, but they’ve got this evil caveat that allows these (c)(4)’s to do all kinds of completely unethical behavior on behalf of the candidate, hide the people that are putting up the money, and the people walking the street have no idea how they’re being manipulated.  When you’re getting bombed every other day with mailers and email that just distort everything out there and give you a completely false viewpoint of what you’re dealing with in politics, I’m sorry, statistically you’re going to have a result out of that.  It will manipulate votes.  It will sway elections.  You can’t get away from that.  They’ve got this down to a fine art.  They know for every 100,000 emails or spam they send out there, 50 percent are going to get opened and they’re going to have an impact.

Mike:  And that’s all it takes.

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Stovall:  Yeah, that’s all it takes.  What will offend you the most is, when you think you’re informed, you think you’re one of those.  You look around and laugh and: Look at all these sheeple.  What’s wrong with these sheeple?  Then you figure out: Oh, crap, I’ve been manipulated the whole time, too.  That’s the fact.  We’re dealing with some very, very — evil is a good word to use.  I love Texas.  I love this state with all my heart.  I will bleed Texas red in a heartbeat.  The fact of the matter is, these people don’t care about Texas.  It’s not about anything more than lying and other people’s money.  The underlying message to all of these groups, all of them — I’m sorry if there’s a good one out there.  You’re getting lumped in because we’ve got to cut them all off at the knees.  It has to do with donors, donor lists, data collection, and revenue.  What you’re doing when you give your money to any group that says: Hey, we’re the God and country and Bible conservative watchdog family values group.  You give your money to them and you just lined the pockets of somebody who probably is the polar opposite of your viewpoints.

Mike:  That’s exactly what’s happening.  That is exactly and precisely it.  Folks, this is why I told you several times in the last year or so that short of an abolition of the entire tax code — it’s the tax code that makes this possible.  The genius of the end of federalism and the rise of the progressive era was in fact the institution of, what started with the antitrust laws and then the 16th Amendment makes it legal and makes everybody allegedly under its jurisdiction.  Now it’s the tax laws and the tax code that do the rest of the dirty work.  This is why there are 80,000 pages in the IRS register at an increasing number.  People say: There are no real tax shelters anymore.  Yeah, there are, it’s called politics.

Stovall:  Absolutely.

Mike:  That’s exactly where you shelter.  You shelter your money inside a think tank, at the Heritage Foundation, at the Center for American Progress.  Name your tank, you are sheltering your money, knowing that that group is going to work towards your ends, but they’re going to say they’re working in the public interest, they’re nonpartisan.  They are totally partisan.  They are partisan all for the same outcome, which is to do what, Dwayne, grow what?

Stovall:  They can’t possibly garner enough power in the federal government, the national government.  Let’s stop calling it the federal government.  You cannot possibly centralize more power.  That power equates to more people donating to more causes that are complete hogwash.  When you have congressmen who are making $174,000 a year on a pension that’s stealing from people who can’t have a retirement to give them a pension for public service, and they’re saying: I’ve got this $174,000, but by the way, I made this extra half-million donated to me through these groups that are taking donations from people we can’t find out because there’s no transparency there.  Yeah, they game it.  It’s about profiting for themselves.

You and I look at this from a — we’re very pragmatic about it.  We’re looking at this and saying: Wow, they’re enslaving us.  They’re creating all this debt.  They’re devaluing the dollar.  That has nothing to do with what these people are looking at.  They’re on a totally different plane.  This is Bastiat’s “socialism is for the people and not the socialists, and the people that make collective measures never include themselves in the formula.”  These people are not connected to us, not in any way, shape or form.  They are so disconnected.  They live in their own economy, their own bubble, and we fund it.  It’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

I started what’s called the Keep Texas Free initiative in January.  We’re traveling the state scheduling these.  We’re teaching very simple, very understandable — I call it coffee shop talk.  We’re having that very low-end, simple understanding of federalism and nationalism, states’ rights and what it really means and what you can do as an individual in your county to push back.  I have combined that lesson with how politics works, how it actually manages you.  Not politics as in going to the election and we’re going to vote and this is the guy and I’ve read his website, but how it really works, how the money is involved, how you fund it, how these people are so insidious in their behavior that all they really want — when you go click on the link that says “Click here and sign up against Obamacare,” it has nothing to do with Obamacare.  It has to do with who you are, where you live, and your email and contact information, whether or not you will give them $5, $10, $20 per month.  That’s all it has to do with.  It has nothing to do with the rest of it.

Mike:  So was Khrushchev right when he said the capitalists would sell the rope to hang themselves with?

Stovall:  It appears so.

Mike:  Dwayne Stovall, who just wrapped up his campaign for the United States Senate seat currently occupied by John Cornyn, the Republican in the State of Texas, is on the Dude Maker Hotline.  He’s recounting and telling us of his experience.  Dwayne, I just looked at Debra’s results.  Debra got 19.6 percent of the vote.  You got 10.7 percent.  There is a ceiling.  As I said, I believe that it was below 20 percent.  Twenty percent of the “conservative” political party, that’s the Republican Party, apparently, with a little bit of name recognition and some straight talk, can be convinced in Texas that republicanism is preferential to statism, which they don’t call it statism; they call it conservatism.  I know Debra and you know Debra, and I know Debra is as solid as they come on these things.  We can safely say that the ceiling, because that’s about what she got four years ago against Rick Perry in the primary, that the ceiling in Texas is 20 percent.  How do we move that number?  That number has been stuck now for four years.

What Mike Church calls "The greatest tract ever written opposing Congress's unlimited power to tax". Revived and restored for modern readers from an out of print, 1796 Supreme Court case
What Mike Church calls “The greatest tract ever written opposing Congress’s unlimited power to tax”. Revived and restored for modern readers from an out of print, 1796 Supreme Court case

Stovall:  You find me an individual who’s got a couple million dollars and I’d win that U.S. Senate seat.  You find someone who’s got a couple million dollars and willing to put it up where her mouth is, Debra would win her seat.  It’s not about people being stupid.  I gave that up a long time ago.  I used to think we’re just stupid.  No, we’re not stupid.  We’re spending out time trying to live our lives and dodge as many of these government bullets as we can.  We’re ill-informed, we’re uneducated — and I don’t mean formally.  I’ve got lots of people who are educated around me formally who are uneducated when it comes to common sense and what they’re looking at as far as the government.  For me, we’re going to continue down this path until either the dollar collapses or someone puts their money where their mouth is and decides we’re going to change this.  You can manipulate the votes fairly by advertising the truth.  The problem is, the advertising is locked into one circle.  If you cannot afford that, you are outside, and your message is like mine.  You have to campaign for a year and press the flesh with 15,000 people and hope the ripple effect carries you into some kind of a landslide, historical move.

Mike:  Do you want to —

Stovall:  I want the message to get out to Texans.  I don’t care how it gets there.  What’s happening to this state is killing me.  I want these people to understand that.  They’re voting for phony conservatives.  Conservatism has been blown out of the water and it means nothing anymore.

Mike:  It doesn’t mean anything.  My question to you is, are you willing to and are you asking people to say: Look, to play in their game, we’re going to have to play their game, but once we get inside, we’re not going to play their game and we’re going to turn that apple cart upside down and dump all their apples out in the street.

Stovall:  I think that’s the only way you can do it.  You and I have talked many times about this.  I’m a big believer, you teach everybody in your state and you have your state rise up and say: We’re not participating in all this.  You can do what you want in DC but we’re not going to participate.  I’m going to teach every single person that’s willing to sit down and talk about it that we don’t give money to anybody outside your local.  If you can’t walk into a group that supports your measure and you can’t talk to them in the face, shake their hand, and see where your money is going, you don’t give money to them, period.  I don’t care who they are.  We’re going to try to drive this message home and teach everybody where they’re being managed.  It’s through the pocketbook.  We are literally being asked to give sanction to our own demise and we’re giving it.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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Thanks Dwayne for fighting, thanks Mike for putting up the transcript. Dwayne, if you ever get over to Dripping Springs, I’ll buy you a beer! Or a Dr Pepper!

Lori Murphy

Amen, Dwayne Stovall! I am so proud to have supported your campaign.

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