A Dysfunctional Citizenry Concerned About Their Dysfunctional Government

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – We’re going to step into the King Dude’s wayback machine and go back two days ago to the Gallup organization’s website.  If you were perusing that particular poll on who it is that is to blame for the temporary interruption in non-essential wealth transfer payments, you may have stumbled upon this oxymoron: “Dysfunctional Government Surpasses Economy as Top U.S. Problem.”  I couldn’t stop laughing just at the headline.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Let me take you back to October the 9th.  Let’s go way, way back.  We’re going to step into the King Dude’s wayback machine and go back two days ago to the Gallup organization’s website.  If you were perusing that particular poll on who it is that is to blame for the temporary interruption in non-essential wealth transfer payments, you may have stumbled upon this oxymoron: “Dysfunctional Government Surpasses Economy as Top U.S. Problem.” [laughing]  I couldn’t stop laughing just at the headline.  Gallup goes out there and asks the most dysfunctional society in the history of man whether or not they think the government that is populated with people drawn from said dysfunctional society are dysfunctional.  Do you not see the humor in this?  In other words, how would you have a dysfunctional, meaning does not function, government if you did not have dysfunctional people to populate it?  That’s why when I read the headline to the poll, I just started laughing.  I said: Let me pour into the innards of this.  From Princeton, New Jersey comes the Gallup organization:

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james-madison-gutzman-ad-signAmericans are now more likely to name dysfunctional government as the most important problem facing the country than to name any other specific problem. [Mike: If you’re going to do that, then you might as well look in the mirror. You might as well blame yourself for your own dysfunction.] Thirty-three percent of Americans cite dissatisfaction with government and elected representatives as the nation’s top issue, the highest such percentage in Gallup’s trend dating back to 1939.

[end reading]

Mike:  Let me see if I understand this.  This is the highest percentage of people responding in the affirmative that Gallup has ever surveyed to the question of the satisfaction or dissatisfaction with government and elected representatives.


Dysfunctional government now eclipses the economy (19%), unemployment (12%), the deficit (12%), and healthcare (12%) as the nation’s top problem.

[end reading]

Mike:  As I play Aristotle today, let me ask the question.  Dysfunctional government is the number one issue facing the American sheeple at 33 percent.  Second on the list of big problems facing us is the economy at 19 percent.  Unemployment is third at 12 percent.  The deficit is fourth at a little less than 12 percent, and health care is fifth at a little bit less than the previous less 12 percent.  What do all five of those things have in common?  Would anyone care to take a stab at what dysfunctional government, economy, unemployment, healthcare, and the deficit have in common?  Andrew, would you like to take a stab at what all five of those things have in common?  This is not a trick question.  It should be pretty self-evident.

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AG:  I would guess that they are centered around inside the beltway in DC.

Mike:  Yes, they are all managed by the same entity, aren’t they?  Again, what are the respondents to the poll saying?  The people that they have appointed to run their lives, the people that you sheeple have appointed to run your life are screwing it up.  You’re at your Peter Finch moment now from the film Network.  “We’re mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”  We’re all Peter Finch now.  If we add these up, 33 percent, plus 19 percent, plus 12 percent, plus 12 percent, plus 12 percent, we get 78 percent.  Seventy-eight percent of what the American sheeple believe are the biggest problems the North American continent face are all managed almost exclusively by the national government entity.

Elementary_Catechism_FEATUREDIs there a problem with that?  Wouldn’t you think if you added all that up and surveyed this, you go: Really?  You don’t think violence in our society, you don’t think a lack of morals, a lack of public and civic virtue, of familial virtue, you don’t think those are big problems?  In other words, we are consumed with, obsessed with, and now totally saturated with the affairs of the State.  They have won, ladies and gentlemen.  It’s over.  They have won.  Katy bar the door.  Get the white flag of surrender and run it up the pole.  They have won.  All the things they want to be important to you are now important to you.  And guess what?  They manage all of them.  All of them are in their wheelhouse.   You’re being gamed.  We’re being gamed and scammed here.  There’s no way out of this, save to break up the entity.  That’s the only way out of this.

I read this with a different point of view than most people.  I try to analyze it from the critical point of view, which is natural to me, that whatever it is that the experts say is the conclusion from the poll is not the answer.  It can’t be.  That answer is wrong.  I’m going to prove that answer wrong.  I puzzed over this last night, working it out in my noggin, and was prepared to come in here and try and deliver the analysis I just delivered to you.  So the State is our life.  It is our God.  It is our religion.  These polls and the temporary interruption in non-essential wealth transfer payments and the hissy fit over it proves all of that.  We are now inexorably and inextricably linked to the affairs of the State.  For all practical intents and purposes, if you change the name of the State or federal government to a proper noun, if you just called the federal government Zog or something to that order — let’s go with an oldie but goodie.  Let’s just call it Zeus.  If we just called it Zeus, it would have the makings and does have the makings of, and the people living under it do act as though it is a God.  It is a deity.  It has everything any other deity that has ever been worshiped and feared throughout time immemorial has or had.

road-to-independence-BH-RTIDE2-detailThe State now is our official religion.  The polls confirm it.  The people living under it and the way they act towards it confirm it.  We’re all willing to say [mocking] “I’m not going to be told that I have to buy this.”  Kind of like when God, the real God, the guy that lives upstairs, when God used to say “Thou shalt not,” people still did it, didn’t they?  When God said “Thou shalt not steal,” people still did it, didn’t they?  When God gave us those commandments, those heaven-sent commandments to live by, people still disobeyed them.  People still challenged them and then they begged for forgiveness.  This is what sin is all about.  It’s the same deal with our new god Zeus, Uncle Zeus ruling from on high.

These polls confirm it and the sheeple are so blinded to this that the same 78 percent that profess that the State is the root of all of their problems and all of the threats facing the entire North American continent bow down and worship and expect that exact same entity to care for them, just like a God, to make sure the weather is properly attuned, just like a God.  Isn’t that why we have an Environmental Protection Agency?  Don’t the sheeple at some level expect that our new god the State is going to fix the thermostat if it gets out of whack?  You’re damn skippy they do.  Isn’t that what is implicit in the State as being our new house of worship?  Go to any of the temples in Washington, DC.  Go look at them.  Don’t they resemble ancient Greek houses of Gods?  They look like the Parthenon.  They look like the Acropolis.  Do you think that’s an accident?

Congratulations, the new religion is here.  It has totally conquested — I can’t say totally because there are some conscientious objectors.  There are a few of us out here that will be martyred over this, I imagine.  It has nearly completely accomplished the goals that only seem like distant dreams but a century ago, and has now, on the ashes of our actual God erected a nation-state that is not really a nation-state but is a national religion.  Our ethos is now government.  Can you just imagine the unlikelihood that this would happen and would come from the wellspring of 1776 and the exact opposite opinion and philosophy and way of living that animated the people that lived and did what they did in ’76, and the parents of those who nurtured the fathers of ‘76?  If you’re going to say we need to create a really screwed-up civilization and we want them to worship us but we’re going to call ourselves government, who could we get to parent these people?  You probably wouldn’t have chosen the parents of the founders, would you?  Maybe sometimes the actual God has a plan in all this and we are but cogs.  We are but pawns.

End Mike Church Show Transcript


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