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If The FDA Says It’s Bad….

washington's birthday celebration with Times That Try Men's Souls on CDMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “Why am I wasting my time reading this?  Did I just wake up in a dream?  Is this 1984?  Did I just wake up in a Kafka book?  What is this?  This guy out there [mocking] “It’s irresponsible advertising!”  Well, don’t pay attention to it then.  How would men like this — what is this clown’s name?  How would Vince Willmore of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Vince, how would you have survived in the day of the snake oil salesman?”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript


While they don’t contain many of the harmful chemicals of conventional cigarettes, the FDA found trace amounts of toxic and carcinogenic ingredients in several samples in late 2008 when the e-cigarette market was just beginning in the United States.

[end reading]

Mike:  See, Eric, they found trace samples of carcinogenic material.  You mean like the trace samples of carcinogenic material you can find in ground sugar, those kinds of carcinogens?  You mean the carcinogenic material you can find in any tomato that you can buy?

Eric:  Or out of an exhaust pipe?

Mike:  You mean the carcinogenic material you can find in a pack of Ho Hos, Twinkies, Suzy Q’s, Ding Dongs?  Again, the implication is [mocking] “We found carcinogens.  They kill!”  What’s a carcinogen?  There are carcinogens in many things.

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

You eat carcinogens all the time.  You just don’t know it.  You don’t know it until the FDA comes along and says: Do you know there are carcinogens in that?  Is that what makes this taste so good?  Man, it is some good carcinogens.  Can I get some more?  The implication is [mocking] “We’ve located the carcinogens.  You’ll never have to suffer another carcinogen-related death ever.”  It is such a scam.


Propylene-Glycol-And-ECigsIt sought to regulate them as drug-delivery devices, but in 2010, a federal judge ruled it could only do so if they made therapeutic claims. So in April 2011, the agency said it would regulate them as tobacco products, because the nicotine is derived from tobacco leaves.

“It’s taken more than three years to issue a proposed rule, which we think is inexcusable,” said Vince Willmore of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, an anti-smoking group. [Mike: Wanna bet they’re a 501(c)(3)?] “It’s allowed a Wild West marketplace . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  [laughing]

Eric:  It’s crazy.  Cigarettes are just flying off of trucks.

Mike:  Yes, and there are bandits out there with straps of bullets across their chests, bandoleros, and they’re out there chasing down trucks that have e-cigarettes on them and kids are playing cowboys and e-cigarette Indians.


. . . with irresponsible marketing and no control over the product.”

[end reading]

Mike:  Why am I wasting my time reading this?  Did I just wake up in a dream?  Is this 1984?  Did I just wake up in a Kafka book?  What is this?  This guy out there [mocking] “It’s irresponsible advertising!”  Well, don’t pay attention to it then.  How would men like this — what is this clown’s name?  How would Vince FDA-Regulation-Electronic-CigaretteWillmore of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Vince, how would you have survived in the day of the snake oil salesman?  You know the traveling guy who went around in the wagon claiming to be able to heal people’s rheumatism and what have you?  [mocking] “Step right up folks, step right up.  All you need is one tablespoon, I say one tablespoon per day of Dr. Julio’s white root oil.  All you need is one tablespoon a day and it’ll cure your rheumatism.” — “Will it cure a cold?” — “It will cure a common cold!”  What would Mr. Willmore have done back in those days?  He probably would have gone to a cliff somewhere out in the Wild West and jumped to kill himself.


He says the FDA should quickly finalize the rules, which face a 75-day public comment period and further review.

The proposed rules walk a narrow path. They will require tobacco products that weren’t on the market by Feb. 25, 2007 — a date set by a federal law — to apply for FDA review within 24 months after the rules are issued.

[end reading]

Mike:  In other words, there are going to be e-cigarettes that are going to be taken off the shelves because the FDA is going to go: I don’t think that guy bought a lobbyist and paid our consultants to analyze that product and get it FDA-ready, did he, Larry?

Eric:  And when is the control argument made by the government going to just stop working?  It never works.  Look at everything they’ve tried to control over the last 20 years, gun control, drug control, food control, health control.  Everything they’ve tried to control, it’s been shown to not work.  I just don’t understand how the American people, who are so out of touch from the reality that you can’t control what people do.  That’s why you see this rise in libertarianism, but almost with an anarchistic sense to it where you start almost believing these tweets from Anonymous and WikiLeaks because it perpetuates the fact that the government can’t control people anymore.  They still act as if they can.

Mike:  Maybe anarchism is not so bad after all.  [laughing]

Eric:  It’s what you start feeling.  It’s like: Yeah, look at all these protests going on.  Then you’re like: Well, I don’t know if I agree with that.

Mike:  I have to say that what ought to amaze and excite your senses is that the federal government of the United States claims dominion over every molecule in North America.  There is nothing that it does not claim dominion over and then will seek to regulate, to tax, to control, to eliminate, to do whatever it is that either they think is in their interest, or that people are telling them as in their interest and are paying high dollar to be able to tell them it’s in their interest.  As you point out, there’s very little track record, very little history to go along with that any of these wars that have been waged against cigarettes and drugs and every other hell forsaken thing, that any of these wars have been effective.

What has happened is that we have, during this process, we have become a federally over-medicated society.  This is undeniable.  You can’t swing a dead cat in a selection of broadcasting outlets without hitting a commercial for a substance that is sold that does not have the tagline “FDA-approved,” or does not have the tagline, “This product has not yet been evaluated by the FDA.”


How many of these drugs and substances do we see or hear advertised here or there that purport to fix or calm or cure this malady or this ailment or this Liberty the God that Failed smallpsychological condition or this mental state of mind or whatever the case may be?  At each and every instance, there is always the tacit approval of government, which then reinforces the idea in a sheeple’s head, [mocking] “My government cares for me.  They’re making sure that the e-cigarette is safe for me to use.  Thank heaven for government.  Government cares for me.  They’re making sure that that wine is safe for me to consume.  Thank the heavens!”

What did people do for 8,000 years of recorded human history before there was an FDA around to supervise the manufacture or use of water vapor to clear sinuses?  Wasn’t that dangerous?  Shouldn’t the FDA have been around when people were hunkered over humidification devices with blankets over their heads, sometimes putting that eucalyptus Vic’s rub on your chest?  Do you remember that when you were little children?  Do you remember being able to put some of those leaves or whatever those things were into the humidification device so that it would smell all minty?  Then you put the blanket over your head and stick your head over there.  What’s it doing?  It’s making water vapor.  We were inhaling this as children.  Oh, my God, we were flirting with death!  I didn’t even realize it.  Get my mother on the phone.  Hello, Mother.  Why did you try to kill me when I was eight?  You put that steam gizmo in my room at night when I was sleeping.  There was no FDA stamp of approval on that steamer.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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