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Election 2018: The Party of Death Fails To Take Congress But Ba’alifornia Rises – The Mike Church Show

todayNovember 7, 2018 4

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Mandeville, La

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6:20Welcome to the Mike Church Show on www.crusadechannel.com Call the show 844-5CRUSADE
Last nights election results – the Democrats took the House but the Republicans kept the SenateWhat does all this mean?Which is more important to maintain power in?
6:33   Ballifornia – the New CaliforniaWith the Democrats in control this won’t happen but you could see someone saying you should split California up.HEADLINE: FIRST IMPRESSIONS by Michael Brendan Dougherty California is going to throw its weight around.Instead of doing what a Trump controlled Congress was expected to do, they decided to discuss launching a Space Force.Maybe this is what had voters up in arms and deciding a change was needed? Republicans should try to avoid making Donald Trump the center of all their internal debates about how to move forward.A Pedophile was elected last night to New Jersey – Robert Menendez
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6:44   HEADLINE: First Female Muslims Elected to Congress by Natalie AndrewsSharia Law now has a foothold in the US law making committee. What are we going to do about this?We should be learning about Secession and Monarchy.Restore the order locally. Start by consecrating your home. Rashida Tlaib, a Palestinian American, will represent Michigan, and Ilhan Omar, once a Somali refugee in Kenya, will represent Minnesota. Do you know there are entire areas of London that people do NOT drive through because of all the Muslims that inhabit it?You cannot be in collaboration with Evil.
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Our Lady told us her Immaculate Heart would triumph. We need NOT despair.
6:54 HEADLINE: Colorado governor: Jared Polis is first openly gay man elected governor in US by Nick ColtrainWhat are you guys gonna’ do?What is the state flag of Colorado?
6:59HEADLINE: Sharice Davids, a lesbian Native American, makes political history in Kansas by Brooke Sopelsa and Tim Fitzsimons
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7:00  Coushatta Casino – The tribe has this area in Kinder that is their Sovereign Nation. Now let’s ponder this for just a moment – if the Caushattas’ can claim inside the state of Louisiana this area, how can this be done? – ANSWER: Because Lousisiana is a Sovereign Nation!So, if the Indians can do it, why can’t the Catholics? HERE IS THE LAW: Clause 2 of the Indian Appropriation Act of 1871. The current text of the statute states, in part:[N]o Indian nation or tribe within the territory of the United States shall be acknowledged or recognized as an independent nation, tribe, or power with whom the United States may contract by treaty: Provided,further, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to invalidate or impair the obligation of any treaty therefore lawfully made and ratified with any such Indian nation or tribe.
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7:42 HEADLINE: Getting Augustine Wrong by R.R. RenoIf you are looking at a perspective of what happened yesterday and what will happen next election, you are going to want to hear this.Ponnuru and Lowry are hacks. They did this because it sells subscriptions!
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7:48      Special Guest David Simpson host of The True Money Show Watching the election results with my son last night and he is a very white and black kinda kid.His son is 16 years old – he is becoming a David Simpson is his own right which is becoming a problem for David Simpson.Politics has not been in my forefront because it is just so infuriating but you can’t run away. You have to do what is in your power and leave the details to Him.David began on the Mike Church Show when I was on Sirius/XM.Article 1 Section 10 – paying debt in only gold or silverThe ratio between gold and silver fluctuates. When it is extreme the market moves.3pm cst tune in today for a LIVE True Money ShowWe are seeing the end of small government. It would have worked, but we bailed on it.We need to start thinking locally. Little [r]epublican principles. We are at the end of the Founders experiment.People are going to convert to something. They will go full on neo-pagan or we will convert them to the One True Faith.Ghettos have always been where the true people went to.Go small, don’t worry about small, get together and create the community that you know will work and be the example for others.
8:12   8:32      8:50Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquestGrace doesn’t work in reality it works in imagination.The elections in New HampshireCatholics should be cheering this, there is a great opportunity to lead here.Our numbers are large but not large enough in the sense of true believers.The remedies will only come in a catastrophic manner. IMHOThe state doesn’t have the guarantee to remain around throughout eternity like the Church does.Smaller confederation of states would be the only way back and out of this mess.If you say you don’t want God in your politics, you are basically saying you want evil government because that’s what you will get when you remove God. – Brother Andre MarieYou have to have the enforcement mechanism. Not that the Church becomes the police for the state. The Church by enforcing amount Her own the moral law. How we can start this system rolling is to enroll the Sacred Heart of Jesus for your house. The wife and the Priest talk a lot, because traditionally the women had more time because they were home.“Librarians don’t know everything but we do know where to look it up.” – Brother Andre Marie’s MotherWe all know for the 1st time in the history of the West, 2013 the number of girls that went off to 4 year universities exceeded the number of boys.We can look at that number and see the paradigm shift here.“marshmallow men” and “soy boys”Book Recommendation: “The Three Marks of Manhood” by G.C. DilsaverPre-arranged marriages – the mechanics of it allDario McDarbyThe Disappearance of MenTonight is a NEW episode of ReConquest
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9:23 Caller Nino Vitale Senator from OhioOhio was a red wave which honestly surprised me as I view it as purple.The closer you get people together the crazier they become. Republicans won everything.
9:40 Special Guest James Mattew Wilson – Associate Professor of Religion and Literature in the Department of Humanities and Augustinian Traditions at Villanova UniversityAuthor of The Hanging GodYou heard the Stations of the Cross here on Veritas a while back.The Depths of Our DesirePoetry is something to be read aloud in public.One of the 1st reviews pointed out that in some ways this book is a novel in verse.Poetry wasn’t telling stories anymore so people got away from it.A fullness of character and fullness of soul they knew as ‘knowing’. This lead people to remember or memorize things.They didn’t really ‘learn’ things.Poetry has always been at the root of we form ourselves by what we know.There is something about newspapers where we don’t mind that type of separation. It should be recited or at least hear the voice in your head or the poem will not make sense.
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