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6:25Mike reads letter from his buddy in Indiana – Steve
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6:28 Does anyone really believe there are enough useful idiots out there that will put The Queen of Pain back in power? (Nancy Pelosi)AUDIO: The Mike Church Show Band – Queen of PainThe cult of death will NOT take over the House. I know a Gal!This doesn’t mean we
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6:40 HEADLINE: Fox News hosts join Trump on stage at Missouri campaign rally by Brett Samuels and Jordan FabianI believe because of the 2 54-day novenas, that is the reason we will see the Red Wave.
6:44Caller Sandra from Kentucky – Went to the polls this morning and waited in line. We couldn’t even get in to vote.There was no one there to open the doors.
6:486:52Shannon from the Mike Church Show Chatroom: It’s a violation of ethics to pretend to be a journalist or news service, which should be impartial, when you’re ridiculously not just slanted but advocating for one side. Thats unethical, or an ethical breachIf you have a choice to make virtue or sin, as a Christian you would got with virtue.The same should apply when you are talking about voting, politics and anything else in your life.Papal Bull – A papal bull is a type of public decree, letters patent, or charter issued by a pope of the Roman Catholic Church. It is named after the leaden seal (bulla) that was traditionally appended to the end in order to authenticate it.If you have a candidate that is out there telling people they are Pro-Choice, you have a duty to vote for the other option! You cannot be Catholic and vote ProChoice. PERIOD!The point is PRINCIPLES NOT PARTY! You need to vote for your morals, not party politics.
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6:597:08HEADLINE: Republicans Reach for the Moon by Kevin McCarthy If voters return us to the House majority, we will continue to govern in the spirit of Apollo 11. “Next year marks the beginning of a new Congress—and the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. Both events are tremendous opportunities to reflect and recommit to our American cause.” So…election day is now just as big as the Moon landing!Hey, why don’t we start a land war in Asia! (from the Princess Bride)Communism is here. It comes in the form of religious correctness. I did not vote for John McCain – full disclosure.I voted Libertarian as they were the only candidates I could in good conscious vote for.
7:12 HEADLINE: Reflections on the eve of 2018 midterm elections: Anti-God campaigners vs. the faithful by Father Richard Heilman Sure, not all sides are perfect, but one side is totally dedicated to continue this anti-God campaign, while the other side has all “those who are serious about their faith”rooting for God, and getting in the battle to save our country. The choice is crystal clear, when one sees it in this context. Did Christians squirm at Constantine’s morals? Yes. But, were they grateful how he opened the way for Christianity to thrive? Yes.
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7:337:52Back to HEADLINE: Reflections on the eve of 2018 midterm elections: Anti-God campaigners vs. the faithful by Father Richard Heilman (We are going to switch the stream to AAC soon. You will see a higher quality stream.)There were several speakers at the CIC that used the term Crusade or Crusader!This Catholic Pool is not a large pool here.Birth control has become a way of life now.Who in their right mind would be able to obtain worldwide approval of taking or using a human body part and marinating it regularly in raw sewage? Who would do such a thing? With the advent of high speed internet, scores of men, in particular, are now addicted to pornography and masturbation which, in their spiritual death, makes them incapable and disqualified (no grace) to serve in this spiritual warfare.Just because someone makes porn doesn’t mean you have to watch it.No good comes from error! Lori from Mike Church Chatroom: Mike, what you said about our daughters being able to find good marriageable men is SPOT ON. We have marriage age daughters who are good, beautiful and smart and the pool out there for good men is SCARCE not existent.The prohibition and the guard we should have had up against Islam is what we are seeing here today.
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8:018:18 The devotion to the Holy Family – No one used to protest Nativity displays. Now you can’t find one on public property.The men used to be the head of the household.When devotion and respect is restored to the Holy Family, THAT is when you will see the change in society.Picking the side of piety and virtue, yeah you should do that.It does come down to picking a team but you have to be clear on the end game. CONCLUSION: This is a war for souls; this is a war for the heart of America.Start making plans for the future. You can repeal the 17th and 14th amendments for example.The guys we call Founding Fathers had no issues whatsoever with what we call the Northwest Territories.Section 3 subsection 21791 Virginia was MASSIVE!How many Catholics in the United States currently? 70,412,021“If you are not campaigning and working for a Catholic America, what are you working for?”  – Brother Andre MarieFrom the Mike Church Show Chatroom: Men are supposed to protect their daughters chastity. No man wants to marry a harlot. No grandparents want to have to raise their grandchildren. A man’s daughter will find a good man and father to her children if she waits til marriage for sexual relations. Allowing your daughter to get negative attention from men who just want to fornicate with her, is a sin.
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8:52“When you walk into the voting booth, you must not leave your Catholic identity behind – at the risk of your eternal salvation.” ~ Fr. Ladis J. Cizik
8:56 HEADLINE: Customers Buy Out Doughnut Shop Early Every Day So Owner Can Be With Sick Wife What a great little story this is!This is a community rallying together to support one of their own.What part of social moral teaching is occurring here? Solidarity
9:04 HEADLINE: The Point of Gosnell by Charlotte AllenI said on the show after watching the movie the key moment was when my dear friend Janine Turner goes step by step through the horrific procedure we know as abortion.
9:06HEADLINE: Why the Midterm Elections Don’t Really Matter by Alexander William Salter
9:07 Caller Rich in Missouri – Shoutout to your content app. It is just outstanding and it has worked flawlessly. You can create your own playlist, you can set it to download only when near WiFi, you can do so much through this app.Someone just extended their politics on us. (the 9/11 tower attacks)War is being waged upon us through politics.Anger and Courage – He allows the fallen to continue to fall. To commit the evil is using your free will. Free will is part of sin.
9:33 Back to HEADLINE: Why the Midterm Elections Don’t Really Matter by Alexander William Salter “In the frenzy over whether we’re “losing our democracy,” we’ve forgotten something far more important: a democratic society and a well-governed society are not necessarily the same thing. It is the latter that free and responsible individuals ought to pursue.”Did Mary reveal to you who was going to win?
9:43HEADLINE: The Disappearance of Men by Dario McDarby 
A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary
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